Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Healing Energies of Completion

Have you ever had so many irons in the fire, or juggling so many balls in the air at the same time, that you felt if you completed something - anything - it would be a major healing to your soul? Well, I've been feeling that way lately and decided to take a closer look at the healing energies of completion and accomplishing the experience of completion (even if on a small scale) in my life.

Completion originates with the Latin word: com (thoroughly) plere (to fill). When something is complete it is wholly finished. When we complete something, we accomplish the task. Jesus shared in his final statements made while on the cross the powerful words, "It is finished."

I encourage you to take a look at whatever needs to be completed in your life. I took a walk around our home with the Feng Shui Angels and took an inventory of what tasks were calling out and saying to me "finish me" or radiating an "incomplete" energy. I decided I would be totally honest with myself and get real on whether or not I even still wanted to complete some of the creative projects I had started.

Completion can occur by realizing you no longer want to finish the project and you liberate yourself from the weight of feeling incomplete about it. In short, you outgrew the idea. If you were a child, you wouldn't be trying to fit into a piece of clothing that you had outgrown. You would accept, "This doesn't fit me any longer" - and be done with it.

Some activities may speak to you that you still want to do them. I encourage you to make time to do the project or decide upon a time schedule for the project. Now, it may be a project that requires money to finish the task. If that is the case, then set up in your budget a column for putting a few dollars away, whenever possible, for the accomplishment of this project. A lot of times we put the pressure of waiting for a windfall to come our way in order to get tasks completed. Live life with ease and grace by setting aside a few dollars at a time and little by little the dollars will grow into the amount that is needed. In this way, you are moving towards completion by directing money (energy) to be saved towards the completion.

In Native American rituals the spiritual energies of the four directions (north, south, east and west) are honored and invoked in ceremonies. Infinite spirit/Great Spirit is honored as all energies originate from Creator, i.e. the mind of God.

When we find ourselves scattered in all directions, we can do a healing by bringing ourselves into one-mindedness. One-mindedness keeps us on our spiritual path. The one-mindedness thought I am suggesting is completion. A simple healing is to ask yourself: What task can I complete today?

The angels encourage us not to get caught in the "fret net". Fret comes from an Old English word (fretan) that means to devour. When we worry about things, we are literally allowing the worry to consume us or devour our energy. The healing is to refocus fretting energies to active completion energies. I encourage everyone to not only: Don't worry, be happy; but also - Don't worry, be busy completing what needs to get done or completed in your life. Nike has a slogan: Just do it.

We are being called to look at projects we can wrap up. Are there any cleaning projects in your home that you want to tackle and finish. Letting go of things that are no longer useful or purposeful or working is an act of completion. All of us know how great it feels when we can step back and say to ourselves, "I did it; it's finished; the job is completed." A powerful healing is experienced in completion.

This is a month of activity, i.e. the activity of completing. Complete:

Reading a book you started reading. Making phone calls you need to make. Writing letters you need to write. Cleaning out closets that need to be straightened up. Wrapping up loose ends in a nice bow and saying to yourself, "There, that's done. I completed that task."

All such projects require making time to complete the tasks. Pay attention to how you allow what was going to be a few minutes on the computer or watching TV to expand into lost time, i.e. where did the time go?

Be a time master this month. Sometimes, I look at the clock and make a note to myself of the time and then inspire myself to work for the next 15 minutes as focused as I can be on whatever project is at hand. Start the day spending a few moments thinking about what you plan to complete. Honor yourself at the end of the day by reflecting upon what was accomplished.

I recently read in the book Secrets of Simplicity by Mary Carlomagno that procrastination has a domino effect. It not only impacts what isn't being completed, but is taking energy away from something that is waiting to be started anew. The new cannot start because the unfinished it still taking up space. Completion is the act of closing old doors so that new doors can open.

In 1994, I remember when Archangel Michael inspired me to leave my job in order to work full time for the company of angels. I was hesitate because of fear of the unknown. What truly was the angelic motivation (or angelic kick in the butt) was when Michael said that there was someone who was waiting for me to get up out of the chair of the old job, so they could replace me. Michael said I would be quickly replaced and it would be a financial healing to the new employee. And he was right. I was replaced in less than a day and the woman even told me what a blessing the job was to her. I had to be the one who recognized I was complete in that job and needed to move forward. And when I resigned I said to my former employer, "I am leaving for no other reason than it is time to do so." It was time to close one chapter of my life and open the pages to a new chapter serving God in cooperation with the angels.

Another thought I loved in the book Secrets of Simplicity is the teaching that sacrifice comes from a place of powerful decision making. Deprivation comes from powerlessness. Embrace the power to choose what you are willing to sacrifice.
We may have to choose to make sacrifices in order to complete what needs to be finished but we are choosing to do what needs to be done. The fact that we are the ones making the decision empowers us.

