Monday, December 27, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

As we prepare to welcome in 2011, let’s take a look at the energies of this new year and the opportunities being presented to each of us for our spiritual growth.

The number 11 is known as a mastery number. In my service with spirit and studying numerology and the significance of numbers, I have been inspired to recognize the number 11 as two “1’s” side by side.

The first one represents the one (1) of our own individual expression, ie. the I AM. For example, I am Jayne. The second one (1) represents my individual expression, i.e. I AM Jayne, recognizing my divine identity, i.e. a thought of God, I AM Jayne, a holy woman child of God.

The number 11 is the representation of the statement I AM THAT I AM. In spiritual astrology the message of the 11th House is: I KNOW. So we are experiencing the realization of knowing I AM THAT I AM.

2011 is a year of KNOWING. It is a year of knowing ourselves as God thoughts. Albert Einstein stated: I want to know God’s thoughts; everything else is detail.

Carl Sagan expressed that we are all made of star stuff.

I would like to expand that thought to personally say, 2011 is the year of recognizing we are made of God stuff.

It is a year of knowing that we are here to live our lives with consciousness. The word consciousness means: coming together with knowingness.

We are here to know it is up to us to enhance, enlighten and enrich our minds in order to align ourselves with God’s consciousness of us.

Jesus inspired us with His words: All this and more you shall do.

2011 is a year of being conscious about the more inside of each of us.

The angels have always inspired me to recognize that whenever we are stirred by seeing the number 11, i.e. on the clock 11:11 – it is our soul being stirred in recognizing our mission and purpose: to know ourselves as God created us. The first one of the number 11 is our individual self standing beside the divine perception of us.

In studying the chakras, I have always been intrigued by the seventh chakra (the chakra of the crown and top of our heads) being referred to as a ten thousand lotus petal.

I know what it means, yet it has always been a challenge to wrap my mind around all those petals(10,000 to be exact) being part of my singular head.

Well, in November of 2010, spirit gave me an opportunity to have a personal seventh chakra experience at Longwood Gardens. In short, it was a BLOOMIN’ MIND experience.

During the month of November, Longwood had on display a mammoth mum. It is known as The Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum. In Japan it is known as Ozukuri.

The term Ozukuri refers to a technique that originated in China and expanded to Japan several hundred years ago. It refers to growing an extremely large Chrysanthemum, with a goal of producing the maximum number of flowers possible on a single plant.

The technique requires that there is only a single bloom on the end of each individual branch. None of the flowers on the sides of the branch is used. And to further complicate matters, each flower must be perfectly placed in concentric horizontal rows on a dome-shaped frame.

The largest specimen recorded in Japan had over 2,200 flowers. Only a few growers in the entire world have been able to produce a plant that large.

Longwood produced a plant with 991 blooms for 2010.

Ozukuri is a dying art form. There are only a few growers in the entire world skilled in the techniques needed to grow a Thousand Bloom.

Longwood Gardens’ team of growers is led by Yoko Arakawa, who has trained in Japan with the master chrysanthemum growers and she continues to travel to Japan to advance her understanding of this rare art form.

Longwood’s 991 bloom mum is the largest Thousand Bloom in the United States.

When Chuck and I stood before this magnificent work of art, we first were blown away by the sheer beauty of the Thousand Bloom. We were experiencing the beauty of 991 white mum blooms. And we were in awe of the accomplishment and the symmetry of the Thousand Bloom. I felt I was having a universal experience as I was looking at the Thousand Bloom. I was in awe. God has created the Universe as such a tremendous intelligent and powerful organization. There is a super symmetry in everything. And that includes us. We are here to develop a total mastery of consciousness.

As I bent down to see where the source mum plant was, I felt an energy running up the back of my spine, to the base of my neck and then radiating through my head to my crown chakra. I was having a mirroring experience from the Thousand Bloom. The mum was speaking to me and saying, “See me and you see yourself.”

I then realized that the individual blooms were very symbolic of all the universes that exist within my mind. There are worlds within worlds inside of each of us waiting to be discovered and explored.

God has given me a mind that through my own efforts I can tend to just as Yoko tends to Longwood’s Thousand Bloom.

I was reminded of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, “It’s in every one of us.”

It’s in every one of us to be wise
Open up your heart
Open up both your eyes

2011 is a year of embracing the divine identity that we are wise men and wise women.
It is a year to practice being vigilant with our thoughts; a year to pay attention to what thoughts our minds are having and when needed, change our thoughts and thinking.

Dr. Pillai of the Mind Science Institute says that ignorant behavior of cells is due to the ignorant mind. Once mind consciousness becomes more intelligent, there will be no room for diseases in the body or diseases in the mind.

We are being inspired to think beyond ourselves. To stretch ourselves with wisdom that enlightens us; enhances us; enriches our lives.

Always be asking yourself, whose thoughts are you thinking? A lot of times we just run our minds on programmed thinking, and the program isn’t our program and most certainly isn’t a divine program.

Just as you change your TV when you come upon a program you don’t want to watch, don’t hesitate to change your thoughts to positive, uplifting and inspiring thoughts.

2011 is a commitment year. Commit to changing your life for the better. Commit to thinking thoughts that are worthwhile thinking. Too often we are committed to non-commitment. I love the fact that the group COMMITTED just won the top prize on the TV show SING OFF.

Commitment is the key to conscious thinking. As we focus on being conscious thinkers, we realize that we do a lot of “junk thinking”. 2011 is the year to practice feng shui on our minds. Let’s release the clutter and the junk thinking.

As we raise our vibration by being committed to living a life that is filled with choices and chances in our thoughts and thinking that support our life enhancement and spiritual growth, we are aligning ourselves more closer to what is being called the God Particle Mind. The God Particle Mind is the essence of energy of infinite possibility; infinite potential.

There’s a lot of speculation about the future, in particular 2012. We are creating the future by our actions in the now. Be alert in every moment and live each moment fully and abundantly. As I wrote in Commune with the Angels, don’t worry about tomorrow; God is already there. Live fully and abundantly in the now.

As many of you know from your studies of abundance consciousness, poverty won’t change until the state of the mind changes. Statements such as “Believe it and you will see it” convey this wisdom.

When we choose to stay stuck in old programs or old thinking, we are choosing to vibrate at a low level. Through chants, affirmations, decrees, we can shift ourselves into vibrating at higher levels. I’ve shared in other newsletters and blogs that in Peter Pan, Peter teaches Wendy, Michael and John to fly by thinking lovely thoughts.

2011 is a year of mastery consciousness. We are conscious of the power within us and we own our power. We are the guardians and stewards of our own personal, God-given power. The greatest gift is the power of free will.

The mind has the ability to manifest anything it wants. We are here to live our lives choosing to be responsible and powerful.

Our true wealth is our consciousness.

There’s a beautiful Biblical verse (John 15:7)

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.”

God is inspiring us to remember that if we are willing and choose to abide and be in oneness with God’s consciousness; and know that God’s thoughts abide in us – because we are truly God thoughts – then whatever we ask will be accomplished.

There is really only one mind. It is God’s mind that perceived and conceived all of us. When we choose not to align ourselves with God’s mind, and have non-abundant thoughts, I refer to that as “being out of our Divine Mind.” You are either in your bloomin’ mind or out of it. The choice is yours to make.

I have always loved the Bible’s reference to the healing waters of the pools of Bethesda Temple. The name Bethesda means house of healing. “The angel descended into the pool and troubled waters and healing took place.”

An angel of God would descend into the pool and would heal the waters and all those who got into the pool were healed.

I have come to recognize that the pool could very well be symbolic for our minds. Sometimes our minds feel like a pool of troubled waters. Have you had moments where you felt you were drowning in your worries and fears?

I have always shared that the spiritual path is not for whimps. It takes dedication and commitment and we need to show up for our lives. I encourage people to get a life and preferably get your own life.

2011 is a year of changing negative habits and negative thinking for good; and to expand upon that statement: the changes are for goodness sake.

In his booklet, The Law of Financial Success, Edward C. Beals writes:

“If you have to walk over a field or through a forest, you know how natural it is for you to choose the clearest path in preference to the less worn ones, and greatly in preference to stepping out across the field or through the woods and making a new path.”

This is true for our thinking as well. We take the path of least resistance; we keep thinking the same old thoughts and following the same old thought patterns because it’s easier.

2011 is the year of blazing new brain trails and mind paths that support ourselves through all that enriches us, enhances our lives and enlightens us to be conscious of ourselves as children of God. John Randolph Price used the term: Super Beings.

Don’t you think it is interesting how many movies and TV shows are about super heroes?

It’s time to embrace our divine identities and embrace all the gifts God has given us to discover within ourselves. “Ye are gods; be ye transformed.”

2011 is a year to live our lives with a conviction to releasing outdated thinking with new thought patterns. And it will take us rolling up our sleeves and being vigilant.

The old path and/or old thinking are not options in 2011. This is a year of brain illumination. Keep the commitment, the focus, the light on your mind, brain power, thoughts and thinking.

Whenever a negative thought tries to sneak back in; change the thought immediately and stay focused on the positive.

Energize yourself with people who are inspiring. Just as you charge batteries – charge yourself with books, movies, groups, etc. that support your conviction and determination to be the fullness of mastery consciousness.

