Sunday, September 25, 2011


In 1995, through divine angelics inspirations from Archangel Raphael, I was asked to participate in the creation of an energy grid in the shape of a six-pointed star, known as the Creator’s Star and Star of David by weaving energy at six points chosen by God.

I was inspired by the angels to share with you the messages that I received while weaving the six-pointed star grid as these messages are especially relevant for us in 2011 and 2012. The angelic grid is a grid that supports the birthing of consciousness of being blessings of God. In 1995, the grid supported the arrival of "angel babies".

The grid's energy supports each and every one of us in awakening to our divine identity as earth angels of hope, encouragement, support and love. We are in an essence experiencing a new awareness of ourselves. We are having an infusion experience with the Star of David. Heaven and earth comes together inside of each of us and stirs within us an awakening consciousness that we are blessed to be blessings.

The six-pointed star has many symbolic meanings. The upward pointing triangle of fire and masculine energy meets the downward pointing triangle of water and feminine energy, the two merging in perfect harmony. Because the blending of the two triangles creates divine emergent energy, six is known as the perfect number.
The base of each triangle bisects the other under the apex, forming the symbols for air and earth. The star portrays the four elements, which are combined with the vibration of the number three (the triangle) to produce the sacred number seven. The star itself has only six points, the seventh point is said to be invisible and represents the spiritual element of divine transformation.

In Freemasonry the six-pointed star represents totality. The Star of David was worn on the Shield of King David. It is also been called Solomon’s Seal because Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba, summoned angels with it until his death in 903 b.c. The Seal of Solomon appears in holy writings and has strong associations with Hebrew mysticism.

This symbol has also been called The Creator’s Star and the six points of the star have been representations of God’s power, wisdom, love, majesty, justice, and mercy. It is believed that the concept of the six-pointed star representing the Star of Creation originated from the last verse in the first chapter of Genesis: “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” At the completion of the sixth day God had completed both heaven and earth. In my research of the Creator’s Star I was intrigued when guided to the Biblical reference because the verse is Genesis 1:31January 31st – or 1:31 is my birth date.

The star has also come to represent the temple of Jerusalem, an elaborate sacred space where heaven and earth; spirit and soul conjoin. In alchemical teachings “conjunction” or sacred marriage took place in the Holy of Holies – the heart of the temple.

The function of my weaving a Creator’s Star/ Star of David energy grid was to serve in providing sacred space, conjoining angels of heaven with people of earth in service to God.

When Raphael first inspired me with God’s assignment, I was simply asked if I would be willing to serve with the angels in the creation of a six-pointed star grid that would be a blessing to children coming to earth.

I was not initially told where the points would be. Each location would be revealed just prior to the time when God wanted me to go to that location. To Raphael’s question as to whether or not I was willing to answer this call of service, I simply replied, “When do we start? I’m ready.”

The first point of the star was Portland, Oregon. I was asked to spend 21 days in Portland in November 1995. This is where the weaving began.

The angels shared with me that the Creator’s Star would serve as a guiding light for children coming to earth. I met in my travels incredible men and women who in their marriages were experiencing difficulties in pregnancies. The angels sent special blessings to these people.

To some souls on earth life has no value or meaning. We have witnessed the tragedy of a man blowing up a building in Oklahoma City with many lives lost, including the lives of innocent children in a daycare center. There are, however, precious people on the planet who are dedicating time, energy, and resources to welcoming a baby into their lives. The angels referred to the next generation of children as “Angel babies”.

In addition to my Creator’s Star weaving experience, in several of the locations I was asked by the angels to give a workshop as a fundraiser and all monies from the workshop went directly to the families of a baby who was experiencing major health afflictions.

For example, the weaving tour energy began in Baltimore, Maryland with a “kickoff” fund-raiser at Heavens to Betsy Angel Store in Ellicott City, Maryland. Betsy McMahan, the storeowner, hosted my workshop and the monies raised benefited a Maryland child who was in need of surgery for a collapsed lung. Not only had I been made aware of this child by the angels, but the angels inspired many others as over $50,000 was raised by people responding to a photograph and article about this child, which appeared on the front page of The Baltimore Sun on September 29, 1995 – Michaelmas Day. This was just one example of the angels revealing to us that we are making a difference in each other’s lives. We do not have to feel that we have to do it all. We just have to do our part.