Sometimes we feel that when we are completing chores, we are having to sacrifice fun time. I am sharing Mary's thought about sacrifice as it conveys that by choosing to sacrifice the time for play in order to complete chores, we are being powerful individuals and making positive decisions that support our spiritual growth.

The angels are emphasizing in a big way that completion is important as it brings healing to our lives. Before you leave any meetings, pause and ask yourself if you are complete in any assignments you were given as a result of the meeting, i.e. do you feel complete in knowing what is expected of you? I know we have all had experiences from attending meetings where we feel that we are more confused after the meeting than when we went into the meeting.

Another form of completion is being able to say no. When someone asks you something, and you definitely are not going to do it, say no. This completes the exchange and you have closed the door on you being the answer the person was seeking, and the person can go forward and find the answer another way.
When we are truthful with our no's, the space is created for the yes's that are attuned to the highest good for all involved.

Love in abundance, Jayne

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Pollen Path

On June 6,1989 my first husband, after 18 years of marriage, informed me that he was starting a new life without me. He stated that he would be moving out on June 30th. Needless to say, it was like an atom bomb had been dropped on my world. I am eternally grateful for God's support, guidance and strength and for the inspirations given to me by the angels in helping me put one foot in front of the other and move forward in my life. One of the angels' inspirations was to register for a week-long herbalist class held on a mountaintop in Vermont.

The class took place only a month or so after my husband's departure, so I was pretty much a shell-shocked woman. I flew to Vermont and my suitcase which departed with me in Baltimore didn't arrive with me in Montpelier. It would be days before it would show up. In looking back I know that God was helping me acclimate myself with the little unknowns, i.e. I didn't know where my clothes were;I didn't know when I would ever see them again, etc, and of course, the big unknowns, what would life be like on my own?

In the middle of the week the teacher - a master herbalist - taught us a Native American ritual of creating a prayer bundle. We each made a prayer bundle and then were instructed to go out into nature and find a tree we connected with. We were to hang the prayer bundle on the tree and release our prayers to God. I made my prayer bundle with the request that my suitcase would show up. I went to one of the biggest trees on the property as I wanted my prayer to go straight up to God. I attached my prayer bundle to one of the branches. I crawled out from underneath the tree and was walking on the road back to the house when I was approached by an automobile. The driver stopped and asked if I knew where he could find Jayne Howard as he had a suitcase to deliver to her. I remember being very impressed with the expediency of God's response to prayer bundles.

I greatly admire the woman who was my teacher. She is someone who has literally gone into a woods and has been able to find dinner in the plants and herbs. She epitomizes self-sufficiency and I know that God placed me in her care so that I would start believing in my own self-sufficiency. However, I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't admit that this was a very challenging week for me because of the emotions I was experiencing from the separation I was in the midst of and the divorce on the horizon.

I guess I was pretty pathetic and the woman took pity on me, because she suggested that maybe an emotional breakdown diversion would be for me to watch videos in the basement of her house. I am someone who loves going to the movies and watching videos. So I was thrilled with her suggestion. I went into the basement(a place of pure base chakra security/foundation energies) where the video player was and began watching a series I had never heard of before: The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell.

I now know that God guided me to Vermont to meet Joseph Campbell (via video) because the experience was life-changing. The diversion from emotional heartbreak became a passionate experience of pure heart joy. I loved the wisdom of Joseph Campbell. I couldn't wait for the herb classes to be over. During free time, when others were doing creative herby-type activities, I would go into the basement and put on another vhs tape. I was enchanted. I was mesmerized. I was reborn. There were so much that spoke to my soul in the six-part series. I drank in every word that Joseph Campbell spoke.

To this day, I remember the chills I got in hearing Dr. Campbell say the Sanskrit words, "Sat chit ananda" - Follow your bliss. He commented that one of his students from Sarah Lawrence University asked him, "Dr. Campbell, what is my bliss?" He replied, "That, dear one, is what you get to spend your life finding out." I felt he was speaking the words directly to me and my new life.

I was empowered by the wisdom shared of the Navaho having a powerful shamanic ritual that they call the pollen path. Pollen is the life source, The pollen path is the path to the center. Dr. Campbell shared the Navaho's wisdom words: "Oh, beauty before me, beauty behind me, beauty to the right of me, beauty to the left of me, beauty above me, beauty below me, I’m on the pollen path."

I didn't know what was ahead of me; however, I was choosing that my path would be the pollen path. From that moment forward, my life would be a path of beauty and bliss. Dr. Campbell explained in The Power of Myth videos that we are all on own hero's journey. The Pollen Path is such a journey. I could identify with our hearts being the hive and that we are called to be diligent to our sacred pollen path creating honey that is sweet to the Divine's lips.