I receive inspiration from spirit, because it is my service to share what I receive so that like the angels, I can be a inspirational cheerleader to you.

Recently I had a profound experience that was an epiphany for me personally. Because of this event, I am now personally calling 2011 the EPIPHANY YEAR.

Epiphany comes from ancient Greek and means manifestation. It is the sudden realization or comprehension of the larger essence or significant meaning of something.

2011 is going to be a year of manifestation of miracles.

In the Christian faith, it is celebrated as the date the Magi found the Christ Child. In Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches it is called the Feast of Theophany which translates to “God shining forth” or “divine manifestation.”

I would like to interject again my calling 2011 as the EPIPHANY YEAR. It is the year of God shining forth and divine manifestation in our lives.

I have always loved all those who witnessed Christ’s birth, i.e. shepherds, Wise Men, animals in the manger. I learned about them in Sunday School. Would you believe that my childhood church was: Boring United Methodist Church. I once told someone that and they thought “Boring” was an adjective. They said to me, “I am so sorry your church was boring.” Isn’t that a hoot?

I loved that my parents had a nativity scene in our home. It was as if the cast of characters were living in our living room. They were plastic; living in a cardboard manger on top of our television set.

I especially love the Magi and whenever I am at a flea market and see any orphaned nativity members, I buy them. I no longer have 3 wise men; I have more of an assembly of wise men. So the song’s lyrics would have to be changed from “We 3 Kings” to “We 20 Kings of Orient are…”

As you know the Wise Men brought the Christ child gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

A few months ago, I was teaching an anointing class and I couldn’t get the myrrh bottle to open. No one could. I said, “Well, myrrh is keeping to itself and doesn’t want to come out at this time. There’s something going on with myrrh.”

A few month later, I would have the opportunity to personally experience a traveling icon known as the Myrrh-steaming Mother Of God. The icon of Mary wasn’t crying myrrh; Mary was blasting it out of the art. It was an incredible experience.

Myrrh is an anointing oil used for new-born babies. I believe the Divine Mother is showering us with myrrh because we are re-birthing ourselves into divine consciousness. She is assisting our birthing.

During this same time period, a good friend of mine, Kimberley Kling who has the website: – was inspired by the angels to send me an essence she had created with spirit called: Gift of the Magi.

A few years back I led a spiritual tour where participants took a riverboat cruise on the Danube River and we stopped at Cologne Cathedral, where relics of the Magi are on display. The most celebrated work of art in the cathedral is the Sarcophagus of the Magi, a large gilded sarcophagus dating from the 13th century, and the largest reliquary in the western world. For years, people have made pilgrimages to this cathedral to be near the relics of the Mwho had been near to Christ right after his birth. The cathedral is often called the Church of the Three Kings.

I’ve shared in classes the spiritual feng shui practice (which originated in the Catholic Church) of taking chalk and writing above or near your front door the letters that stand for the initials of the Magi traditionally named Caspar, Melchoir, and Balthasar.

The letters also represent the words: Christus Mansionem Benedicat which translates into “May Christ bless this house.”

I love this ritual because it is welcoming the Christ Consciousness to our homes and with the initials of the Wise Men, for me it is saying to God, “May your wisdom come to visit me and find Christ here in my house.”

On Christmas Eve I was watching Nightline, and there was a feature story about Brent Landau’s new book: Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men’s Journey to Bethlehem.

I wish I could share his exact words; however, I was in sheer bliss and Jayne joy energy over one more Magi blessing. There is no coincidence that just as we are embarking on the glorious Epiphany Year a new book is released about the Magi.

The book is the first-ever English translation of the story of the Magi. Landau, a scholar of ancient Biblical languages, discovered a document while doing research at the Vatican Library. Ignored or neglected by contemporary scholars the story was written in Syriac, a language spoke by ancient Christians in the Middle East and Asia.

I haven’t received my copy from Amazon yet; however Marvin Meyer, author of Gospels of Mary wrote:

“The fascinating story of the Wise Men from the East who came to see baby Jesus is presented, for the first time in English, in a remarkable new version based on an ancient Syrian text, and the result is a tale that is astonishing, delightful and theologically sophisticated.”

Through this translation, we get to know the Magi at the same time spirit is inspiring us to know ourselves as Magi – wise men and wise women.

We find the word magi in “imagination” and also in “magician”. The origin of the word is magh and means: “to be able to; to have power.”

Remember again, Christ’s words: All this and more you shall do.

We are being inspired by spirit to be conscious that we are able to be super beings in bold ways and quiet ways. We do have the power to experience mastery consciousness in our lives on a daily basis.

Know that I am wrapping each and everyone one of you in love and blessings for the new year – 2011 – a year of embracing our Magi essence. 2011 – a year of Consciousness Mastery. Enhance, Enrich, Enlighten your wonderful BLOOMIN’ MIND.

Love in Abundance, Jayne
Jayne Howard Feldman

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

Angelic blessings of peace to everyone.

I'm writing this blog as one year ends and a new year is just about to begin.

As we look forward together to 2011, I'd like to share an Assisi Assignment with you.

In Assisi, Italy, many of the homes have a lovely decorated ceramic tile at the doorway of their homes. The words printed on the tile are either



PACE E BENE (Italian)

The translation for both is: Peace and well-being; peace and goodness.

I'm encouraging you to have somewhere near the entrance of your home the Italian, Latin or even English words which mean: Peace and well-being.

May this new year be a year of peace and well-being for all of us.

This blessing carries the energy, essence and goodness of St. Francis who was born in Assisi and is known as St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was a messenger of peace and the way he walked his talk throughout his life was the embodiment of living the prayer of peace and well-being for all; a prayer for all of God's creatures - human and animals alike.

The Dali Lama is a St. Francis of our times. I want to share a statement of the Dali Lama that equally expresses the blessing of peace and well-being for all. His words are: Calm abiding.

May 2011 be a year in which all of us experience calm abiding in our lives. May calm come into our lives and abide with us throughout the year.

During the Christmas season, I find great solace and calmness in meditating upon the nativity scene. My parents were humble farmers and so we didn't have a lot of Christmas decorations. One decoration that I absolutely adored in my childhood (and now is at Angel Heights) was the cardboard nativity and plastic figures of the Christmas story's cast that were placed in my family's livingroom. I think my folks purchased it at Ben Franklin's Five and Dime Store.

After learning about sweet baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, angels, the shepherds and Wise Men in Sunday School, I loved seeing the Bible's words come to life as figurines each Christmas. The little plastic figures were retrieved annually from a box in the attic and graced our lives during the holiday season.

The love of the nativity scene has stayed with me my entire life; so much so that whenever I travel to another country I purchase a creche from that country. I have my own collection of creches that comes out as part of our Christmas decorations. I want to share that The National Cathedral in Washington, DC shares an awesome exhibit of international creches every holiday season.

I've shared with friends that I have embellished somewhat on the original nativity scene. I love animals. I was delighted one year to find Walmart had plastic chickens available for nativities. One of my girlfriends gave me a Native American nativity which includes horses, buffalo and bear,

Because of my love for the nativity, I researched the origin of our having nativity sets in our homes and live nativities at our churches. I found that it originated with none other than St. Francis.

It is known as The Greccio Experience. St. Francis was of course devoted to Christ and loved the Christmas story. He especially loved that Jesus' birth experience occured in a humble manger with animals surrounding Jesus.

Greccio is a very little town nestled in the Umbria region of Italy. It was a place that St. Francis loved to go to pray. St. Francis, in fact, had a cave in the mountains of Greccio where he went for prayer and meditation. Many of his friars frequented caves in the areas as well. Eventually one of the caves would become a chapel.

St. Francis was known and loved by so many people and some of them were quite wealthy. St. Francis made a request of one of those very rich individuals to help him in building a stable on the side of the mountain of Greccio. The stable was to be located near to the chapel cave. Then St. Francis asked his wealthy friend's assistance in building a manger and obtaing for him an ox and donkey and lots and lots of hay and straw. St. Francis wanted the ox and donkey because an ox and donkey were there at Christ's birth.

This was the year of 1223. There were no televisions to watch, or computers to sit in front of. No I-Pads or I-Phones. So as a stable and manger are being built, news is spreading that something special is happening on the mountain. People were very, very curious about what St. Francis was up to.

On Christmas Eve in December, 1223, St. Francis told all of his friars to meet him after dark at the base of the mountain. I need to share that the Christmas Eve of December, 1223 was actually Christmas Day to the Franciscans. For us, a new day begins at 12:01 am. However, in 1223 a new day began when the sun set. So after the sunset on December 24th, 1223 it was officially Christmas Day, December 25th.

The friars gathered at the foot of the mountain with torches lite and the people of the surrounding communities joined with them in anticipation. Some biographers say there were hundreds of people in attendance; some say thousands.

The friars passed the fire and light of their torches to the villagers' torches. In an essence, a candlelight procession was created up the mountainside.

There were numerous paths up the mountainside and the paths were filled with people carrying lighted torches shining in the darkness. Biographers reported that there was so much light on the mountain it appeared to be daylight; others wrote that it appeared that the mountain was on fire.

St. Francis took his torch and walked very slowly and deliberately up the path to the nativity scene. He had arranged for two people to play the roles of Mary and Joseph and had a handsewn cloth doll as baby Jesus in the manger.