At the end of October 1995, I was asked by the angels to prepare to go to Portland, Oregon. As I truly do operate on a wing and a prayer, I asked for inspiration of where I could stay for the 21 days in Portland. I heard the name, “Hilda Kemp.”

Hilda Kemp was a woman who had contacted me for a one-hour spiritual consultation over the phone. She and I had never met in person. She knew of me through my book. I knew it was quite possible that when I called Hilda and asked if I could stay at her home for 21 days she would quickly say goodbye to me. Yet I knew this was who God wanted me to call. When I called Hilda, I outlined why I was being called to Oregon. Hilda paused for a moment and then shared that she was a widow and had a spare bedroom and for me to proceed with my plans to come to Portland.

Hilda was 80 years of age and because of a diet of natural supplements, looked liked she was in her 60’s. I am quite certain I was placed in Hilda’s home as an attempt by Spirit to clean up my unhealthy eating habits.

Hilda was like the grandmother I never had. We watched Anne of Green Gables together. We talked spirituality into the wee hours of the morning. Hilda was called home to God a few years ago. I know there was a joyous reunion between her and her husband. I truly miss her.

I was placed in Hilda’s home not only because of the blessing Hilda was to be, but additionally because I was one block away from The Grotto in Portland. The Grotto, as it is commonly called, is The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, a beautiful 62-acre Catholic Shrine and botanical garden located in Portland, Oregon. The Friars of the Order of Servants of Mary administer it. Each morning for 21 days I would go to The Grotto for prayer and meditation time.

While in Portland I was asked by the angels to meet them at Mt. St. Helens. I remembered as I dashed out the door of my home in Upperco, Maryland, on my way to the airport to fly to Portland, Oregon, I reached into a heart-shaped basket in which I keep holy cards honoring saints. I believe the saints are truly universal messengers of God just as the angels are. I asked for a blessing from the saint that would be traveling with me and the card I drew was St. Helen. St. Helen had a church built over the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and over the cave where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. She retrieved the cross on which Jesus died and is known as the Discover of the True Cross.

There are things we do in our lives and at the time of doing them we do not understand why. I remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980; I contacted the U.S. Geological Survey people and obtained photographs of the eruption. The photographs held me spellbound; in many of the photographs you can see spirit faces.

When the angels called me to experience Mt. St. Helens with them I was emotionally moved by the energy of the mountain and the greatness of God. It was a humbling experience. Let us never forget who really has the power. God is in control.

While at Mt. St. Helens I was guided to spend time in meditation weaving together with the energy of prayers, Biblical verses, songs and harp blessings the light of Archangel Michael; the light of God’s fire that burns within each of us – a sacred/cosmic fire; the light of St. Helen; the light of the “Fire Sisters” and volcanoes on earth; the light of God’s Will, God’s Power and God’s Protection; the light of Divine Order.

Additionally each grid point was connected with an ethereal body chakra. Mt. St. Helens was the foundation chakra. It contains the energy of building one’s life upon faith in God.

In traditional chakra teachings, the base or foundation chakra contains energies that support us in having our needs for food/shelter and clothing met. The grid weaving included the message of John 6:48: “I am the bread of life.” Each of the grid points established the energy of our relationship with God. God is the food that sustains us. Feed your faith in God and all your needs will be met. God will not fail you.

At Mt. St. Helens, the angels reminded me of how inspired I was by the book Angels of Pompeii, Photographs by Stephen Brigidi and Poetry by Robert Bly. When I first learned of this project in the works, I called Stephen Brigidi and gave him a blessing from the angels. He expressed that the project was behind schedule and he seemed a little frustrated. I told him not to give up on this project; it was very important and as a sign from the angels of the importance of this work of art, I was to purchase the first issue of his Special Edition. I have in my home Special Edition No. 1 of 200 of this incredible book.