Years later, in my travels I came across a Native Amrican sand painting of the Pollen Path. The art was created as part of a Navaho blessing ceremony. In researching the art I learned from Margaret Schevill Link's The Pollen Path and Joseph Campbell's Inner Space that the art depicts the Initiate entering the path of the rainbow. The Initiate passes onto the yellow pollen path between the two mysterious Ethkaynaashi Spirit Bringers or Guardian Beings, and comes into the white field of ritual ceremony through the Navajo Tree of Life, the Green Corn Plant. The corn plant has seven markers which correspond to the seven chakras. The Initiate has to pass through both the female and male experience as he goes on the path. The female experience symbolized by the smooth curved lines of the rainbow (red and blue) and the male by the crooked, dynamic lines of the lightning. Passing out of the top through the corn tassels, he comes to the Blue Bird, which signifies blessing and peace.

As I mentioned, the week on the mountaintop in Vermont was a stretch for me. I remembered one of the most bliss filled afternoons was when our group took a field trip to a bed and breakfast. We were served afternoon tea and we got to walk the property and see the owner's magnificient herb garden. On the way home we stopped at a Ben and Jerry's and had ice cream.

At the beginning of the week, the teacher had made mention of the ice cream outing. One of my emotional life preservers was the thought of having ice cream. Ice cream is one of my bliss foods. Driving from the bed and breakfast, on route back home and going to the Ben and Jerry's, one of my fellow students riding in the car I was riding, made the suggestion that we should skip ice cream because of dairy products not being good for us. I am certain to this day she still shutters at the thought of my threatening voice of what was going to happen to her if we didn't make the planned ice cream stop. The short version goes like this: "Jayne gets ice cream, and no one gets hurt."

When I think of my week in Vermont, I remember: prayer bundles; Joseph Campbell; the Pollen Path and ice cream.

Those sweet memories came rushing back to me today when I came across an advertisement by Haagen-Dazs (I have no ice cream prejudices). Haagen-Daz is promoting a campaign: Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees. I am giving you the link to their page of Gardening Tips for attracting bees:

In our own gardens we can link ourselves with the mystical pollen path by creating an environment that is beautiful, attractive and supportive of honey bees.

Until my next post: BEE HAPPY.

Love, Jayne

PS: Don't miss reading the book or watching the movie: The Secret Life of Bees

Monday, May 4, 2009


Angelic Blessings of Springtime Joy to Everyone:

Perhaps some of you remember living in a household where springtime meant a time for a thorough spring cleaning. Spring cleaning was a ritual of opening windows and letting fresh air in; taking rugs outside and shaking them clean; scrubbing the house from top to bottom until everything was shining clean and bright. The sunshine energy of springtime that was being experienced outside of the house, was felt inside the house through the abundant cleaning. There's something rejuvenating and regenerating about spring cleaning. It clears and cleans the home and the soul at the same time. "Cleanliness is next to godliness." - F. Bacon.

I love working with the word images of the Sabian Symbols. Sabian Symbols are a set of descriptive statements that were developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones for each of the 360 degrees of the astrological zodiac.

There's one sabian symbol that expresses the thought: "A woman holding a bag outside of a window." The symbolism of a woman holding a bag out of a window, is connected to the practice of placing items outside in the fresh air. By doing this practice, the stale and musty odors of winter were replaced by the fresh, new crisp smells of spring.

You may also have childhood memories of a clothes lines in the backyard and the wonderful smell of clothes that had been hung outside to dry. A family would have a clothes line; a clothes pole to keep the line from dragging on the ground once the clothes were hung on the line; a clothes basket for carrying clothes to and from the clothes line and clothes pins for hanging the clothes on the line. Perhaps you also remember running outside to gather clothes off the line because a rainstorm was rapidly approaching.

The angels are giving us a message this month to clean up and clear away the old. In little ways and big ways, we can make things better in our lives. It's springtime. Yippee! Let's open the windows and shake out old, stale, stagnate energies and replace them with abundant fresh air energies. Let the sunshine in.

We can apply this message first on a physical level by gentle breathing exercises that allow more fresh air into our lungs and bodies. We can open windows in our households, and let fresh air into our rooms. Additionally, we can be on the lookout for stagnate thinking, and allow fresh air to circulate in our thinking.

We're being asked to take a look at our lives and see what we are holding on to. It can be "stuff" in our actual environment or "stuff" inside of ourselves. It's all clutter. It's time to bring it out to the light of day.