As St. Francis made his pilgrimage to the manger, he sang mass hymns. In addition, since Francis had been known for his troubadour abilities as a young man, Francis also sang words praising Jesus that he sang to the music of secular songs known by the local residents.

Many of you are familiar with the lyrics of the hymn sung in churches: "We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing." The tune is actually a tavern song with the original words, "I once had a girl and her name was Matilda."

I love sharing with people that God knows how to work a room; and in this case, how to work the mountain. It just so happened that there were actual shepherds on the mountainside that very evening with a flock of sheep. They saw the torches of light coming up the pathways and were intrigued. So they moved themselves and their sheep closer to the manger scene so they, too, could see what was happening. I have a sense there were a multitude of angels in attendance, too.

The people walked, sang, prayed, and experienced the magic of the first live nativity. Just imagine yourself being part of the procession up the mountainside.

They felt the spirit of God within them as they literally moved themselves closer to the Christ child. Each of them was experiencing a personal pilgrimage to a sacred spiritual experience.

Francis was not a priest. He could not offer mass. He did, however, have a priest who did offer mass for everyone. By the time they arrived at the manger scene it was midnight. It was the first midnight mass. Francis was a deacon. He could read Scripture and offer the homily as well. That evening Francis sang the Scripture. He was known for his beautiful voice. He sang with his heart, soul and love of Christ.

His homily shared his enthusiasm for the celebration of Jesus' birth. His dream of creating the actual nativity experience had been fulfilled. He wanted people to be able to see with their very own eyes the birth of Christ and he had done that for the friars and hundreds (thousands) of people in attendance.

At that point in the service, St. Francis picked up the handsewn doll and held the baby Jesus close to his heart. Biographers have written that people in attendance who were close to the manger saw the doll's eyes become real. Many witnessed St. Francis actually holding baby Jesus in his arms.

In addition to the ox and donkey. Francis had had the manger filled with lots of hay and straw. Straw is used for bedding for animals; hay is used as food for animals.

After the service, people wanted something to remember the event by and so people grabbed up the hay and the straw as a memento of the special evening (some things never change, right?). There are legends that people fed the hay to sick animals they owned and the animals were healed. The hay was also placed on top of the bodies sick people, especially women who were especially challenging pregnancies, and these people, too, were healed.

In sharing this story, someone told me that a part of their Italian heritage is to place a little hay in their wallet - hay from the nativity scene - so that during the year ahead their finances are blessed by Christ and the hay also reminds them, whenever they open their wallet, what true riches really are; where all good gifts come from.

Additionally, someone shared that it was her family tradition during the month of December that whenever a child in the family did a good deed, it was rewarded by the individual being given hay to place in the family nativity manger. The children witnessed their good deeds making baby Jesus' bed softer. She indicated that on Christmas morning, the manger which had been empty throughout the month was now placed underneath the Christmas tree with baby Jesus in the manger. Jesus was there to remind the children what the ultimate Christmas present really is.

Here we are in December, 2010 and we are still keeping the traditions that St. Francis originated: midnight mass; candelight processions; singing Christmas carols; live nativity scenes. St. Francis is also credited with being the first to stage a Renaissance drama. It all started on the mountainside of Greccio. It all started with love in the heart of St. Francis.

I'd like to close my blog by sharing a prayer that St. Francis prayed. It is called "Prayer for Enlightenment".

Most high,
glorious God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart
and give me, Lord,
a correct faith,
a certain hope
a perfect charity,
sense and knowledge
so that I may carry out Your holy
and true command.*

Angelic Blessings of peace and well-being to you.
Love, Jayne

*The words of the Great commandment teach us to love God with your heart, soul, body, mind, strength.

Addendum to PAX ET BONUM Blog

Here's blessing of PAX ET BONUM in a number of translations:

Vrede en alles wat goed is! (Afrikaans)

Paqes dhe të gjithë të mirë (Albanian)

السلام و كل خير (Arabic)

Xanti aru sob Bhaal (Axomiya)

Peoc'h ha madelezh! (Breton)

Мир и всичко добро! (Bulgarian)

Pau i Be! (Catalonian)

平安幸福! (Chinese tr.)

Mir i dobro! (Croatian)

Pokoj a dobro! (Czech)

Fred og alt godt! (Danish)

Vrede en alle goeds! (Dutch)

Vrede en al het goede (Dutch, alternative)

Peace and all good! (English, USA/UK)

Peace and all goodness! (English, USA, alternative)

Pacon kaj ĉiu bonon (Esperanto)

Bakea eta ongia! (Euskera-Basque)

Rauhaa ja kaikkea hyvää! (Finnish)

Paix et bonheur! (French)

Paz e ben! (Galician)

Friede und alles Gute! (German)

Freden un all Good! (German, Plattdeutsch)

Eirini kai Kalo! (Greek)

Eirene kai agatha! (old Greek)

Ka maluhia a me ka maika'i wale nō! (Hawaiian)

Shalom v'kol tuv! (Hebrew)

Shanti aur shubh kaamnaa (Hindi)

Frere un hääl (Hinner-pälzisch)

Áldás, békesseg! (Hungarian)

Damai Dan Segala Yang Baik (Indonesia / Bahasa Indonesian)

Siochan agus maitheas! (Irish)

Pace e bene! (Italian)

Shanti matthu Summanisina Hosathana (Kannada, India)

Samaadan aani Boremponn (Konkanni, India)

平和と善 (Japanese)

평화와 선 (Pyeonghwa wa Suhn) (Korean)

ئاشتى و هه موو باشية ك (Kurdish)

Pax et bonum! (Latin)

Paċi u risq! (Maltese)

Fred og alt godt! (Norwegian)

Pokój i dobro! (Polish)

Paz e Bem ! (Portuguese)

Pacea si Binele! (Romanian)

Мира и добра! (Russian)

Мир і добрo! (Serbian)

Runyararo ne Kunaka! (Shona)

Paci e bonu (Sicilian)

Pokoj a dobro! (Slovak)

Mir in dobro! (Slovenian)

¡Paz y bien! (Spanish)

Amani na mema yote! (Swahili)

Fred och allt gott ! (Swedish)

Kapayapaan at kabutihan! (Tagalog, Philippines)

அமைதியும் அனைத்து நன்மையும் (Tamil, Tamilnadu)

Samathanamum nallathum (Tamil, Sri Lanka)

Shanti mariyu shubhamu (Telugu, India)

Dame Dohot Sude Na Denggan (Toba-batak, Sumatra, Indonesia)

Huzur ve iyilik üstüne olsun! (Turkish)

Мир і всього добра! (Ukrainian)

Kaane Wöön und ollas Guade! (Viennese)

Bình An và Thiện Hảo (Vietnamese)

Jamm ak lu bax rek (Wolof)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

I am going to share with you information about the houses of the zodiac. If you have a copy of your own personal natal birth chart, you can take a look at what planets are in each of the twelve houses.

I find the more we delve into studying astrology, the more we are able to see ourselves through God's eyes. Your natal birth chart does not dictate your life. It simply gives you an understanding of the God thought that you are and the support God gives to you from all the infinite gifts God makes available to us, i.e. the gift of the energies of angels near the throne of God known as planets.

I am first going to give you an understanding of the meaning of the numbers of the 12houses of the zodiac wheel.

I will also share the mundane or everyday astrology meaning of the house and the spiritual meaning of each house.

I will conclude this blog with the Archangel and Archaii that are guardians to the 12houses – the divine deity essence for each house.

When an astrologer casts a natal chart for you, you are given the chart in a form of a wheel or a circle.

The zero or the circle is the cosmic womb in which all is born and in which all exists.

The circle is the divine shape we cannot truly see, for we are within it. It is not possible to be outside the circle of God.

The circle presents the beginning of focus.

The zero is not a number. It represents the divine “I am that I am”. Form exists within it. The circle does not exist within form.

All symbols reside in the the zero or eternal circle of God.

The glyph on your natal chart for your personal Sun sign is a circle with a dot inside of it.

Before the circle with a dot, there was simply the circle.

I love Einstein’s words: "I want to know God’s thoughts; everything else is detail." We are all God thoughts.

As God held the thought of precious you, the dot came into being in the circle. The Sun glyph is a symbol of God thinking of you.

The circle is the Godhead/Divine.

All that was, is and ever shall be.

In this time of evolutionary changes and spiritual growth, one of the messages the angels give us is to put ourselves in spiritual circles. For example, Lucky Sweeney and I and have an astrology circle called The Cosmic/Evolutionary Tribe that meets once a month in my home; and for people who choose not to travel to a class, we also host a teleclass Cosmic Tribe once a month.

The No. 1 – the First House - A Vertical Line:

In mundane astrology the first house is the House of Personality; personal style.

It all starts with the point. A point of focus; a beginning point. You have heard the statement: The point is...

And from the point spirit stretches itself outward and creates the vertical line.

1 is an upright vertical line. It represents spirit descending into matter.

Energy is leaving the Godhead/Divine and is taking form, shape.

It has masculine qualities. It is spirit in form.

It is outgoing, dynamic energy, fiery, upright, commanding.

It conveys the spiritual message I AM. In an essence it is the message: Here I AM.

The No. 2 – Second House - a + Sign

In mundane astrology it is the house of security, money, resources, possessions, talents, gifts.