On the front leaf of this book are the words, “When photographer and teacher Stephen Brigidi traveled to Pompeii for the first time, he was captivated by the luminous frescoes of angels on the decayed walls of the ancient city. Here, long after the destruction by Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the angels remain, timeless and transcendent.”

Vesuvius is a volcanic mountain in Naples, Italy. No matter what is erupting in our lives, God sends the angels to remain around us – “timeless and transcendent.”

The “Fire Sisters” that were part of the weaving energy are Mt. Shasta, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker. The voice of God spoke to me through the volcanoes. The voice assured me that even when our whole world is erupting and our old ways are being destroyed; know that at the same time space is being made for new things. New life to take shape. New experiences. New creations. A whole new world being birthed from the ash.

Following the sacred weaving ceremony, I was inspired to purchase books, videos, and posters of Mt. St. Helens. One of the films showed the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, the fires that followed and gave a Biblical quote that spoke to my soul:

“And behold, the Lord passed by and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rock in pieces…and after the wind an earthquake…and after the earthquake a five…and after the fire a still small voice.” 1 Kings 19:11.

I felt God touch my soul with His words. In my own life I have experienced winds of change that tore my life apart; my life being broken into pieces; the ground beneath me quaking and shaking; emotional fires burning with me. After all of this, it happened I found myself at a place where I heard the still small voice of God whispering to me, “It’s a whole new world being created inside of you.” Have you experienced this in your life?

In the Bible in Exodus 13:21-22 the appearance of Yahweh was recorded as “A pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.” This pretty well describes the volcanic spirit energy.

To help align yourself with the spirit of God during the winds, earthquakes and fires of your life, I suggest that you align yourself through sound with the sound of YAHWEH. You can do this by chanting praise to God through the “AH” vibration such as AL-leuia. The vowel sound of “AH” opens the heart to love. You can also chant AUM emphasizing the AH such as AHHMMMMMM.

The message of the first grid point was that true power belongs to God, and that we are to express our faith by expressing our trust that our lives are in divine order even in the midst of upheaval. You can utilize the affirmation, “My life is in divine order” to support your standing steadfast with your faith when the ground beneath you is quaking and shaking. Even if it appears your life is on shaky ground, affirm with conviction that your life is in divine order.

The experience at Mt. St. Helens mirrored to me that there are times in our lives when we are each a phoenix resurrected from the ashes. We arise as newborns from the ashes of our own personal eruptions. When I returned home from Oregon, I found my furnace had been stopped up by a chimney sweeps’ cleaning service and as a result ashes were strewn throughout my home. I knew that I was witnessing a physical manifestation of what was happening spiritually inside of me.

In February 1996 I was called to rendezvous with the angels in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A friend who knew that a special assignment with the angels was bringing me to Florida, arranged for me to stay at the private home of someone she knew. So I was to stay at the home of a friend of a friend. What occurred is one of the most bizarre incidents in my travels.

The first evening of my stay the angels told me not to unpack anything because I wasn’t staying beyond this first night. They indicated I needed to unpack the angel art that I travel with and place one painting facing out to the west; one to the east; one to the north and one to the south. I was setting up a protective wall of energy. I had no idea what I was being protected from.

The next day I left my hostess’s home and drove to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida. This would be the site of the weaving energy. While in the sacred energy of the conservatory I asked for divine inspiration of what to do regarding my living arrangements. I was inspired to go back to the home and wait for the hostess and tell her I needed to leave.

I definitely did not handle this situation abundantly. I was certain that something was not abundant in the neighborhood or the angels wouldn’t be moving me out so fast. I didn’t want to alarm the hostess but at the same time I was concerned for her safety and my own as well. When the sun began to set, I wanted to get out of “Dodge” and so I decided to leave her a note. That choice was purely my own. It was not divinely inspired. And it is a decision that I look back on with disappointment in myself. I called her later that evening and with good reason she was very angry with me.

I tried to express to her that I had been inspired to move on, and I attempted to smooth things over, I explained that it could be an underground energy source that was not abundant for my own energy. In the conversation she blurted out that she had already decided to put the house on the market because of drug transactions taking place next door. When she said that, I felt myself rejoice inside for her decision and for the protection of the angels around my service. However, I still felt disappointed in my handling of the situation.

