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Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

Years ago, one of my teachers who was helping me learn how to promote my service, made me aware that once we "go public" with our work, it is similar to placing ourselves on a mountain top. Being on the top of the mountain, people see us and are aware of us; and at the same time it's a good place to be hit by lightning.

Being hit by lightning means being zapped by people's negative response to our service and I've had lightning hits in my life.

An angel store opened in a nearby town, and I contacted the owner and shared my willingness to come for free to talk about angels. The woman's response to me was this: "You are not welcome in our store. You are new age and we don't want your kind in our store." And she hung up on me. Zap.

After that zap, I experienced a number of radio program interviews where listeners were invited to call and ask me questions about my service with the angels. I experienced a number of people who called in and rather than asking a question, blasted me for being new age; telling me I was talking to the devil; doing Satan's work. Zap.

After these non-abundant experiences, I prayed to God for wisdom I could share when people wanted to go down the "new age" path. I wanted to know what I could say that would weave oneness, rather than the individual putting me on one side of the river bank and they were standing on the other yelling at me.

The response I received was this: Tell them you are all in the Grace Age. It will only be by the grace of God that any of you get through it.

Welcome to the Grace Age, folks.

In attuning to this message and witnessing all of the earth changes that truly remind me that it is only going to be by God's grace that we are going to make it through, the angels have made me aware of a Council of Grace. You may know the members under the name given to them by the ancients: The Muses.I call them Grace Angels or Council of Grace.

In Greek mythology, the Muses are the nine daughters of Zeus (Greek name is Zeus; Roman name is Jupiter) and the Goddess Mnemosyne (Memory). The angels have inspired me that the muse energies are divine powers of the angelic kingdom that serve God by inspiring us. Through our attunement with the muses' energies, we embrace the Divine Feminine/Goddess energies of Mnemosyne, a divine messenger inspiring us to remember who we truly are. Through mythology, God is helping us remember who we are; children of God.

I often share that a spiritual activity that is abundant to do is to visualize placing ourselves in the lap of the divine and saying to God: "Tell me about myself as you created me, because I am starting to forget."

I am encouraging you to take a look at your natal birth chart and see which of the twelve houses your birth Sun is in and as you read what I am sharing, you can see which of the muses or Grace Angels is an angel of inspiration to you personally.

Grace Angel Calliope
First House

Calliope's name means beautiful voice or the fair voiced. She is the oldest of the muses and seen as a leader of the muses or Grace Angels. She is the grace of first sound from source that then becomes words.

She is the Grace Angel of intelligence. She is a messenger who is the inspiration of philosophy. She inspires us with wisdom (philosophy means love of wisdom) to know what it means to be a spiritual being in a human body. She helps us answer the question: Who AM I?

As a muse she is often times depicted with a writing tablet. She is a guardian angel to writers and poets. The angels have inspired me to share she is a messenger to us in the importance of divine words, i.e. in the beginning was the Word. If you were to describe yourself in a word, what would that word be? I AM (you fill in the blank).

She supports us in writing the daily script of our lives.

By the way, my Sun is in the first house in my natal chart. I love inspiring people through writing.

Grace Angel Erato
Second House

Just as we have first sound with Calliope, with Grace Angel Erato we have the essence of divine lyrics. The heartsong of you; the love song of you. Her name means "the lovely".

The second house is the house of knowing what we have, i.e. energy, values, possessions, etc. Erato inspires us to know ourselves as lovely divine energy in physical form. Calliope is the Grace Angel of intellect; Erato is the Grace Angel of emotions, i.e. knowing the passion energy of you. You have the divine essence and energy of love within you. You are a walking, talking breathing lovesong. God loved the thought of you so much you were given the gift of your life.

In one of my angel seminars, I gave everyone a mirror they could hold in their hands and inspired them to look in the mirror at themselves. The look was to be one of great love, compassion, and support. The song that played during this exercise was Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You."

What do we have in our lives? We have seconds, minutes, hours, days and years to embrace the divine reality that we are loved by God, and to love ourselves. Be a lover of your life and of yourself.

Grace Angel Urania
Third House

Urania is the Grace Angel of astronomy. I always encourage those I teach or lecture to get to know the stars. We are kin to the stars. Carl Sagan was quoted as saying we are made of the stuff of stars.

I highly recommend Jim Mullaney's DVD The Heavens Declare. One of Jim's teachings is that God placed us (humans) in the half-way point of all creation; halfway between the smallest sub-atomic particle and the farthest point of the cosmos. That placement was by divine design so we could feel our oneness and connectedness with everything. Jim is going to be a speaker this coming October at ARE in Virginia Beach, Va.

Urania comes from the Greek word for heaven. She is a messenger of all that is heavenly. She is the Grace Angel of the importance of science in our lives. Science is a creative art, too. See yourself as a scientist in your life: study, research, delve deeply into topics that inspire you.