Every energy has an opposing polarity. The horizontal line joins with the 1 to create the symbol for the number 2 is +

It is the vertical 1 coming together with the horizontal line (line of earth's horizon) and creating a plus sign.

The two is the soul’s energy. The feminine, the receptive and supportive qualities of mother earth. The horizontal line represents the earth. Just think how much Mother Earth supports us; gives to us.

The horizontal line is an ancient symbol for matter and the material world.

The spiritual message is I HAVE.

It inspires you to think of what you have in matter and in the material world; also your soul’s possessions, i.e. integrity, values.

The angels have inspired me in my service to convey that we are walking, talking, breathing Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies was sacred space/a divine bedroom where blessings were birthed by the divine.

Masculine – Abba/Father/sky/spirit
Feminine - Matrona/Mother/earth/soul

Together they give birth to the divine thought of you.

No. 3 – Third House – the Triangle

In mundane astrology it is the house of communication; information exchange.

The triangle is the first closed form that can be made with single lines.

Three is known as the first number of completion; this is why things happen in 3’s – it completes a pattern.

Father – Mother – Child
Male – Female – Child

It has long been a symbol for the trinity.

The triangle symbolizes a gathering of universal creative energies.

There’s a story of Werner von Siemens. He was the founder of the German electrical company by the same name.

In 1859 he climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

He stuck his finger into the air over his head in a victorious gesture of having reached the top. To his amazement, he received a prickling feeling/vibration through his finger and also heard a sharp noise.

Curious by nature, he wrapped a wet paper around the metal neck of a wine bottle to create a crude Leyden jar, a device for storing an electric charge.

As he held the device above his head, sparks began shooting out of the Leyden jar. It appeared to Werner von Siemens that the Great Pyramid was an electrical conductor of some sort, a focus of creative energy.

The message of the third house is: I THINK

It conveys the message: I think, therefore I AM

We are here to think of ourselves as divine. We come from divine parents who gift to us spirit and soul energies. By honoring these energies, we are able to use the gift of free will to think of ourselves as God's blessings on earth. When we put on our divine thinking caps, we become a focal point of creative energy from God.

When someone makes non-abundant thinking choices, I simply say that they are out of their divine mind.

No. 4 – 4th House - the Square

In mundane astrology it is the house of home, personal roots; family.

The square is the second perfect shape that can be drawn with single lines.

It is symbolic of earth.

Four points on a compass, i.e. the four directions.

Four elements of the earth: fire, earth, air and water

The four sides of the square represent the four parts of the individual.

Physical body/triangle mind/plus of the soul/one of the I AM spirit.

Now, spirit has a soul, a mind, and a body in which to exist in the material world.

In Kaballah, the four stages of creation are the sacred chant of Yod Heh Vod Heh.

The chant weaves the message: TO BE.

I share with people that as you come through your Mother's womb, your guardian angel is there welcoming you to earth and whispering one word: BE.

The square is a building block.

Think of how we use the word square: Square deal; square meal.

The spiritual message of the fourth house is I FEEL.

5th house – No. 5 – Pentagram - Five-Pointed Star

In mundane astrology it is the house of children, play, pleasure, self expression.

The Pentagram – sometimes called Witches’ Cross, Wizard’s star, Star of Knowledge. It is a five pointed star.

It was used by Pythagoreans, philosophers and magicians. It is called the Pent Alpha.

Alpha – A – the birth letter

Penta – Five points

If you cut an apple open you will find five seeds inside the shape of a pentagram, indicating the five senses.

It symbolizes humanity – it is often depicted as human standing with legs astride and arms out stretched – forming a five pointed star with the body.

It is the number of experience; five fingers – personally touching life. We are here to experience our lives. One of my quotes is: Get a life; preferably get your own.

It is the spiritual message of: I WILL

I WILL experience my life personally

6th House – No. 6 – Star of David - Two Triangles - One Pointed Upward; One Pointed Downward

In mundane astrology it is the house of service, duties, health issues, environment.

Two interlaced triangles – the Philosopher’s Diamond.

Also known as the Great Yantra, the Philosopher’s Stone

Magen David (Shield of David)

Solomon’s Seal – used by Solomon to invoke angels.

It was adopted in the 17th century by Jews as an official symbol; however this symbol predated Judaism.

The original source was the Great Yantra.

The Female Primordial Image pointed downward - the Yoni, Sophia that which was before the Universe was.

Brought forth the upward pointing triangle, the male, the lingam. The union of Goddess and God.

As above, so below.

The triangle pointed upward is also seen as Divine Father/Divine Mother/Divine child identity.

The triangle pointed downward is the earthly experience of Father/Mother/child

Upper triangle – spirit world; Lower triangle – material world

David used this symbol on the shields of his soldiers as a protection; heaven and earth comes together and protects the individual. David recognized the power in the message of the shape of the symbol.

Our body belongs to earth but our spirit belongs to heaven.

The spiritual message is I EVALUTE and ANALYZE

We look at our lives and determine how we can be a healing; and what needs healing in our own lives. We recognize we are blessed to be blessings here on earth. We are given God assignments.

No. 7 – House 7 - A Square with a Triangle on Top

In mundane astrology it is the house of marriage, intimacy, commitment.

The seven is created with the triangle and the square.

It is the most mystical of numbers because it uses two perform forms – the triangle and the square.

It forms a shape that looks like a little church.

This is the house; this is the steeple; open the doors and see all the people.

Seven gives us the triangle of a relationship with the divine –the triangle pointed towards heaven; and it is joined with the square of earth.

On the 7th day God rested. I believe that God communed with all the He had created. The Divine was able to have a relationship with everything – all the kingdoms.

Seven is known as a sacred number. Seven days of the week. Seven basic chakras. Seven original planets.

The spiritual message is: I MIRROR/I ECHO

No. 8 – 8th House - The Infinity Symbol

In mundane astrology it is the house of death, attitudes towards life and death, sexuality.

The symbol for the number 8 is the infinity symbol – the lemiscate.

That which conveys a going out; and a coming in.

Only the number 8 can be drawn over and over without lifting the pen from paper (the circle which is not a number can be drawn this way, too.)

The circle is reflected in the number 8; it looks like two circles together.

The eight is infinite, repeating, reincarnation.

The ancient symbolism of the eight is the cube.

Four is the square; a pattern for the building blocks of the material world.

This pattern solidifies into the cube and we are moving from a two-dimensional figure to a three-dimensional world.

The number eight is the number of evolution; spiritual progression.

I want to also share the number 26 – which adds up to 8 (2 + 6 = 8).

The Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year is about 26,000 years.

There are 26 weeks between the solstices and equinoxes.

Marathons are 26 miles.

The marathon is a test of the will within the body – the body’s maximum physical capability.

In the Great Pyramid there is an Ascending Passage called the Hall of Truth and it has a slope of 26 degrees.

In the book The Great Pyramid Decoded, Peter Lesmerurier states that the 26 degrees represents evolutionary progress; the ability to reach our fullest potential.

The spiritual message for the eighth house is: I DESIRE

No. 9 – Ninth House - A Circle attached to a 1

In mundane astrology it is the house of journeys, education, travel, beliefs, religions, philosophy.

The shape of a nine is a circle with a one attached to it.

It is the one of the I AM – the individual – and the circle – the eternal is whispering into its ear.

It represents an awareness of the bigger picture.

We have an expanded awareness; an expanded sensitivity to the vibration of God.

The appearance of self as alone and separate from other things is an illusion.

It’s the message of Bette Midler’s song: From a distance.

Merlin transformed King Arthur into a hawk so Arthur could soar above the earth. from above the earth, Arthur realized that land boundaries are manmade. And from this vantage point he was inspired to create the Round Table and invite Knights from all countries to participate in being a part of this evolutionary experience.

Nine is cosmic; galactic; universal.

The nine is the messenge that we are part of a greater whole.

The spiritual message for the ninth house is I SEE

No. 10 – Tenth House - A 1 with a 0 beside it

In mundane astrology it is the house of career, profession, reputation, social status.

With the number 10 we have the 1 standing with the infinite. It is the 1 of the I AM standing with the circle right beside it. I always describe the 10 as God right there with us taking the training wheels off. We are never alone, but it’s time to take the bike out by ourselves.

The spiritual statement for the tenth house is I USE

It conveys the message: I use my mastery to be a blessing; I use my gifts to help others.

No. 11 – Eleventh house - A 1 with another 1 right beside it

In mundane astrology it is the house of friends, clubs, organizations, associations, goals, allies, strategies.

The no. 11 is created with two 1’s standing side by side.

It is the 1 of the I AM standing face to face with the original vision; original God thought of you.

You are seeing yourself as God sees you; 11 is a master number and conveys the message of a number of great inspiration – the spirit of God is in me.

The spiritual message of the no. 11 is I KNOW

In an essence it means, I know myself as God knows me.

No. 12 – 12th House - A 1 with a + beside it

In mundane astrology it is the house of hidden resources, hidden concerns, hidden enemies, the subconscious mind.

In creating the 12 we have the 1 of the I AM joined with the plus sign.

The plus represents A masculine and a feminine energy.

It represents the birthing of a new world; a new reality.

It is the message that you are now a co-creator with the divine

You stand with your own masculine and feminine energies and with the divine whispering to you: what will you birth? What will you create?