Whenever you are called to serve God’s Light, there is always an energy that wants to see you fail and wants to stop you. I experienced this energy in some form throughout the entire grid-weaving project.

Once I had left this home, I quickly realized I had no place to stay. I could not reach the person who had made arrangements for me to stay at the home I had just left. Quite frankly, I knew that this individual wasn’t going to be too happy with me either.

The angels came to my rescue by whispering Rachel Salley’s name into my ear. Rachel Salley is a British medium who now lives in Florida with her husband, Robert. I called Rachel in Port St. Lucie. When she heard my voice she said, “Jayne, I knew something was going on with you. I have been thinking about you all day long. How can I help you?” I asked if she knew anyone living near Ft. Lauderdale who would allow me to stay in his or her home. Rachel had very good friends – John and Sandy Martinez – in a community near Ft. Lauderdale. Rachel gave me their address and told me to go to their home and ask for their help.

Through the grace of God I easily found their home, and parked outside of their house. Sandy and John came home from work and there was this strange lady parked in a car by their home. I approached Sandy and explained I, too, was a friend of Rachel Salley’s and I explained my problem in having no place to stay. Sandy replied, “Sure you can stay with us. Come on in.” As I unloaded my belongings, I heard her husband following Sandy into the house asking, “Who is that woman?” “An Angel Lady? What’s an Angel Lady? She’s staying with us!”

I give thanks to Rachel Salley’s help and to Sandy and John Martinez’ kindness to me. Their home became my home base for the weaving of the energy in Florida.

As I shared, Butterfly World was selected as the site for the sacred weaving. When Butterfly World opened for business in the spring of 1988, it became the first and largest butterfly house in the United States. It is truly a paradise to behold. At Butterfly World you will find gardens, waterfalls, tropical plants, flowers and butterflies. Butterfly World promotes itself as the largest single butterfly habitat in the world with over 5,000 butterflies enjoying a natural rain forest environment.

A few years prior to my grid weaving experience, I had been gifted an angel painting that I treasure. It depicts an angel seated by a stream. There’s a small waterfall across from the angel. A tree is nearby with a white dove perched in the tree. The angel stretches her arm out and a butterfly touches her fingertip.

During one of my visits to Butterfly World, I was seated inside the conservatory. There was a small stream in front of me with a waterfall. A tree was near me and I looked up to see a single white dove in the tree, cooing to its heart’s content. Just then I heard the angels whisper, “Art imitates life.” A beautiful butterfly fluttered by. I stretched out my arm and it gave me a flutter-bye blessing as it touched my fingertips.

The second point of the Creator’s Star was woven with the light of Archangel Jophiel; the light of the element of air; the light of St. Benedict; the light of butterflies; and God’s light of illumination; wisdom and understanding. The second grid point contains the energy of the second chakra; the chakra of identity as well as the verse from John 8:12 – I am the light of the world. The essence of this grid conveys to us our identity with the Christ Consciousness and relationship with the light Christ brought to the world.

The message of the second point on the grid is God’s teaching that comes through butterflies. Butterflies are symbols of freedom and light. In many countries people consider butterflies as messengers from loved ones in heaven. There’s a legend that butterflies developed from the tears of the Virgin Mary. In China butterflies symbolize the soul, transformation and rebirth.

Butterflies inspire us to remember we are evolving from our life as caterpillars and in the process there is a time in which we are in transition. We each are no longer the caterpillars and we’re not quite at the point of becoming the butterfly. This time period requires trust and faith in the process of pushing through old barriers into becoming our true butterfly self complete with glorious wings.

Additionally, the blessing of understanding was taught to me. In a dream, God appeared to King Solomon and asked him, “What shall I give you?’ Solomon could have asked for anything. His response is found in 1 King 3:9:

“…give to your servant an understanding heart to judge your people, that I may discern between good and evil…”

This answer was very pleasing to God in Solomon’s time and is very pleasing to God today when we choose to ask for an understanding heart for our own lives. In our prayers we can ask for the ability to understand with God’s illumination, that which is good and evil for us.

