Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

My husband, Chuck, and I have discovered a new way to experience movies showing at movie theaters. It is called: D-Box. At this time,I believe there are no theaters in Maryland that have D-Box. There are only two in Pennsylvania and one of them is in Hanover, PA which is about 30 minutes from our home. Hanover, Pennsylvania is my birth city.

When you purchase a D-Box ticket, you are assigned a seat that is connected to the action on the big screen. You have a dial on your chair that allows you to choose mild to extreme motion for your seat.

For example, for Pirates of the Caribbean, when the ship on the screen rocks, your seat rocks. For the movie Super 8, whenever there's an explosion, you have the sensation of being rocked by the explosion.

D-Box is a motion simulation system that gives you a motion feedback experience so that you feel you are part of the action on the screen.

I'm sharing this with you, because it's like being on an amusement park ride at the movies. Chuck and I are like a pair of kids and find ourselves laughing at our personal responses to motions of the chair. Poor Chuck. Whenever something scares me, I grab him.

So with D-Box, we are experiencing the movie, and at the same time experiencing our personal reaction to the motion of the chair. It's an absolute hoot.

Many of you know that I have an Aquarius Sun and also Aquarius Rising. So I love anything new in technology. Sitting in my D-Box seat, waiting for the chair to be "turned on" I am very conscious that I was born to be part of all of this. Waiting for the D-Box to start, is for me one of those "being at the right place at the right time" moments.

All of us are experiencing so many different things in so many different ways. With all the changes are taking place, it's very easy to feel overwhelmed at time by the new energies.

I would like to share ways to support yourself in this time of rocking and rolling. Because, quite frankly, everyday life is becoming a D-Box ride.

Be open to newness; open to new things. It's an amazing time on earth.

Keep a sense of humor. Laugh a lot.

Follow your instincts. Pay attention to your hunches or inner radar.

Take time to read, relax, unwind.

When faced with decisions, look at all sides. Have a panoramic view of everything.

Be flexible and adaptable.

Welcome adventures in your life. The word adventure means to enhance the becoming.

Stay awake. Stay alert to life.

Be sensitive to signs and signals.

Be creative and be innovative. Be inventive.

Listen closely with the ears of your heart. Have sensitive listening skills.

Continue to educate yourself. Be always learning.

Align with high divine ideals and the energies of the archangels.

Be patient.

Be thorough in your activities.

Take deep breaths.

Don't set unrealistic deadlines. Avoid putting way too much pressure on yourself.

There's enough pressure already on the earth.

Lift yourself up through art.

Make time for music.


Don't be impulsive.

Participate in life.

Put your talents to good use.

Be a blessing to others.

Make time for celebrations.

Rejuvenate yourself. Regenerate yourself.

Take pauses.

Visualize possibilities and opportunities.

Help others; however, do not interfer.

Develop spiritual muscles, i.e. faithfulness.

Accept responsibility for your life.

Stay focused on your goals.

Rethink things. You may find your need to make adjustments.

Use positive language.

Do not energize fear.

Avoid drama.

Avoid gossip.

Be self-reliant and resourceful.

Be thoughtful, kind and courteous.

Encourage, uplift and inspire.

Be content.

Don't take things for granted.

Avoid scatteredness.

Avoid trying to do too many things at once.

Avoid overspending of time, energy and money.

See beauty in everything. Behold beauty.

Put forth the effort in everything you do.

Refuse to give up hope.

Recognize that life is what you make of it.

Release, let go, detach from what is no longer useful.

Trascend limitations.

Have a "can-do" positive attitude.

Believe in yourself.


Brighten someone's life.

Be curious.

Explore, discover, grow in new ways.

Maintain integrity.

Get your life message across in the way you live your life.

Appreciate differences.

Be tolerant.

Make yourself useful here on earth.

Make people feel special.

Make the world a brighter and better place.

Share the highway of life with others.

Stay calm.

Practice self-discipline.

See things in new ways.

Rise above superficial difficulties.

Don't get pulled into other people's problems.

Add a touch of beauty to your life.

Enhance your life with beauty.

Avoid power struggles.

Hold doors open for others.

Say thank you.

Have a deep passion for your life.

There's no time like the present to live.

Use good judgment.

Motivate yourself.

Develop a plan for your goals.

Show appreciation.

Be thankful.

Be grateful.

Enhance your surroundings with beauty; plant a tree.

Make time for spiritual self-renewal.

Nourish yourself. Nurture yourself.

Transform ordinary moments into magical moments.

Dare to be yourself. There's no one like you.

Take care of your needs; don't look to others to do your job.

Do not give up easily.

Go with the flow.

Gather information. Be a seeker of wisdom and truth.

Spend time with God.



Spend time developing your talents.

Align yourself with experts or masters in your field of study.

Honor your uniqueness.

Learn from life.

Ask for help if you need help.

Don't dwell on gettings things you don't really need.

Be creative, optimistic. Look on the sunny side of life.

Get rid of unnecessary excess.

Streamline. Refine. Clear. Clean.

Know that sometimes temporary setbacks are a good thing.

Pay attention to your environment and surroundings.

Be willing to start over when it is necessary.

Know that we outgrow things and people.

Study, contemplate, consider new things.

Improve your home. Improve your community.

Don't make yourself miserable over what you don't have. Enjoy what you have.

Believe in miracles. Believe in yourself.

Love yourself.

Actualize your highest potential.

Live simply.

Keep life uncomplicated.

Eliminate stress.

Count your blessings.

Be a friend to yourself.

Take naps.

Be honest.

Be fair.

Be truthful.

Use your gifts wisely and share with others.

Love in abundance, Jayne