It is the spiritual message of I BELIEVE

What do you believe is possible in your life?















































Angelic Blessings of Love,
Jayne Howard Feldman

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clothing for Little Children for Winter

Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

I received this email from the Sisters of St. Joseph of The Spiritual Center in Windsor, New York. Many of you know them personally. Many of you attend retreats at The Spiritual Center.

They are asking for help in raising monies to clothe little children for the winter.

If you wish to send a donation (in any amount), send it to:

The Spiritual Center
712 NY Route 79
Windsor, NY 13865

Love in abundance, Jayne

This is a copy of the actual note sent to me from The Spiritual Center.
Dearest Jayne,

We have just come from a meeting from our rural poor ministry. It was brought to our attention that there is an area of real poverty that needs some help for children. The schools our nuns check have children that cannot go out to play due to no winter coats and boots. We at the Spiritual Center are taking on trying to raise funds to clothe these children.

Sister Susan has been able to purchase for 50 dollars snow suits, boots, gloves and hat for one child. It is the little ones that are in need. Do you think you could use your email contacts to see if anyone would like to give a child an outfit for this winter. Since it is getting very cold now we need to act soon for them.

All donations made to The Spiritual Center are tax writeoffs. If anyone wanted to help us, Sister Susan will do the shopping and we will see everything is delivered directly to those who need it.

50 dollars for a full outfit, 20 dollars helps us get blankets for the kids. Blankets are a real need in rural ministry.

If anyone has extra blankets they want to send us or winter coats, hats, gloves
they also would be most appreciated.

With love, your sisters at The Spiritual Center

Friday, October 29, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

It is my intention that this blog be a blessing to you in sharing ways we receive signs and signals from our loved ones in heaven.

CJ Lewis wrote: For as much as you love someone, that is how much pain you are going to feel when they are gone. Yet, you would not give up the love to avoid the pain.

It is my belief that our love for those who die takes on a new dimension of experience when they die.

When someone is here, we are able to speak to them directly, i.e. face to face. We are able to see them with our physical eyes. We are able to call them on a telephone and have them answer. It is easier to communicate with loved ones when both of us are in the physical. That's why it is important to tell people in your life that you love them.

When our loved ones die, the love is still there – same as before. However, we are in physical form and they are not. They are now in spirit form. We are required to stretch ourselves and expand into a new dimension of thinking and believing that wasn’t necessary before when we both were in physical bodies. We learn how to use our spiritual eyes and ears. We learn how to stretch our thinking about ourselves and our loved ones.

When we have loved ones in heaven we begin to recognize that while we are here on earth, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience; rather our divine identity is that we are spiritual beings, who while on earth are having a physical body experience. The spiritual part is eternal; the physical body is not.

I love Albert Eistein’s quote: I want to know God’s thoughts. Everything else is detail.

God held the thought of each and every one of us and that thought is of us as a spiritual being.

It has been said that just as a little bird cracks its shell and flies out, we fly out of our shell, out of this body. We call this death; but death is simply changing form. When we die the physical form becomes purely spiritual form.

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote:

Death is but a transition from this life to another existence where there is no more pain and anguish. All the bitterness and disagreements vanish and the only thing that lives forever is love.

Love lives forever.

Mother Teresa shared the following about her mother and sister who were in heaven:

My mother and sister must be very happy to be home with God. I am sure their love and prayers are always with me. When I go home to God, for death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love, will be unbroken for all eternity.

When we are missing our loved ones, mother, father, children, friends - anyone we love who has closed their eyes to earth and opened them to heaven, remember the bond of love is always there. The love between us when someone dies. Love is eternal.

Their love and prayers and well wishes for you are always with you.

Jesus shared the Beatitude: Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.

It is my desire to comfort you with my blog in sharing with you some of the ways your loved ones are sending you messages from heaven.

I want to add before I begin my list, that if you have had something happen and you stop and ask yourself: Did I just get a sign? – that is your answer; the very fact that you asked, is confirmation that you did.

Angel DJ’s at work with your loved ones: hearing songs on the radio that have meaning for you, i.e. hearing a favorite song of someone you love who is in heaven.

Birds – seeing birds in trees around your home, ie. Doves – messengers of peace; bluebirds/bluejays – messengers of happiness; red cardinals – life is eternal.

License Plates as messages: U R LOVED

Messages on sides of trucks that you see while driving.

Breaking of glass – shattering of glass – it is a sign of dimensions merging

A phone rings you answer. No one is there.

A phone rings and the number of someone in spirit appears in caller id.

Feeling a change or shifting in energy around you. The space around you becomes hot or cold.

Seeing something out of the corner of your eye. A flash of light. An image.

Hearing music or sounds, i.e. heavenly music.

Hearing someone call your name.

Dreaming of the person.

Experiencing a dream that is more than a dream.

Seeing someone who looks like your loved one – just for an instance – a morphing experience.

Getting a message in the mail – a flyer that has message just for you in its words. I was missing someone in heaven and was having a Jayne pity party. I even remarked to God, "I think everyone has forgotten me." The next day a book came in the mail that someone had been inspired to gift me. Title of the book: We Are Not Forgotten.

Computer message appearing out of the blue, i.e. a name appearing on the screen.

Cloud formations.

Messages received when in water – at beach, in shower, in the tub, by lakes, by oceans.

Electronic equipment turning on, ie. radios, etc.

Lights turning on or off on their own

Equipment that didn’t work, suddenly is repaired and back to working.

A feeling of stillness; a feeling of quietness. Profound peacefulness.

Feathers appearing.

Pennies appearing.

Images appearing on photographs; loved ones appearing in pictures. Abraham Lincoln (deceased at the time of the photograph) appeared in a photograph taken of Mary Todd Lincoln.

Orbs showing up in your digital pictures. Round white balls of light.

Fragrances – smells, scents around you.

Feeling as if someone is sitting on the bed. Feeling the mattress sink down.

Breeze surrounding comes around you, touches your cheek; very gentle and loving.

Unexplained sounds.

Movement of pictures.

Discovering of items that have meaning, something lost is found. Something just appears in a drawer - an item you thought was lost. It wasn't there before; now it is.

Being in a location that is special and feeling the person’s presence.

Seeing images in mirrors; seeing images in reflective materials. (Recommend Raymond Moody's book: Reunion)

Meditation experiences. Desiring to learn how to meditate.

In times of indecision feeling support, receiving clarity; guidance.

Messages from spirit communicators; someone from heaven says hello to you in a private consultation.

One day I was doing a consultation for someone and someone in spirit came into the session and got my attention by radiating energies to my vocal cords. I was coughing and said to the client, "Someone is here who says here name is a peanut." The woman replied, "It's Grandma Goober". As soon as the person is acknowledged by the individual, the coughing stopes.

The woman had come to me for angelic healing and comfort because her husband suddenly announced he wanted a divorce. Before Grandma Goober allowed me to go back to the healing session, Grandma gave me the message for her grand-daughter who she loved eternally. Grandma Goober never liked her husband anyway. And the woman was healed with laughter because she said that was the truth. I asked the woman if I could share this story because it is a beautiful example of the fact that our relatives are like angels who love us and care about us from heaven.

Pets knowing you need more support; pets sticking by your side.

When in a darkened space, feeling sensitive to spirit.

An increased desire to fix or buy a favorite food of the individual.

Feeling open to learning about angels.

Feeling a desire to stretch spiritually and to learn more about the mystery of life. Wanting to know more about your intuitive gifts.

Feeling touched by spirit.

Numbers as messages. Numbers with meaning appearing., i.e. someone's birthdate numbers. Double digits appearing; triple digits appearing.

Feeling drawn to high vibration places, shrines, sacred spots.

Reunions – sentimental journeys; stories told by relatives. Getting together and everyone just starts talking about the person.

Out of body experiences while sleeping.

Doing things that honor the individual. This opens doors of communication.

Google earth computer site allows you to zero in on special locations, i.e. googling a childhood home location. Feeling inspired to visit places where you lived with the people who are now in spirit.

Feeling a connection with Archangel Michael.

Twixt and tween times of day are special. Just before dawn; just before dusk.

Finding slips of paper inside of books with notes from loved ones.

Watches and clocks stopping at important times; stopping at 11:19 - and November 19 was person's birthday.

Hubble pictures inspiring you; i.e Eye of God image.

Intuitional thoughts – knowing something that you don’t know how you know it

Fullness of heart experience.

Knowing you are not alone.

Alarms going off.

Feeling energies around doorways, thresholds.

Enhanced light experience. The room suddenly lighting up. You are thinking of the person and all of a sudden the sun comes out from behind a cloud and totally fills the room with light. It's God Joy energy blessing you. The joy of loving relationships that never end.

Other world experiences. Things you just cannot explain away. You might even ask: What just happened here?

Lightbulbs popping out.

Being prompted to be in a group that is healing.

Seeing things with soft eyes.

Feeling called to read spiritual books.

Watching John Edwards on tv. Sylvia Brown and other communicators. Watching The Ghost Whisperer.

Watching movies like Ghost, Patch Adams

Seeing butterflies and dragonflies

Poetry that speaks to you, ie. The Rose that Grows on the Garden Wall

Bridges as symbols.

Feeling or seeing the person and feeling as if you could reach out and touch the person.