When you find yourself confused by events going on in your life, still yourself and ask for God’s understanding. “God, what would you have my heart understand about this problem?”

St. Benedict’s blessing was woven into the star grid because of his life being an example of a messenger of God’s wisdom, discretion and loving kindness. St. Benedict built twelve monasteries. His monasteries were sanctuaries of light and learning. Without the monasteries which kept focused on transcribing manuscripts of the Bible, and teachings of God’s wisdom and illumination, the Dark Ages would have been even darker.

When St. Benedict was dying, he asked his fellow monks to assist him in standing in the chapel of one of his monasteries. He raised his hands in praise to God as he died. I was inspired when I read this, because he was creating a “Y” with his body. Arms raised to heaven to honor the glory of Yahweh.

Benedict established an order or rule for monastic life which many orders still function under to this day. Interesting enough, the second chakra energizes our duality energies. All of us have masculine and feminine energies within us. St. Benedict was a twin. His sister Scholastica founded the Benedictine order of nuns.

The element of air, woven into the second grid point, is representative of our mental faculties; our using the gift of our minds to become great-thinkers.

Identify yourself as someone whom God has blessed with the gift of free will. With that freedom of choice, choose to think of yourself as a God-thought. Exercise your mind muscles daily.

Think about the thoughts you are thinking. Ask yourself if the thoughts are worth thinking.

In the song from The Wizard of Oz: "If I Only Had A Brain," the Scarecrow sings: With the thoughts I'd be thinking, I would be another Lincoln. If I only had a brain."

We have brains. We can stop and analyze our thoughts and ask ourselves honestly: "With the thoughts that I'm thinking, I could be another _______________." And we can fill in the blank.

In the weeks to come, I will continue to share with you through my blog, the weaving of the four remaining blessings points of the Angelic Grid.

Angelic Blessings,

Monday, September 12, 2011


While attending the Michael Conclave in Calgary, Canada in March, 1994, I was inspired by Spirit that I needed to attend a conference that was being held in Egypt in December, 1994.

The purpose of the trip was to gather people together on the 12th day of December – the 12th month- for a ceremony of rededicating ourselves and the earth to God’s Will.

Spirit was calling us to be messengers from God to choose love instead of hatred, understanding instead of judgment and peace instead of war. The place the ceremony was to be held was the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Even though I clearly heard the message, the part of me that likes to mimic Bill Cosby’s Noah, “You want me to build what?” asked for confirmation through what I call the Trinity blessing.

Give me a message three times and I know it has God’s stamp on it. I considered the inspiration at Calgary as sign number one.

Following my trip to Canada, I went to have a private session with an incredible medium that lived in Arlington, Virginia. The medium is Rev. Reed Brown.

I expected to receive messages from loved ones in spirit. God had other plans for my session. As Rev. Brown opened to God’s inspiration, he indicated that there was a large animal being shown to him. He described its big nose and humps on its back. He proclaimed that there was a camel being shown to him.

Rev. Brown explained that the camel wanted to give me a big friendly lick and that the camel was a messenger from God that I was to go to Egypt and that while I was there I would receive a message in a sacred place similar to a “holy of holies.” Now understand Rev. Brown knew nothing of my plans to go to Egypt. I knew that Rev. Brown had delivered sign number two.

About a week later my cousin Marty called me from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Marty was so excited she could hardly get the words out. Marty had just begun to learn to meditate. During one of her meditation sessions, she clearly heard God’s voice say to her, “Go visit Mrs. Brown, she has something to share with you.”

This was all new to Marty and so there was a part of her rational self that was questioning an inspiration that wanted her to go next door to Mrs. Brown’s house and inquire what Mrs. Brown had for her.

Marty decided “nothing ventured; nothing gained” so she went next door and knocked on the front door of her 85-year-old neighbor. Marty explained to Mrs. Brown that what she was going to ask might sound crazy; however she was meditating and felt she had clearly heard God’s voice tell her to visit Mrs. Brown because Mrs. Brown had something to share with her. Mrs. Brown smiled at my cousin and replied, “Come inside, dear, I’ve been expecting you.”