I'd like to share with you the lyrics for the song entitled: STUFF

Written by Kelly Garrett/Tim Owens

"Catalogs fillin' up the mailbox
Home shopping on the cable box
And www dot
Oh there's no escape
Delivery truck coming up 'round the bend
Beep, beep, beep, just backing in
Sign here and here and here again
'Cause it's no money down no payments till
Your whole place is cram packed filed with

Stuff (stuff) stack it on stack it on up
(Stuff) never gonna ever get enough (stuff)
Oh it's treasure till it's mine then it ain't worth a dime
It's stuff (stuff) spreading like weeds
Dragging me under in an endless sea of stuff
(Stuff) There ain't no end
Got to get a bigger place so I can move in
More stuff

It's getting late but it's alright
The get-it-all mart opened up all night
You can catch it all with a quick swipe
It's easier everyday
Suv's and mini vans
Parading 'round in caravans
Toting off more than their tires can stand
'Cause it's no money down no payments till
Every square inch of the whole world's filled with

Stuff (stuff) stack it on stack it on up
(Stuff) never gonna ever get enough (stuff)
Oh it's treasure till it's mine then it ain't worth a dime
It's stuff (stuff) spreading like weeds
Dragging me under in an endless sea of stuff
(Stuff) There ain't no end
Got to get a bigger place so I can move in
More stuff

Drag it in, pack it in
The man with the most
He just wins more stuff

Stuff (stuff) stack it on stack it on up
(Stuff) never gonna ever get enough (stuff)
Oh it's treasure till it's mine then it ain't worth a dime
It's stuff (stuff) spreading like weeds
Dragging me under in an endless sea of stuff
(Stuff) There ain't no end
Got to get a bigger place so I can move in
More stuff"

We're being inspired to take a look at how we have become Stuff Masters; masters of accumulating stuff.

In my booklet Angelic Feng Shui: 101 Way to Make Your Home Heaven on Earth,I share that first we accumulate stuff; and then it starts accumulating us. In short, it takes our energy from us. It takes our energy by being in the way, i.e. we may be moving it around the house - here, there and everywhere - sometimes even into storage lockers that we rent; it takes our energy in having to dust it and keep it clean; it takes our energy by taking up space. I am certain you have heard people comment that they don't want to think about ever having to move because they will have to deal with all their stuff.

It's cleaning time. It's clearing time. We're clearing out old habits. We're discarding thoughts and things that are just no longer relevant to our lives. Get the dust bunnies out from under the bed and out of our minds, too. We are being inspired to ask ourselves: What are we holding onto; and why?

Clean out; clear out; release; let go; discard. We're making room for more sunshine and fresh air in our lives.

There's a lot of changes going on in our nation's economy and as a result people are getting creative about stretching dollars they have and finding new money sources. Last weekend Chuck and I commented to each other on the abundance of yard sales we saw taking place. There were yard sales everywhere. Some were on people's lawns; some on church parking lots. Walmart even rented space on its big parking lot ($15 a table) for a community yard sale which I thought was an absolute hoot because a lot of people buy their stuff from Walmart.

People are releasing the old in the hope of transmuting their former treasures to cash. Mercury is retrograde. So it's a great time to have dialogue with things we've purchased in the past, i.e. "Why did I buy this?" or "Why am I keeping this?" Mercury is the planet that rules our mental faculties; our thinking energies. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini; the zodiac sign of the third house of the sacred wheel. The message of the third house is: I THINK THEREFORE I AM. Let this be a time of thinking about belongings from our past that are clogging up our ability to be mindful in the now. Do we really need these things now? You might find yourself saying, "I THINK I am going to release this item THEREFORE I AM free.

George Bernard Shaw wrote: "Better keep yourself clean and bright. You are the window through which you must see the world."

"God doesn't seek for golden vessels, and does not ask for silver ones, but He must have clean ones." - Dwight L. Moody

I remember in my childhood days singing a song at our Methodist church where the only words I remember to this day are "open up your heart and let the sunshine in." I decided to find the lyrics to share with you and I was amused by the rest of the lyrics. In closing, I share this song with you and the reminder from the angels...let the sunshine in your life.

Written by Stuart Hamblen;
Copyright 1953 by Hamblen Music Company

Mommy told me something
A little kid should know
It's all about the devil
And I've learned to hate him so
She said he causes trouble
When you let him in the room,
He will never ever leave you
If your heart is filled with gloom

So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never lose
And frowners never win
So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart and let the sun shine in

When you are unhappy
The devil wears a grin
But oh, he starts to running
When the light comes pouring in
I know he'll be unhappy
'Cause I'll never wear a frown
Maybe if we keep on smiling
He'll get tired of hanging 'round.

If I forget to say my prayers
The devil jumps with glee
But he feels so awful awful
When he sees me on my knees
So if you're full of trouble
And you never seem to win
Just open up your heart and let the sun shine in

So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Smilers never lose
And frowners never win
So let the sun shine in
Face it with a grin
Open up your heart
And let the sun shine in.

Angelic Blessings of Sunshine and Light,
Love, Jayne