Feeling the presence, the essence of the person.

Feeling a sense of warmth, a loving warmth, very comforting.

A lot of experiences occur in motor vehicles. Sensing your loved one with you in your car.

Feeling helped through difficult times.

Healing the voice of the loved one inside of your head.

Having telepathic experiences with loved ones.

Feeling a caress, a kiss, a hug.

Feeling nurtured by your loved one. Feeling strength being “beamed to you”.

If your loved one had a signature scent, sensing that scent.

Partial and full appearances of the individual; sometimes in light form.

Hologram experiences – sensing a glimpse into another dimension.

A feeling the picture is being transmitted by the loved one. You may be dreaming or meditating and you are watching a movie.

Encounters in the alpha state of dreaming. Just as you are drifting off to sleep; or just as you are waking up. This is a relaxed state and can be achieved while you are daydreaming.

Equipment that is unplugged working, i.e. phone ringing and voice of loved one is heard. One woman who has a son in spirit experienced a Christmas light – not plugged in – being on.

Loved ones are able to be infinitely creative in sending blessings to you.

Seeing rainbows. Seeing double rainbows.

In closing this blessing blog I would like to share a poem I am certain many of you are familiar with: It is entitled: DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND WEEP.

This poem beautifully conveys a loved one in heaven's message of being part of the wind, the snow, the sunlight, the autumn rain, the rush of birds in the morning and the starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there, I did not die.

Mary Frye (1932)

Angelic Blessings of Love Eternal,

Friday, October 15, 2010

GINESTHOI - Make It Happen

Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

A few months ago, a friend of mine shared that for her birthday she wanted to go to Philadelphia's Franklin Institute to see the new Cleopatra Exhibition and wanted to go on her birthday, September 30th. She wanted to know if Chuck and I wanted to join her that day.

Chuck and I both enjoy seeing anything Egyptian, and so we proceeded in ordering tickets for the exhibition and being a part of her birthday celebration.

It turned out that September 30th was the day that a tropical storm named Nicole decided to stir up things with intense winds and rain on the East Coast. The weather forecasts were pretty bleak for traveling. However, I was getting a clear message that we were to go.

Our friend also called our house the evening before to see if we wanted to cancel. We never heard the phone ring nor did the recording actually record that she made on our voicemail.

Since she didn't hear from us and we thought we had not heard from her, she proceeded to meet us as we had planned and our threesome drove to Philadelphia. Even though all of us have driven through some pretty tough weather to our meeting point, once we were in the car together on the way to Philly, the rain stopped; and there was literally very little traffic on 95, which is remarkable by itself.

We made record time to the Franklin Institute. So much so, that I commented that I would talk to the ticket takers to see if we could exchange our tickets for an earlier time to see the exhibition. We were at the Institute over an hour earlier than we had projected.

I will never forget the experience of the three of us coming up from the parking garage to the Institute's main floor. The elevator doors opened and I looked out to discover that the only people at the museum were the employees. There was no one there but the employees and now us.

It ended up that throughout the entire day there were no more than about 50 people (and that is a stretch) in the entire museum. Usually there are bus loads of children and lines of people.

When I asked the ticket clerk if I could exchange my tickets she said, "Honey, you can do anything you want today. Go any time you want."

I looked at my girlfriend and said, "You must have been Cleopatra in a former life and the angels have orchestrated for you to have the museum to yourself today." Chuck and I were grateful to be tagging along with Cleo. It was a very memorable day to say the least.

The exhibit is there until January 2, 2011 and I recommend it abundantly. One item that I just had to write to you about is a papyrus note, that archaeologists believe features the handwriting of Cleopatra herself.

She wrote in Greek the word: Ginesthoi - which translates to Make It Happen.

As I was walking around the exhibit prior to discovering the papyrus, I was looking at the showcased artifacts and was saying to myself, "Well, Cleopatra, what wisdom do you have to share for those of us who are spending time with you here in Philadelphia in 2010?"

When I do private consultations with people, I ask them the question, "When it is time for you to close your eyes to earth, and open them to heaven, how do you want to be remembered? What life statement do you leave as a blessing for those who follow you?

Just after asking Cleo for her wisdom, I came upon the showcase of her message: Make It Happen.

I want to recognize Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egypt's pre-eminent archaeologist and Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and also Franck Goddio, French underwater archaeologist and director of European Institute for Underwater Archaeology (IEASM). Because of them we get to experience more than 250 artifacts which had been lost to the sea and sand for nearly 2,000 years.

Because of their passion for archaeology, they made it happen. In the words of Dr. Hawass, "We give the American people the chance to learn about our search for Cleopatra and share with them the magic of this fascinating queen."

I am writing this blog mid-October 2010. About a week ago we experienced the calendar event of 10-10-10. In my service with the angels, I share the message that 10 is the number of mastery. The number ten is made up of two numbers = 1 and 0. It's the "1" that represents the gift of our unique one-of-a-kind life (I am - you fill in your name, ie I am Jayne); standing next to the "0" - which is God/Creator/the Infinite - the never-ending. It is in an essence knowing that, of course, God is always with us; and at the same time is taking the training wheels off and saying to us: Live your life fully and abundantly. Go for it. Make it happen.

It takes courage to look in the mirror at ourselves and say honestly, "I am going to make it happen." And the "it" is whatever expresses the fullness of you. You could decide you are going to make creativity happen in 2011; make a new business happen; make time for peace and quiet happen in your life; make time for spiritual practices; make exercise happen; make love happen. The choice is yours to fill in the blank as to what the it will be for you.

And it is something we can do in small steps. We can choose and decide that we are going to make simple joys happen in our life. I recently led two September weekend retreats at the Spritiual Center in Windsor, New York and asked each of the participants to share what they did in their lives to give themselves the gift of a simple joys in life.

You could feel the energy in the room become so calm, peaceful and relaxing as everyone shared what kindnesses they extend to themselves in small ways on a daily basis. I remember reading the Dali Lama's words: "My religion is kindness."

I personally think kindness is a wonderful thing to make happen. Kindness to ourselves. Kindness to others. Kindness to animals. I want to make kindness happen.

I looked up the word kindness. It evolves from an Old English word "gecynde" which translates to meaning close to kin. The word kind has KIN in its letters. So when you are kind, you are treating the person or animal as if they are a kindred spirit or akin to you. Webster describes kindness as gentleness; goodhearted; considerate in our behavior; affectionate; loving.

Queen Cleopatra was the last great pharaoh of Egypt. She definitely has captivated people's interest in her because of the mystery around her life. The conclusion of the exhibit shows numerous film portrayals of Cleopatra and it was an absolute hoot listening to Vivian Leigh be a southern belle voice of Cleopatra in her film portrayal of Cleo.

No matter what dialect we hear Cleopatra speak to us in, she is in an essence an ancient voice of a Divine Feminine/Goddess messenger. When she became Queen of Egypt she was simultaneously recognized as the embodiment of the Goddess Isis.

And so the Voice of the Goddess conveys the message: Remember me by what I wrote on the papyrus. Here is my wisdom decree: MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Angelic Blessings of Ginesthoi, Jayne

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

The angels inspired me to share a question that spirit is asking us:

Do you know what it means to be wild?

We are writing a new script for the Holy Grail legend. We are all truly grail seekers, seeking our own divine identity. In the former Grail odyssey we come to a divine appointment with someone who is waiting for us to ask the right question. It is as if life is a Jeopardy game, and we need to be able to ask the right question.

In the Holy Grail legend of the past it was the divine appointment with the Fisher King and the question that needed to be asked was: Who does the grail serve?

In this new script, we will be having a divine appointment and will be meeting the Divine Mother who will be expressing herself as Wild Woman. She will do the asking.

She will ask a question of us that will in itself create an an opportunity to experience an answer inside of us. The answer won't be a thought; rather an energy experience. The question we will be asked at some time in the future with our own intimate divine appointment meeting with Wild Woman Divine Feminine is:

Do you know what it means to be wild?

Think about what the word "wild" means to you.

I was walking outside and discovered wild berries growing. Beautiful bright red, ripe wild berries. I didn't plant them. Mother Nature planted them.

Observe things growing wild in nature in your own environment.

Pay attention when news reports a animal being released back into the wild.

National Geographic just introduced a new channel: National Geographic WILD. New stories have been reporting how a man named Ed Stafford just finished a two-year odyssey of walking the wild Amazon river.

Look to the Bible for inspiration about the importance of the wildnerness environment. John the Baptist lived in the wilderness. Jesus went into the wilderness. Moses and the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness.

I was inspired to revisit a program I had recorded on The Dead Seas Scrolls. In watching this program again I was inspired by the commentary on the words "in the wilderness" being so important to the Essenes of Qumran; and equally important to the authors of The New Testament as well. An observation was made that people of the Old Testament as well as people of the New Testament saw the wilderness as a place that offered an opportunity for spiritual growth to be experienced. The wilderness is a place where intimacy with spirit is experienced.

We are living in a time where wild is taking on new meaning. Get ready for a wild ride in the sacred space that simply is being called: the wilderness of your soul.

Remember the song: Wild Thing. Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. We are all wild things.

Infinite Mother/Divine Mother/Sacred Feminine is a wild woman. We have attempted to own her; manipulate her; neglect her, abuse her, groom her to our liking, control her, and the list goes on.