As it turns out, Mrs. Brown was a long-time student of spiritual development and religions. Mrs. Brown and Marty chatted the evening away. As Marty rose to go home Mrs. Brown remarked, “And by the way, please tell your cousin that God is calling her to go to Egypt.”

Marty dashed home and called me and shared the message. Just like Rev. Brown, Marty did not know I was considering going to Egypt. After she shared Mrs. Brown’s message, Marty asked, “What does it mean?” I replied, “It means tomorrow I am sending in my deposit for the trip to Egypt.”

There would be several more messengers who would come forward prior to my trip to Egypt. One was Michelle Anderson. God has blessed Michelle as the guardian of an incredible healing technique known as the Master Alignment. Prior to my going to Egypt, Michelle gave me a message that while in Egypt I would change my name. I have to admit that when she told me that my first thought was, “Oh great, I am going to come back thinking I’m the Queen of Sheba.” My thoughts were very flippant when she shared her message.

During my trip to Egypt both Rev. Brown and Michelle’s messages would come true. While I was visiting an ancient Egyptian temple, I toured a part of the temple known as the Holy of Holies.

While standing in the energy of this sacred space, I felt the presence of God come over me and give to me the following message: Change the spelling of your name from Jane to JAYNE. When people ask you, “Why did you change your name, tell them the ‘Y’ stands for YAHWEH and you are serving as a messenger to inspire people to put God in the center of their lives.” From that moment forward my name has been Jayne. I love the letter “Y in the center of my name. “Y” inspires me with the image of myself with my arms held up to God.

During my trip to Egypt I had the opportunity to be in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. While in the Queen’s Chamber I had a vision of Mary and the Christ Child in her arms. I knew I was to share this vision with others and was guided to Marty Betz, a truly gifted artist, whom I commissioned on behalf of the angels to create in physical form what I saw on 12-12-94. Interestingly enough, I picked up the completed artwork from Marty on September 29, 1995 – Michaelmas Day.

As I experienced the vision in Egypt, I saw Archangel Michael standing in front of Mary and the Christ Child. I felt he was a protector of her energy and that was why he was in front of her. It would later be revealed to me that Michael was standing in front of Mary as a veil to an energy that I was not yet ready to experience or witness.

On Mother’s Day weekend of 1995 while co-leading a women’s spiritual retreat with Lucky Sweeny, the veil was lifted and I encountered Archangel Raphael and began learning of my co-service with Raphael in creating a Star of David grid energy pattern as an angelic assignment. When Michael stepped away from the front of the vision, which first began in the Great Pyramid on 12-12-94 and was completed on Mother’s Day 1995, I saw Raphael holding a Grail Cup with the world on the front of the cup.

The Holy Grail has fascinated the minds and captivated the hearts of many of us. I can remember as a young child being enchanted with the legend of the heroic King Arthur, his glorious knights and his inspirational Round Table. That enchantment grew into my quest to learn more.

I became a Grail Seeker; one who began her journey in pursuit of information about the Holy Grail, and in time realized that I was on a journey of self-discovery. That which I sought outside of myself was leading to that which was within me waiting to be found.

The Grail shows up in many cultures and traditions. What is it about the Grail that intrigues us on such an intimate level? What symbolic message can be interpreted from these tales of old that would hold relevance for us today?

The Grail reportedly came to the earth during the mighty battle for good and evil waged in heaven. While some angels sided with Satan and some with God, a third group of neutral angels brought down a “loving cup” and placed it on earth. This act was to be a reminder to humanity that through communion with the Christ energy, those lost in hell could find their way back to heaven.

A similar interpretation describes the sacred chalice as originating as a stone, an emerald from the crown of Lucifer. Michael, with his flaming sword, struck the jewel from Lucifer’s crown. The stone fell to earth and out of this gem the Holy Grail was created. A symbol of good being victorious over evil.

According to Christian legend, the Grail Cup was the same cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It was believed that Joseph of Arimathaea, a disciple of Jesus, brought the Grail to the place of Jesus’ crucifixion. The cup is said to have caught the blood pouring from the body of Jesus.

