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Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

The angels inspired me to share a question that spirit is asking us:

Do you know what it means to be wild?

We are writing a new script for the Holy Grail legend. We are all truly grail seekers, seeking our own divine identity. In the former Grail odyssey we come to a divine appointment with someone who is waiting for us to ask the right question. It is as if life is a Jeopardy game, and we need to be able to ask the right question.

In the Holy Grail legend of the past it was the divine appointment with the Fisher King and the question that needed to be asked was: Who does the grail serve?

In this new script, we will be having a divine appointment and will be meeting the Divine Mother who will be expressing herself as Wild Woman. She will do the asking.

She will ask a question of us that will in itself create an an opportunity to experience an answer inside of us. The answer won't be a thought; rather an energy experience. The question we will be asked at some time in the future with our own intimate divine appointment meeting with Wild Woman Divine Feminine is:

Do you know what it means to be wild?

Think about what the word "wild" means to you.

I was walking outside and discovered wild berries growing. Beautiful bright red, ripe wild berries. I didn't plant them. Mother Nature planted them.

Observe things growing wild in nature in your own environment.

Pay attention when news reports a animal being released back into the wild.

National Geographic just introduced a new channel: National Geographic WILD. New stories have been reporting how a man named Ed Stafford just finished a two-year odyssey of walking the wild Amazon river.

Look to the Bible for inspiration about the importance of the wildnerness environment. John the Baptist lived in the wilderness. Jesus went into the wilderness. Moses and the Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness.

I was inspired to revisit a program I had recorded on The Dead Seas Scrolls. In watching this program again I was inspired by the commentary on the words "in the wilderness" being so important to the Essenes of Qumran; and equally important to the authors of The New Testament as well. An observation was made that people of the Old Testament as well as people of the New Testament saw the wilderness as a place that offered an opportunity for spiritual growth to be experienced. The wilderness is a place where intimacy with spirit is experienced.

We are living in a time where wild is taking on new meaning. Get ready for a wild ride in the sacred space that simply is being called: the wilderness of your soul.

Remember the song: Wild Thing. Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. We are all wild things.

Infinite Mother/Divine Mother/Sacred Feminine is a wild woman. We have attempted to own her; manipulate her; neglect her, abuse her, groom her to our liking, control her, and the list goes on.

She wants us to get to know her WILD side and our own wilderness identity.

When Chuck and I visit Assateague I experience the wilderness energies with the wild ponies. They are self-sufficient. They live in the wild. When I look at them and feel their energies, I feel them asking me: Do you know what it really means to be wild?

At a recent visit to Assateague, I overheard a tourist complaining about the wild behavior of the ponies. One of the ponies had come into the campground and figured out how to open a container and shook out all the food. The woman was upset over the pony's non-conforming behavior.

I was thinking to myself, "What part of wild don't you understand?" She even complained that the ponies were an annoyance to her vacation. This is an example of humanity's belief that our needs transcend the needs of other kingdoms we share space with on Mother Earth.

Many of you have probably seen the oval stickers on people's cars that are a few letters/short abbreviations for places people have visited. Assateague's code letters are AS IS, pobviously short for Assateague Island. I love that the abbreviation chosen spells the words AS IS. We have one of the stickers on our Jeep. The message inspires me to support Assateague National Park being kept as it is (aka AS IS): a place where wild ponies and wilderness energies still exist.

A few years ago there was a movie: Into the Wild - the story of a young man who went on a journey across country; eventually ending up in Alaska where he unfortunately died; but he was feeling a call to go Into the Wild. The wilderness of his soul was calling him.

The wild essence of us is such an important essence of our divine identity.

In spiritual astrology, transpluto (that which is beyond Pluto) energy conveys to us how we side track, at times, our own wild energies, by striving for perfection. Being upset if a hair is out of place. If all the t's aren't crossed; or i's dotted. We are control freaks.

We sometimes let a few people get away with looking wild, i.e. Einstein. However, often times, we judge people who have a wild look about them.

One of the Sabian Symbols: the untidy man - actually is describing the holy men of India - who have a wild look about them because they are no longer attached to the earthly body identity. They are seen as blessed beings in India, and whenever they come to a village, the village responds as if God has come to visit them.

Look at the wild, chaotic energy of the cosmos for inspiration. The birthing of a new star is pretty wild looking.

We are shifting from controlling molecular minds to expansive, wild God particle minds. We are opening ourselves to God's infinite energies and the experience of opening to having God particle consciousness is pretty wild to say the least.

You may find you have dream experiences, and mind experiences that quite frankly are bizarre and wild.

A part of you will say, "What a crazy dream. What a wild dream. Everyone knows that fish cannot tap dance."

Welcome to the wild side where everything is possible because its God being God.

You are seeing things a new wild way. You are transcending the mind boxes. You are playing with expansive ideas you never thought of before. Isn't that wild?!

The divine is mirroring to you through wild mind thoughts, ideas - the wilderness of you.

I co-teach a monthly cosmic astrology class with Lucky Sweeny, and this month Lucky shared a wonderful teaching: Acknowledge the new; acknowledge the wild.

She encouraged everyone to say to that which presents itself to us as new and wild: I see you; I observe you; I am having divine dialogue with that wild part of myself; that new part of myself.

It's freeing; it's liberating. It's wild.

I truly believe the first garden, aka Eden, was not a garden that was manicured but a wild environment where everything grew freely and abundantly and in divine harmony. The angels' inspiration is that the now time is a time filled with the energies of the original wilderness and this time we have an expanded consciousness.

Look around the planet and observe how humans live convincing themselves that control and manipulation is natural. Wild came first. And I mean really wild.

Share sacred space with the wild. You may find that you will begin hearing wilderness experience stories. You may notice that weather reports describe Mother Nature's activities as wild weather.

Get to know the wild as you are opening to your wild identity. I am seeing the word "Wild" all over the place.

There's going to be moments that a wild thought is going to float right through your brain. Just let it float.

Additionally, the wild is at times so new, bizarre, radical in change that it has us feeling a little wobbly. I remember as a child I went to Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Baltimore with my family. I loved a ride called The Wild Mouse. I rode in a little car on roller coaster type tracks that gave me the feeling I was literally going off the edge. After the ride, because of the thrill of it all, my land legs were a little wobbly.

Get use to a wobble walk. It's all part of the wild, new territory.

Welcome the wild. Get comfortable with the wild side of yourself. The essence of yourself that is the transpluto vibration - beyond the immediate known.

As I have shared in previous blogs, Assateague means "the place beyond". I have a
t-shirt that says: GOT ASSATEAGUE?

The angels are asking us: Got an openness to that place beyond your immediate consciousness? Got wilderness?

It's all a higher calling. It's the call of the wild.
Love, Jayne

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  1. Thank you! This is wonderful! Blessings, Annie A