What are ways to be an everyday scientist? Be conscious of the movement of the moon and how the cycles impact your life; be conscious of the zodiac and your personal alignment to the planetary angels near the throne of God through your natal chart; solar return chart; get to know the stars; be aware of new discoveries in space.

Any new discoveries in your life are God's blessings radiated to you by Grace Angel Urania. Be a Christopher Columbus and discover what God was thinking when God held the thought of you in the divine mind.

Grace Angel Clio
Fourth House

Clio is the Grace Angel of History. The fourth house in the zodiac wheel is the house of family. Clio makes us conscious of our family history. She makes us conscious of history we can learn from so as not to repeat mistakes. She helps us throughout our lives as we gleem understanding from our own personal history. Perhaps there are patterns that we came to embrace; and some patterns we came to change.

People often times look as karma as a higher calling to correct something, i.e. compensation karma. There is also continuation karma. This is good karma. We have woven a golden thread through many lifetimes (many past histories of our soul) and so we continue the service in this lifetime.

Clio's name means the proclaimer. As a muse she is often depicted with a scroll and a pile of books. She may inspire you to research your family tree or perhaps record family history or stories for your children or grandchildren.

She may also inspire you to get to know a group of people in history that you feel a heart connection with, i.e. studying the Essenes. We are all related. We are all family members of the family of God.

Grace Angel Terpsichore
Fifth House

Terpsichore is the Grace Angel of movement. The fifth house is the house of children, and our own inner child. Children love to be on the move. Sometimes they just go, go, go. Terpsichore is the Grace Angel of dance. Terpsichore's name means the whirler.

I have found personally that Terpsichore helps me with graceful movement to make a dance through challenges. Sometimes I will face a challenge and I will ask God's angels to help me waltz through it with grace. For those of you who are yoga practitioners, you understand the power of stretching movements.

All we have to do is observe the importance and power of dance around the world to see that dance and movement are intimately linked with spiritual growth.

The fifth house is the house of I WILL and Terpsichore is inspiring us to will or allow spiritual movement and growth in our lives. To allow our hearts to dance. There's a beautiful country song: I Hope You'll Dance with the lyrics:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

Grace Angel Melpomene
Sixth Hosue

Melpomene is a very special Grace Angel. The sixth house is known for being the house of health, well-being and service. Melpomene is the Grace Angel of tragedy.
She comes as a messenger that our greatest spiritual health comes when we see what tragedy is on the planet that we can help heal by being of service. We've come to do divine service. We've come to be blessings to the planet; to people on the planet; to all the kingdoms of earth.

One summer I was blessed to be able to attend a week-long seminar with Dr. Robert Schuller at the Crystal Cathedral. I would get up early every morning and place myself in the front row right in directly in front of Dr. Schuller. I wanted his inspirational vibes to shower over me.

One remark he made that I will always remember was around success. If you want to be successful here on earth, just look for a need and fill it. St. Michael has often inspired me with the message that we are here to be of service where this is a call for "needfires". The fire of the divine is needed to help people keep the faith; maintain hope; move forward with God. We are living light that answers the call and service of going where divine fire is needed. Our fire or light will warm people; guide people; inspire people.

The angels have impressed me with the message that all of us are going to experience that which can be categorized tragedy. Do not focus on the tragedy. Do not give energy to the tragedy. Focus on how quickly you can recover from what has happened and quickly align and attune with God's help and healing as you continue your sacred walk in life.

Grace Angel Thalia
Seventh House

Thalia is the Grace Angel of humor; comedy. The seventh house is the house of relationships. It's your relationship with God; your Higher Self; your family; your friends; your pets, etc. One of my favorite paintings is the one depicting Jesus laughing. Laughing is so very healing and important in our lives. Laughter is a gift from God.

In my booklet Angelic Feng Shui, I share that it is not only important to have a first aid kit for aiding the physical body, but a first aid kit of good humor and comedy to heal your emotional body. You include in your laughter kit, pictures that make you laugh; movies that make you laugh.

As many of you know, I am downright dog goofy. I love the movie Best of Show and no matter what part of the movie is showing when I happen to remote surf onto it, I will watch it to the end. It never fails to make me laugh. For those of you who know this movie, you know it ends with two precious gentlemen who create a calendar of their two dogs dressed as movie characters, i.e. Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind.

I get together once a month with a group of girlfriends for a couple of hours and it always is so healing as we laugh and laugh at just about everything. I always feel this get together is a sort of sanity check for the month that our ability to laugh is still intact.

All of us need people and pets that help us laugh.

Just the other day on the TODAY show, one of their reporters did a segment on summer camps you can attend with your pet. Well the reporter didn't have a dog and I am not really certain she is a dog person to begin with, so someone loaned their dog to her and turned the dog over to her with the dog's frisbee.

