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Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

As we prepare to welcome in 2011, let’s take a look at the energies of this new year and the opportunities being presented to each of us for our spiritual growth.

The number 11 is known as a mastery number. In my service with spirit and studying numerology and the significance of numbers, I have been inspired to recognize the number 11 as two “1’s” side by side.

The first one represents the one (1) of our own individual expression, ie. the I AM. For example, I am Jayne. The second one (1) represents my individual expression, i.e. I AM Jayne, recognizing my divine identity, i.e. a thought of God, I AM Jayne, a holy woman child of God.

The number 11 is the representation of the statement I AM THAT I AM. In spiritual astrology the message of the 11th House is: I KNOW. So we are experiencing the realization of knowing I AM THAT I AM.

2011 is a year of KNOWING. It is a year of knowing ourselves as God thoughts. Albert Einstein stated: I want to know God’s thoughts; everything else is detail.

Carl Sagan expressed that we are all made of star stuff.

I would like to expand that thought to personally say, 2011 is the year of recognizing we are made of God stuff.

It is a year of knowing that we are here to live our lives with consciousness. The word consciousness means: coming together with knowingness.

We are here to know it is up to us to enhance, enlighten and enrich our minds in order to align ourselves with God’s consciousness of us.

Jesus inspired us with His words: All this and more you shall do.

2011 is a year of being conscious about the more inside of each of us.

The angels have always inspired me to recognize that whenever we are stirred by seeing the number 11, i.e. on the clock 11:11 – it is our soul being stirred in recognizing our mission and purpose: to know ourselves as God created us. The first one of the number 11 is our individual self standing beside the divine perception of us.

In studying the chakras, I have always been intrigued by the seventh chakra (the chakra of the crown and top of our heads) being referred to as a ten thousand lotus petal.

I know what it means, yet it has always been a challenge to wrap my mind around all those petals(10,000 to be exact) being part of my singular head.

Well, in November of 2010, spirit gave me an opportunity to have a personal seventh chakra experience at Longwood Gardens. In short, it was a BLOOMIN’ MIND experience.

During the month of November, Longwood had on display a mammoth mum. It is known as The Thousand Bloom Chrysanthemum. In Japan it is known as Ozukuri.

The term Ozukuri refers to a technique that originated in China and expanded to Japan several hundred years ago. It refers to growing an extremely large Chrysanthemum, with a goal of producing the maximum number of flowers possible on a single plant.

The technique requires that there is only a single bloom on the end of each individual branch. None of the flowers on the sides of the branch is used. And to further complicate matters, each flower must be perfectly placed in concentric horizontal rows on a dome-shaped frame.

The largest specimen recorded in Japan had over 2,200 flowers. Only a few growers in the entire world have been able to produce a plant that large.

Longwood produced a plant with 991 blooms for 2010.

Ozukuri is a dying art form. There are only a few growers in the entire world skilled in the techniques needed to grow a Thousand Bloom.

Longwood Gardens’ team of growers is led by Yoko Arakawa, who has trained in Japan with the master chrysanthemum growers and she continues to travel to Japan to advance her understanding of this rare art form.

Longwood’s 991 bloom mum is the largest Thousand Bloom in the United States.

When Chuck and I stood before this magnificent work of art, we first were blown away by the sheer beauty of the Thousand Bloom. We were experiencing the beauty of 991 white mum blooms. And we were in awe of the accomplishment and the symmetry of the Thousand Bloom. I felt I was having a universal experience as I was looking at the Thousand Bloom. I was in awe. God has created the Universe as such a tremendous intelligent and powerful organization. There is a super symmetry in everything. And that includes us. We are here to develop a total mastery of consciousness.

As I bent down to see where the source mum plant was, I felt an energy running up the back of my spine, to the base of my neck and then radiating through my head to my crown chakra. I was having a mirroring experience from the Thousand Bloom. The mum was speaking to me and saying, “See me and you see yourself.”

I then realized that the individual blooms were very symbolic of all the universes that exist within my mind. There are worlds within worlds inside of each of us waiting to be discovered and explored.

God has given me a mind that through my own efforts I can tend to just as Yoko tends to Longwood’s Thousand Bloom.

I was reminded of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, “It’s in every one of us.”

It’s in every one of us to be wise
Open up your heart
Open up both your eyes

2011 is a year of embracing the divine identity that we are wise men and wise women.
It is a year to practice being vigilant with our thoughts; a year to pay attention to what thoughts our minds are having and when needed, change our thoughts and thinking.

Dr. Pillai of the Mind Science Institute says that ignorant behavior of cells is due to the ignorant mind. Once mind consciousness becomes more intelligent, there will be no room for diseases in the body or diseases in the mind.

We are being inspired to think beyond ourselves. To stretch ourselves with wisdom that enlightens us; enhances us; enriches our lives.