She wants us to get to know her WILD side and our own wilderness identity.

When Chuck and I visit Assateague I experience the wilderness energies with the wild ponies. They are self-sufficient. They live in the wild. When I look at them and feel their energies, I feel them asking me: Do you know what it really means to be wild?

At a recent visit to Assateague, I overheard a tourist complaining about the wild behavior of the ponies. One of the ponies had come into the campground and figured out how to open a container and shook out all the food. The woman was upset over the pony's non-conforming behavior.

I was thinking to myself, "What part of wild don't you understand?" She even complained that the ponies were an annoyance to her vacation. This is an example of humanity's belief that our needs transcend the needs of other kingdoms we share space with on Mother Earth.

Many of you have probably seen the oval stickers on people's cars that are a few letters/short abbreviations for places people have visited. Assateague's code letters are AS IS, pobviously short for Assateague Island. I love that the abbreviation chosen spells the words AS IS. We have one of the stickers on our Jeep. The message inspires me to support Assateague National Park being kept as it is (aka AS IS): a place where wild ponies and wilderness energies still exist.

A few years ago there was a movie: Into the Wild - the story of a young man who went on a journey across country; eventually ending up in Alaska where he unfortunately died; but he was feeling a call to go Into the Wild. The wilderness of his soul was calling him.

The wild essence of us is such an important essence of our divine identity.

In spiritual astrology, transpluto (that which is beyond Pluto) energy conveys to us how we side track, at times, our own wild energies, by striving for perfection. Being upset if a hair is out of place. If all the t's aren't crossed; or i's dotted. We are control freaks.

We sometimes let a few people get away with looking wild, i.e. Einstein. However, often times, we judge people who have a wild look about them.

One of the Sabian Symbols: the untidy man - actually is describing the holy men of India - who have a wild look about them because they are no longer attached to the earthly body identity. They are seen as blessed beings in India, and whenever they come to a village, the village responds as if God has come to visit them.

Look at the wild, chaotic energy of the cosmos for inspiration. The birthing of a new star is pretty wild looking.

We are shifting from controlling molecular minds to expansive, wild God particle minds. We are opening ourselves to God's infinite energies and the experience of opening to having God particle consciousness is pretty wild to say the least.

You may find you have dream experiences, and mind experiences that quite frankly are bizarre and wild.

A part of you will say, "What a crazy dream. What a wild dream. Everyone knows that fish cannot tap dance."

Welcome to the wild side where everything is possible because its God being God.

You are seeing things a new wild way. You are transcending the mind boxes. You are playing with expansive ideas you never thought of before. Isn't that wild?!

The divine is mirroring to you through wild mind thoughts, ideas - the wilderness of you.

I co-teach a monthly cosmic astrology class with Lucky Sweeny, and this month Lucky shared a wonderful teaching: Acknowledge the new; acknowledge the wild.

She encouraged everyone to say to that which presents itself to us as new and wild: I see you; I observe you; I am having divine dialogue with that wild part of myself; that new part of myself.

It's freeing; it's liberating. It's wild.

I truly believe the first garden, aka Eden, was not a garden that was manicured but a wild environment where everything grew freely and abundantly and in divine harmony. The angels' inspiration is that the now time is a time filled with the energies of the original wilderness and this time we have an expanded consciousness.

Look around the planet and observe how humans live convincing themselves that control and manipulation is natural. Wild came first. And I mean really wild.

Share sacred space with the wild. You may find that you will begin hearing wilderness experience stories. You may notice that weather reports describe Mother Nature's activities as wild weather.

Get to know the wild as you are opening to your wild identity. I am seeing the word "Wild" all over the place.

There's going to be moments that a wild thought is going to float right through your brain. Just let it float.

Additionally, the wild is at times so new, bizarre, radical in change that it has us feeling a little wobbly. I remember as a child I went to Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Baltimore with my family. I loved a ride called The Wild Mouse. I rode in a little car on roller coaster type tracks that gave me the feeling I was literally going off the edge. After the ride, because of the thrill of it all, my land legs were a little wobbly.

Get use to a wobble walk. It's all part of the wild, new territory.

Welcome the wild. Get comfortable with the wild side of yourself. The essence of yourself that is the transpluto vibration - beyond the immediate known.

As I have shared in previous blogs, Assateague means "the place beyond". I have a
t-shirt that says: GOT ASSATEAGUE?

The angels are asking us: Got an openness to that place beyond your immediate consciousness? Got wilderness?

It's all a higher calling. It's the call of the wild.
Love, Jayne

Monday, July 19, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

Years ago, one of my teachers who was helping me learn how to promote my service, made me aware that once we "go public" with our work, it is similar to placing ourselves on a mountain top. Being on the top of the mountain, people see us and are aware of us; and at the same time it's a good place to be hit by lightning.

Being hit by lightning means being zapped by people's negative response to our service and I've had lightning hits in my life.

An angel store opened in a nearby town, and I contacted the owner and shared my willingness to come for free to talk about angels. The woman's response to me was this: "You are not welcome in our store. You are new age and we don't want your kind in our store." And she hung up on me. Zap.

After that zap, I experienced a number of radio program interviews where listeners were invited to call and ask me questions about my service with the angels. I experienced a number of people who called in and rather than asking a question, blasted me for being new age; telling me I was talking to the devil; doing Satan's work. Zap.

After these non-abundant experiences, I prayed to God for wisdom I could share when people wanted to go down the "new age" path. I wanted to know what I could say that would weave oneness, rather than the individual putting me on one side of the river bank and they were standing on the other yelling at me.

The response I received was this: Tell them you are all in the Grace Age. It will only be by the grace of God that any of you get through it.

Welcome to the Grace Age, folks.

In attuning to this message and witnessing all of the earth changes that truly remind me that it is only going to be by God's grace that we are going to make it through, the angels have made me aware of a Council of Grace. You may know the members under the name given to them by the ancients: The Muses.I call them Grace Angels or Council of Grace.

In Greek mythology, the Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus (Greek name is Zeus; Roman name is Jupiter) and the Goddess Mnemosyne (Memory). The angels have inspired me that the muse energies are divine powers of the angelic kingdom that serve God by inspiring us. Through our attunement with the muses' energies, we embrace the Divine Feminine/Goddess energies of Mnemosyne, a divine messenger inspiring us to remember who we truly are. Through mythology, God is helping us remember who we are; children of God.

I often share that a spiritual activity that is abundant to do is to visualize placing ourselves in the lap of the divine and saying to God: "Tell me about myself as you created me, because I am starting to forget."

I am encouraging you to take a look at your natal birth chart and see which of the twelve houses your birth Sun is in and as you read what I am sharing, you can see which of the muses or Grace Angels is an angel of inspiration to you personally.

Grace Angel Calliope
First House

Calliope's name means beautiful voice or the fair voiced. She is the oldest of the muses and seen as a leader of the muses or Grace Angels. She is the grace of first sound from source that then becomes words.

She is the Grace Angel of intelligence. She is a messenger who is the inspiration of philosophy. She inspires us with wisdom (philosophy means love of wisdom) to know what it means to be a spiritual being in a human body. She helps us answer the question: Who AM I?

As a muse she is often times depicted with a writing tablet. She is a guardian angel to writers and poets. The angels have inspired me to share she is a messenger to us in the importance of divine words, i.e. in the beginning was the Word. If you were to describe yourself in a word, what would that word be? I AM (you fill in the blank).

She supports us in writing the daily script of our lives.

By the way, my Sun is in the first house in my natal chart. I love inspiring people through writing.

Grace Angel Erato
Second House

Just as we have first sound with Calliope, with Grace Angel Erato we have the essence of divine lyrics. The heartsong of you; the love song of you. Her name means "the lovely".

The second house is the house of knowing what we have, i.e. energy, values, possessions, etc. Erato inspires us to know ourselves as lovely divine energy in physical form. Calliope is the Grace Angel of intellect; Erato is the Grace Angel of emotions, i.e. knowing the passion energy of you. You have the divine essence and energy of love within you. You are a walking, talking breathing lovesong. God loved the thought of you so much you were given the gift of your life.

In one of my angel seminars, I gave everyone a mirror they could hold in their hands and inspired them to look in the mirror at themselves. The look was to be one of great love, compassion, and support. The song that played during this exercise was Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You."

What do we have in our lives? We have seconds, minutes, hours, days and years to embrace the divine reality that we are loved by God, and to love ourselves. Be a lover of your life and of yourself.

Grace Angel Urania
Third House

Urania is the Grace Angel of astronomy. I always encourage those I teach or lecture to get to know the stars. We are kin to the stars. Carl Sagan was quoted as saying we are made of the stuff of stars.

I highly recommend Jim Mullaney's DVD The Heavens Declare. One of Jim's teachings is that God placed us (humans) in the half-way point of all creation; halfway between the smallest sub-atomic particle and the farthest point of the cosmos. That placement was by divine design so we could feel our oneness and connectedness with everything. Jim is going to be a speaker this coming October at ARE in Virginia Beach, Va.

Urania comes from the Greek word for heaven. She is a messenger of all that is heavenly. She is the Grace Angel of the importance of science in our lives. Science is a creative art, too. See yourself as a scientist in your life: study, research, delve deeply into topics that inspire you.