Years later, Joseph captained a ship and crew and took the sacred relics in his possession, the bloody spear used by the Roman soldiers to pierce the side of Jesus and the Holy Grail cup, to England to a place now known as Glastonbury. It has been inferred that the oarsmen on that ship were later incarnated as the Knights of the Round Table. This same group would gather again as the founders of the United States of America.

At the Round Table, symbolic of unity with God, was a mysterious empty seat, called the Siege Perilous, where none might sit except he who was successful in questing after the Holy Grail. It represented the perfect individual, or the “Christed One”. Sir Galahad, son of Sir Lancelot, attained this high honor because of his spiritual purity.

In lore, the Grail has been described as a greatly sought-after object. While the search for the Grail is depicted as long, hard and demanding, it is deemed as an exceedingly worthy pursuit. This is because the search is symbolic of seeking balance in one’s own life. In all the stories, the knights went out beyond themselves, sacrificing much along the way. Vigilantly walking the path between the opposites of good and evil, between fear and courage, they were inspired with the realization of their highest spiritual potential.

In James Russell Lowell’s “Vision of Sir Launfal” the arrogant knight rode forth in search of the Holy Grail and threw a gold piece to a leper who rejected it. After years of unsuccessfully searching for the Holy Grail, the knight returned home and encountered the same leper. This time St. Launfal shared with the leper his last piece of bread and offered him a drink from his cup. The leper revealed himself to be Christ and the cup transformed into the long sought-after Holy Grail cup. This is a lesson that Christ taught: What you do for others you do for Christ.

What significance does the Holy Grail hold for us now and why did I see it as part of my vision in Egypt?

The cup itself is symbolic of the heart. Christ’s command “Drink from it, all of you” is an offering of the Christ energy to all who commune and drink of the cup of the love of Jesus for humanity.

The Holy Grail is the embodiment of love from God’s heart to ours. It is the outpouring of God’s love, which fills each of our lives as we search for truth. Gaining God’s truth will unlock the mysteries of life and death, by revealing to us our own eternal being through Christ consciousness.

We are all knights. We are all seekers of that which is our own internal truth. However, like Sir Launfal, we discover the Grail only when we come back home or to the center point of our life.

Sometimes it is when there is a loss of something, or it feels as if we’ve hit rock bottom, that we discover that which has always been within us waiting to be uncovered.

Every One of us has within us the potential for this spiritual awakening. The moment that occurs in our life when we realize that instead of seeking a cup outside ourselves we proclaim, “Aha! I am the cup I seek.”

Each one of us is a sacred vessel of God’s life and light. We are a vessel of God’s love, one breath, one heartbeat, one body, one energy, one consciousness through which pours God’s illumination.

In the vision Raphael inspires us to discover the cup within us and lift our cup, our life, upward in glorification of God through service.

Spirit inspired me with the message that through service to God – drinking of the cup of service – God’s will for earth will be achieved. Raphael represents God’s healing hands lifting us up in consciousness, frequency, vibration, awareness and understanding. God lifts us up from the ashes of our lives.

At the same time I was communing with Raphael on Mother’s Day weekend, a woman named Allison Carter who lives in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia was in meditation. During that meditation she looked out of her home, which overlooks Cacapon Mountain. She saw a huge angel appear and the angel said to her, “Please invite Jayne Howard to your home and ask her to come spend time with me here.” Allison later shared with me that she felt she was “angel ignorant” at that time in her life and so she asked the angel, “Who do I tell Jayne invites her?” The angel replied, “Archangel Raphael.”

Allison thought I would think she was crazy, as she didn’t know who Raphael was but did what was requested of her. When she told me the name Raphael, I immediately asked, “When can I come?”

As we looked at our schedules I realized the importance of the meeting and chose the 4th of July as the date to make the trip. As our country celebrated the energy of freedom, I was enveloped with the energy of God’s desire for us to freely embrace the “God-thoughts” that we are.