It was an absolute hoot to watch, because everyone else had a relationship with their dog except her. The dogs wanted to be with their owners. This dog didn't want to be with her. So whatever she wanted the dog to do, it went the other way. They even had a massage session for owners and dogs. All the dogs who were with their owners were chilling out, loving the massages. This dog wanted no part of it or her. There was an outdoor obstacle course you could encourage your dog to playfully run; the reporter ran it with the dog watching.

The best part was the end of the segment where she was saying goodbye to the dog but the frisbee is no where in sight. As she talks they have balloon thoughts over the dog asking, "Lady, where's my frisbee?" And then the dog turns and shows its back to her and they have a balloon thought over the dog's head: "I'm done here." It was hysterical.

Don't you just love news pieces where reporters attempt to interact with animals, and animals express themselves in a way that totally re-writes the story? Many of you probably remember the hysterical Tonight Shows with Johnny Carson and animals from the zoo.

Grace Angel Euterpe
Eighth House

Euterpe is the Angel of Music. The angels have inspired me to present a new workshop this fall entitled Musical Angels and I know Euterpe is part of my team in offering this class. The eighth house is a very shamanic, sexual, transformational house. It is the house of desire and Euterpe's name means giver of pleasure.

Euterpe radiates energies through musical instruments that speak to our soul and awaken our divine identities and and support us in knowing ourselves as divine beings. The powerful drum attunes us to our oneness with the heartbeat of the divine. I truly believe that the DJ angels serve alongside of Euterpe. They play songs that are blessings to our souls.

Euterpe is a messenger of the power of music; all kinds of music; all kinds of instruments. Many of my friends are being inspired to try their hand at musical instruments. One friend is studying the violin; another the celtic harp. Others have purchased Native American carved flutes. One friend plays her guitar and writes her own music.

Make time for music that speaks to your soul and you are making time for transformation to take place. You've probably read in past blogs my honoring of Dick Clark who says we all have soundtracks for our lives. The songs that we connect with are truly transformational messengers. Have you ever heard a song and you felt it was written just for you?

For the solar return retreats this summer, the angels had me gathering throughout the winter months musical compositions that carry the energies of all the houses of the zodiac. It was truly an amazing experience to gather all this music together and create a cd from the angels' inspiration songs that embrace the essence of each of the twelve houses. I know Euterpe was helping me with this angel assignment.

Grace Angel Polyhymnia
Ninth House

Polyhymnia, of course, has the word hymn in her name. She is the Grace Angel of religion, worship, prayers and devotion. The ninth house is the house of seeing the bigger picture, i.e. learning about other cultures and religions; ways that people around the word show devotion to God.

Her name means "humns abundant" or She of Many Hymns. Her name conveys the message that there is not just one song that honors the divine, but many songs and many ways to lift ourselves up to God. There are many paths to God.

She supports our growth through seeing our lives as opportunities to do all that we can to praise God and rejoice in our relationship with God.

Some years ago a beautiful Hindu Temple was built near to where I live and the public was invited to attend an opening service. I was thrilled because I had never been in a Hindu Temple before and had always wanted to see what was behind the doors.

I went by myself fully expecting that others from the community would be joining me as "first timers" in visiting a Hindu temple. It turned out I was the only outsider and once inside I was thinking to myself, "What do I do now?" I was looking for an available exit when someone approached me to welcome me to their temple, and I blurted out, "I love Ganesha."

I am certain the angels guided me on this experience to heal some past life fear I carried forward into this life that if I didn't say the magic word they would kill me for being an outsider. The person smiled and then very sweetly guided me to the most gorgeous altar with a beautiful Ganesha statue. The person became a wonderful guide to me through touring the temple and making certain I felt like a very special guest and truly welcomed by all members of the temple.

For those of you who have your birth sun, in the 10th house, your Grace Angel is
Calliope who supports you in knowing yourself as the beautiful voice of mastery.

11th house Sun, your Grace Angel is Erato who supports you in embracing your eternalness; the lyrics never-ending. The 11th house is the house of the dreamer. What dream are you eternally dreaming?

12th house Sun, your Grace Angel is Urania who supports you in discovering the mystery of you; the worlds within worlds inside of you; making the invisible visible. Just as Christopher Columbus embarked on discovering a new world; you, too, are getting ready to make amazing new discoveries.

Angelic Blessings of Grace,
Love to all, Jayne

"The Muses are all of one mind. Their hearts are set upon song and their spirit is free from care. He is happy whom the Muses love. For though a man has sorrow and grief in his soul, yet when the servent of the Muses sing, at once he forgets his dark thoughts and remembers not his troubles. Such is the holy gift of the Muses to men." - Hesiod.

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