What are ways to be an everyday scientist? Be conscious of the movement of the moon and how the cycles impact your life; be conscious of the zodiac and your personal alignment to the planetary angels near the throne of God through your natal chart; solar return chart; get to know the stars; be aware of new discoveries in space.

Any new discoveries in your life are God's blessings radiated to you by Grace Angel Urania. Be a Christopher Columbus and discover what God was thinking when God held the thought of you in the divine mind.

Grace Angel Clio
Fourth House

Clio is the Grace Angel of History. The fourth house in the zodiac wheel is the house of family. Clio makes us conscious of our family history. She makes us conscious of history we can learn from so as not to repeat mistakes. She helps us throughout our lives as we gleem understanding from our own personal history. Perhaps there are patterns that we came to embrace; and some patterns we came to change.

People often times look as karma as a higher calling to correct something, i.e. compensation karma. There is also continuation karma. This is good karma. We have woven a golden thread through many lifetimes (many past histories of our soul) and so we continue the service in this lifetime.

Clio's name means the proclaimer. As a muse she is often depicted with a scroll and a pile of books. She may inspire you to research your family tree or perhaps record family history or stories for your children or grandchildren.

She may also inspire you to get to know a group of people in history that you feel a heart connection with, i.e. studying the Essenes. We are all related. We are all family members of the family of God.

Grace Angel Terpsichore
Fifth House

Terpsichore is the Grace Angel of movement. The fifth house is the house of children, and our own inner child. Children love to be on the move. Sometimes they just go, go, go. Terpsichore is the Grace Angel of dance. Terpsichore's name means the whirler.

I have found personally that Terpsichore helps me with graceful movement to make a dance through challenges. Sometimes I will face a challenge and I will ask God's angels to help me waltz through it with grace. For those of you who are yoga practitioners, you understand the power of stretching movements.

All we have to do is observe the importance and power of dance around the world to see that dance and movement are intimately linked with spiritual growth.

The fifth house is the house of I WILL and Terpsichore is inspiring us to will or allow spiritual movement and growth in our lives. To allow our hearts to dance. There's a beautiful country song: I Hope You'll Dance with the lyrics:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

Grace Angel Melpomene
Sixth Hosue

Melpomene is a very special Grace Angel. The sixth house is known for being the house of health, well-being and service. Melpomene is the Grace Angel of tragedy.
She comes as a messenger that our greatest spiritual health comes when we see what tragedy is on the planet that we can help heal by being of service. We've come to do divine service. We've come to be blessings to the planet; to people on the planet; to all the kingdoms of earth.

One summer I was blessed to be able to attend a week-long seminar with Dr. Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral. I would get up early every morning and place myself in the front row right in directly in front of Dr. Schuller. I wanted his inspirational vibes to shower over me.

One remark he made that I will always remember was around success. If you want to be successful here on earth, just look for a need and fill it. St. Michael has often inspired me with the message that we are here to be of service where this is a call for "needfires". The fire of the divine is needed to help people keep the faith; maintain hope; move forward with God. We are living light that answers the call and service of going where divine fire is needed. Our fire or light will warm people; guide people; inspire people.

The angels have impressed me with the message that all of us are going to experience that which can be categorized tragedy. Do not focus on the tragedy. Do not give energy to the tragedy. Focus on how quickly you can recover from what has happened and quickly align and attune with God's help and healing as you continue your sacred walk in life.

Grace Angel Thalia
Seventh House

Thalia is the Grace Angel of humor; comedy. The seventh house is the house of relationships. It's your relationship with God; your Higher Self; your family; your friends; your pets, etc. One of my favorite paintings is the one depicting Jesus laughing. Laughing is so very healing and important in our lives. Laughter is a gift from God.

In my booklet Angelic Feng Shui, I share that it is not only important to have a first aid kit for aiding the physical body, but a first aid kit of good humor and comedy to heal your emotional body. You include in your laughter kit, pictures that make you laugh; movies that make you laugh.

As many of you know, I am downright dog goofy. I love the movie Best of Show and no matter what part of the movie is showing when I happen to remote surf onto it, I will watch it to the end. It never fails to make me laugh. For those of you who know this movie, you know it ends with two precious gentlemen who create a calendar of their two dogs dressed as movie characters, i.e. Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind.

I get together once a month with a group of girlfriends for a couple of hours and it always is so healing as we laugh and laugh at just about everything. I always feel this get together is a sort of sanity check for the month that our ability to laugh is still intact.

All of us need people and pets that help us laugh.

Just the other day on the TODAY show, one of their reporters did a segment on summer camps you can attend with your pet. Well the reporter didn't have a dog and I am not really certain she is a dog person to begin with, so someone loaned their dog to her and turned the dog over to her with the dog's frisbee.

It was an absolute hoot to watch, because everyone else had a relationship with their dog except her. The dogs wanted to be with their owners. This dog didn't want to be with her. So whatever she wanted the dog to do, it went the other way. They even had a massage session for owners and dogs. All the dogs who were with their owners were chilling out, loving the massages. This dog wanted no part of it or her. There was an outdoor obstacle course you could encourage your dog to playfully run; the reporter ran it with the dog watching.

The best part was the end of the segment where she was saying goodbye to the dog but the frisbee is no where in sight. As she talks they have balloon thoughts over the dog asking, "Lady, where's my frisbee?" And then the dog turns and shows its back to her and they have a balloon thought over the dog's head: "I'm done here." It was hysterical.

Don't you just love news pieces where reporters attempt to interact with animals, and animals express themselves in a way that totally re-writes the story? Many of you probably remember the hysterical Tonight Shows with Johnny Carson and animals from the zoo.

Grace Angel Euterpe
Eighth House

Euterpe is the Angel of Music. The angels have inspired me to present a new workshop this fall entitled Musical Angels and I know Euterpe is part of my team in offering this class. The eighth house is a very shamanic, sexual, transformational house. It is the house of desire and Euterpe's name means giver of pleasure.

Euterpe radiates energies through musical instruments that speak to our soul and awaken our divine identities and and support us in knowing ourselves as divine beings. The powerful drum attunes us to our oneness with the heartbeat of the divine. I truly believe that the DJ angels serve alongside of Euterpe. They play songs that are blessings to our souls.

Euterpe is a messenger of the power of music; all kinds of music; all kinds of instruments. Many of my friends are being inspired to try their hand at musical instruments. One friend is studying the violin; another the celtic harp. Others have purchased Native American carved flutes. One friend plays her guitar and writes her own music.

Make time for music that speaks to your soul and you are making time for transformation to take place. You've probably read in past blogs my honoring of Dick Clark who says we all have soundtracks for our lives. The songs that we connect with are truly transformational messengers. Have you ever heard a song and you felt it was written just for you?

For the solar return retreats this summer, the angels had me gathering throughout the winter months musical compositions that carry the energies of all the houses of the zodiac. It was truly an amazing experience to gather all this music together and create a cd from the angels' inspiration songs that embrace the essence of each of the twelve houses. I know Euterpe was helping me with this angel assignment.

Grace Angel Polyhymnia
Ninth House

Polyhymnia, of course, has the word hymn in her name. She is the Grace Angel of religion, worship, prayers and devotion. The ninth house is the house of seeing the bigger picture, i.e. learning about other cultures and religions; ways that people around the word show devotion to God.

Her name means "humns abundant" or She of Many Hymns. Her name conveys the message that there is not just one song that honors the divine, but many songs and many ways to lift ourselves up to God. There are many paths to God.

She supports our growth through seeing our lives as opportunities to do all that we can to praise God and rejoice in our relationship with God.

Some years ago a beautiful Hindu Temple was built near to where I live and the public was invited to attend an opening service. I was thrilled because I had never been in a Hindu Temple before and had always wanted to see what was behind the doors.

I went by myself fully expecting that others from the community would be joining me as "first timers" in visiting a Hindu temple. It turned out I was the only outsider and once inside I was thinking to myself, "What do I do now?" I was looking for an available exit when someone approached me to welcome me to their temple, and I blurted out, "I love Ganesha."

I am certain the angels guided me on this experience to heal some past life fear I carried forward into this life that if I didn't say the magic word they would kill me for being an outsider. The person smiled and then very sweetly guided me to the most gorgeous altar with a beautiful Ganesha statue. The person became a wonderful guide to me through touring the temple and making certain I felt like a very special guest and truly welcomed by all members of the temple.

For those of you who have your birth sun, in the 10th house, your Grace Angel is
Calliope who supports you in knowing yourself as the beautiful voice of mastery.

11th house Sun, your Grace Angel is Erato who supports you in embracing your eternalness; the lyrics never-ending. The 11th house is the house of the dreamer. What dream are you eternally dreaming?

12th house Sun, your Grace Angel is Urania who supports you in discovering the mystery of you; the worlds within worlds inside of you; making the invisible visible. Just as Christopher Columbus embarked on discovering a new world; you, too, are getting ready to make amazing new discoveries.

Angelic Blessings of Grace,
Love to all, Jayne

"The Muses are all of one mind. Their hearts are set upon song and their spirit is free from care. He is happy whom the Muses love. For though a man has sorrow and grief in his soul, yet when the servent of the Muses sing, at once he forgets his dark thoughts and remembers not his troubles. Such is the holy gift of the Muses to men." - Hesiod.