Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clothing for Little Children for Winter

Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

I received this email from the Sisters of St. Joseph of The Spiritual Center in Windsor, New York. Many of you know them personally. Many of you attend retreats at The Spiritual Center.

They are asking for help in raising monies to clothe little children for the winter.

If you wish to send a donation (in any amount), send it to:

The Spiritual Center
712 NY Route 79
Windsor, NY 13865

Love in abundance, Jayne

This is a copy of the actual note sent to me from The Spiritual Center.
Dearest Jayne,

We have just come from a meeting from our rural poor ministry. It was brought to our attention that there is an area of real poverty that needs some help for children. The schools our nuns check have children that cannot go out to play due to no winter coats and boots. We at the Spiritual Center are taking on trying to raise funds to clothe these children.

Sister Susan has been able to purchase for 50 dollars snow suits, boots, gloves and hat for one child. It is the little ones that are in need. Do you think you could use your email contacts to see if anyone would like to give a child an outfit for this winter. Since it is getting very cold now we need to act soon for them.

All donations made to The Spiritual Center are tax writeoffs. If anyone wanted to help us, Sister Susan will do the shopping and we will see everything is delivered directly to those who need it.

50 dollars for a full outfit, 20 dollars helps us get blankets for the kids. Blankets are a real need in rural ministry.

If anyone has extra blankets they want to send us or winter coats, hats, gloves
they also would be most appreciated.

With love, your sisters at The Spiritual Center

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  1. I had an experience just tonight.. I lost the love of my life, my dog Angel, on 4/6/11. He was so much more than a pet to me, he was my son and my very best friend. Since Angel passed to heaven, I have been so lost without him. I miss him every single day and some days are much harder than others. It's during those extra hard times that I will receive a message from Angel - the first time he left a single piece of his dog food right on top of my clothes in my dresser My husband swears he did not put it there and there is no one else who would have access to our house to do so. Again another time I was crying for him, I went to my car and there was a single piece of his dog food in my cup holder.. I hadn't had dog food in my car in approx 2 years when we last went camping.. Now tonight.. This past weekend I've really been hurting without my boy, and tonight i opened my dresser and there was a mini milk bone right on top of my clothes. I've never seen a mini milkbone.. in fact i checked the internet and milkbone mini's were just put on the shelves this past May 2011 (Angel passed on April 6th). I am sooo happy that my baby boy is reaching out to me to say I LOVE YOU MAMA and I treasure every little note he sends me. I feel kinda weird, but a happy weird about it - there is a spirit life and lots of love waiting for us in heaven and I can't wait to see my loved ones and espcially my little Angel again! I love you so much baby boy & I miss you every day xoxoxo - love, Mama