Always be asking yourself, whose thoughts are you thinking? A lot of times we just run our minds on programmed thinking, and the program isn’t our program and most certainly isn’t a divine program.

Just as you change your TV when you come upon a program you don’t want to watch, don’t hesitate to change your thoughts to positive, uplifting and inspiring thoughts.

2011 is a commitment year. Commit to changing your life for the better. Commit to thinking thoughts that are worthwhile thinking. Too often we are committed to non-commitment. I love the fact that the group COMMITTED just won the top prize on the TV show SING OFF.

Commitment is the key to conscious thinking. As we focus on being conscious thinkers, we realize that we do a lot of “junk thinking”. 2011 is the year to practice feng shui on our minds. Let’s release the clutter and the junk thinking.

As we raise our vibration by being committed to living a life that is filled with choices and chances in our thoughts and thinking that support our life enhancement and spiritual growth, we are aligning ourselves more closer to what is being called the God Particle Mind. The God Particle Mind is the essence of energy of infinite possibility; infinite potential.

There’s a lot of speculation about the future, in particular 2012. We are creating the future by our actions in the now. Be alert in every moment and live each moment fully and abundantly. As I wrote in Commune with the Angels, don’t worry about tomorrow; God is already there. Live fully and abundantly in the now.

As many of you know from your studies of abundance consciousness, poverty won’t change until the state of the mind changes. Statements such as “Believe it and you will see it” convey this wisdom.

When we choose to stay stuck in old programs or old thinking, we are choosing to vibrate at a low level. Through chants, affirmations, decrees, we can shift ourselves into vibrating at higher levels. I’ve shared in other newsletters and blogs that in Peter Pan, Peter teaches Wendy, Michael and John to fly by thinking lovely thoughts.

2011 is a year of mastery consciousness. We are conscious of the power within us and we own our power. We are the guardians and stewards of our own personal, God-given power. The greatest gift is the power of free will.

The mind has the ability to manifest anything it wants. We are here to live our lives choosing to be responsible and powerful.

Our true wealth is our consciousness.

There’s a beautiful Biblical verse (John 15:7)

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.”

God is inspiring us to remember that if we are willing and choose to abide and be in oneness with God’s consciousness; and know that God’s thoughts abide in us – because we are truly God thoughts – then whatever we ask will be accomplished.

There is really only one mind. It is God’s mind that perceived and conceived all of us. When we choose not to align ourselves with God’s mind, and have non-abundant thoughts, I refer to that as “being out of our Divine Mind.” You are either in your bloomin’ mind or out of it. The choice is yours to make.

I have always loved the Bible’s reference to the healing waters of the pools of Bethesda Temple. The name Bethesda means house of healing. “The angel descended into the pool and troubled waters and healing took place.”

An angel of God would descend into the pool and would heal the waters and all those who got into the pool were healed.

I have come to recognize that the pool could very well be symbolic for our minds. Sometimes our minds feel like a pool of troubled waters. Have you had moments where you felt you were drowning in your worries and fears?

I have always shared that the spiritual path is not for whimps. It takes dedication and commitment and we need to show up for our lives. I encourage people to get a life and preferably get your own life.

2011 is a year of changing negative habits and negative thinking for good; and to expand upon that statement: the changes are for goodness sake.

In his booklet, The Law of Financial Success, Edward C. Beals writes:

“If you have to walk over a field or through a forest, you know how natural it is for you to choose the clearest path in preference to the less worn ones, and greatly in preference to stepping out across the field or through the woods and making a new path.”

This is true for our thinking as well. We take the path of least resistance; we keep thinking the same old thoughts and following the same old thought patterns because it’s easier.

2011 is the year of blazing new brain trails and mind paths that support ourselves through all that enriches us, enhances our lives and enlightens us to be conscious of ourselves as children of God. John Randolph Price used the term: Super Beings.

Don’t you think it is interesting how many movies and TV shows are about super heroes?

It’s time to embrace our divine identities and embrace all the gifts God has given us to discover within ourselves. “Ye are gods; be ye transformed.”

2011 is a year to live our lives with a conviction to releasing outdated thinking with new thought patterns. And it will take us rolling up our sleeves and being vigilant.

The old path and/or old thinking are not options in 2011. This is a year of brain illumination. Keep the commitment, the focus, the light on your mind, brain power, thoughts and thinking.

Whenever a negative thought tries to sneak back in; change the thought immediately and stay focused on the positive.

Energize yourself with people who are inspiring. Just as you charge batteries – charge yourself with books, movies, groups, etc. that support your conviction and determination to be the fullness of mastery consciousness.

I receive inspiration from spirit, because it is my service to share what I receive so that like the angels, I can be a inspirational cheerleader to you.

Recently I had a profound experience that was an epiphany for me personally. Because of this event, I am now personally calling 2011 the EPIPHANY YEAR.

Epiphany comes from ancient Greek and means manifestation. It is the sudden realization or comprehension of the larger essence or significant meaning of something.

2011 is going to be a year of manifestation of miracles.

In the Christian faith, it is celebrated as the date the Magi found the Christ Child. In Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches it is called the Feast of Theophany which translates to “God shining forth” or “divine manifestation.”

I would like to interject again my calling 2011 as the EPIPHANY YEAR. It is the year of God shining forth and divine manifestation in our lives.

I have always loved all those who witnessed Christ’s birth, i.e. shepherds, Wise Men, animals in the manger. I learned about them in Sunday School. Would you believe that my childhood church was: Boring United Methodist Church. I once told someone that and they thought “Boring” was an adjective. They said to me, “I am so sorry your church was boring.” Isn’t that a hoot?

I loved that my parents had a nativity scene in our home. It was as if the cast of characters were living in our living room. They were plastic; living in a cardboard manger on top of our television set.

I especially love the Magi and whenever I am at a flea market and see any orphaned nativity members, I buy them. I no longer have 3 wise men; I have more of an assembly of wise men. So the song’s lyrics would have to be changed from “We 3 Kings” to “We 20 Kings of Orient are…”

As you know the Wise Men brought the Christ child gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

A few months ago, I was teaching an anointing class and I couldn’t get the myrrh bottle to open. No one could. I said, “Well, myrrh is keeping to itself and doesn’t want to come out at this time. There’s something going on with myrrh.”

A few month later, I would have the opportunity to personally experience a traveling icon known as the Myrrh-steaming Mother Of God. The icon of Mary wasn’t crying myrrh; Mary was blasting it out of the art. It was an incredible experience.

Myrrh is an anointing oil used for new-born babies. I believe the Divine Mother is showering us with myrrh because we are re-birthing ourselves into divine consciousness. She is assisting our birthing.

During this same time period, a good friend of mine, Kimberley Kling who has the website: – was inspired by the angels to send me an essence she had created with spirit called: Gift of the Magi.

A few years back I led a spiritual tour where participants took a riverboat cruise on the Danube River and we stopped at Cologne Cathedral, where relics of the Magi are on display. The most celebrated work of art in the cathedral is the Sarcophagus of the Magi, a large gilded sarcophagus dating from the 13th century, and the largest reliquary in the western world. For years, people have made pilgrimages to this cathedral to be near the relics of the Mwho had been near to Christ right after his birth. The cathedral is often called the Church of the Three Kings.

I’ve shared in classes the spiritual feng shui practice (which originated in the Catholic Church) of taking chalk and writing above or near your front door the letters that stand for the initials of the Magi traditionally named Caspar, Melchoir, and Balthasar.

The letters also represent the words: Christus Mansionem Benedicat which translates into “May Christ bless this house.”

I love this ritual because it is welcoming the Christ Consciousness to our homes and with the initials of the Wise Men, for me it is saying to God, “May your wisdom come to visit me and find Christ here in my house.”

On Christmas Eve I was watching Nightline, and there was a feature story about Brent Landau’s new book: Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men’s Journey to Bethlehem.

I wish I could share his exact words; however, I was in sheer bliss and Jayne joy energy over one more Magi blessing. There is no coincidence that just as we are embarking on the glorious Epiphany Year a new book is released about the Magi.

The book is the first-ever English translation of the story of the Magi. Landau, a scholar of ancient Biblical languages, discovered a document while doing research at the Vatican Library. Ignored or neglected by contemporary scholars the story was written in Syriac, a language spoke by ancient Christians in the Middle East and Asia.

I haven’t received my copy from Amazon yet; however Marvin Meyer, author of Gospels of Mary wrote:

“The fascinating story of the Wise Men from the East who came to see baby Jesus is presented, for the first time in English, in a remarkable new version based on an ancient Syrian text, and the result is a tale that is astonishing, delightful and theologically sophisticated.”

Through this translation, we get to know the Magi at the same time spirit is inspiring us to know ourselves as Magi – wise men and wise women.

We find the word magi in “imagination” and also in “magician”. The origin of the word is magh and means: “to be able to; to have power.”

Remember again, Christ’s words: All this and more you shall do.

We are being inspired by spirit to be conscious that we are able to be super beings in bold ways and quiet ways. We do have the power to experience mastery consciousness in our lives on a daily basis.

Know that I am wrapping each and everyone one of you in love and blessings for the new year – 2011 – a year of embracing our Magi essence. 2011 – a year of Consciousness Mastery. Enhance, Enrich, Enlighten your wonderful BLOOMIN’ MIND.

Love in Abundance, Jayne
Jayne Howard Feldman

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