While in meditation with Raphael at Allison’s home I received further instruction with regard to my angelic assignment to create an energy Star of David. At the conclusion of my meditation, Allison asked me if I had ever visited Cacapon Mountain. It was one of those moments when a cosmic connection is made. One of those times that you sense the bigger light bulb going on inside of your head. I replied that I had in fact been there 24 years prior…on the honeymoon of my first marriage.

I had returned to participate in a mystical marriage to God’s Will for my life. Allison was also blessed by the angelic energies sent by God that weekend. Her own life became a life of service to God in cooperation with the angels.

The painting of Mary holding the Christ Child and Raphael holding the cup of service started on its own traveling tour. I was guided by the angels to take the painting into homes where people were establishing healing practices, and to leave the painting there as a blessing upon their service. For many years, the painting moved from home to home. Finally it came to a permanent place of service here at Angel Heights Healing Arts Center.

So many people have shared that as they gaze upon the painting the true painter’s voice – the voice of God – speaks to them personally. I was asked to commission this painting not as validation of my vision but rather validation of God’s eternal love for us and desire for us to experience divine healing. God blesses us to be a blessing to others.

The art that I have been led to purchase or the visions I have been given and have commissioned others to create in tangible form are blessings I am to share with others. I always laughed that I get to do the art shopping for the angels. I buy the art they want people to see - people who will cross my path.

Letting our hearts be inspired by art is one of the many ways that God delivers divine healing to us. There’s something that goes on between those who stand witness to the art and the work of art itself.

I have been inspired by the angels to team up with amazingly talented artists to bring to you artistic offerings. On these projects, I create a meditation cd to accompany the beautiful work of art.

For those of you who are on my mailing list, you have seen my flyers promoting the work of Melody Loving (Angelic Art Odyssey); Joan Short (Angel Portraits); Cheryl Kirsch (; and Paula Matthew, csj. (A Rune Art Offering/Story Picture Experience and I-Ching Art Experience). I feel so blessed to be serving God in the company of these earthly angels whose creations are divine blessings in artistic form.

As many of you know, I was also inspired by the angels to create INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH THE ARTS DAY, celebrated annually on January 31st. Every day is an opportunity to inspire your heart with the arts.

Last evening I watched a wonderful program about It shared the message of each year making 9/11 a day of positive actions.

Isn't that a wonderful inspiration?!

Angelic Blessings of Inspiration to each and every one of you,
Love, Jayne

Friday, September 2, 2011


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

In March of 1994 in Calgary, Canada, a Conclave of Michael was held. It was an event that brought together people who felt called by God to serve alongside Archangel Michael. I was a presenter at the Conclave offering: I AM the Sword of God. The message of that presentation had been given to me by the Archangel Michael during a profound experience at my home, Angel Heights.

In Commune with the Angels, I share the story of a wooden statue of Archangel Michael that I purchased while I was in Mexico and how important that statue became in my life.

The wooden statue of Michael served as a communication bridge between myself and the animal kingdom.

My cat, Baron Maurice, who was a beautiful pure white Persian, became ill. He was losing weight. He wasn’t eating. He didn’t seem to have an appetite. I took him to the vet and was told from the examination that it appeared the problem was tartar on his teeth, which was causing perhaps an irritation, resulting in his not wanting to eat. If it became worse the vet felt it would need to be addressed.

Baron Maurice was tested for feline leukemia and was found not to have this disease. But for me, the diagnosis of tartar build-up just didn’t seem to ring true. Every morning I would open up more than one can of cat food trying to find something that would please him. He was becoming more and more finicky. He just would not eat for several days at a time. He wanted to rest and sleep more than usual for a cat.

One day while I was in my office, Baron Maurice came in and seeing the statue of Archangel Michael placed up on the table, jumped from the floor to the level of the statue and literally knocked it to the ground with his paw.

Now here was a cat who had been acting listless and without energy, knocking a large wooden statue to the floor with one swipe of his paw. When the statue hit the floor one of Michael’s wings broke off.

As I looked in disbelief at what had happened my first thought was not of anger at Baron for breaking the statue but rather, “Oh dear Baron, what am I not seeing that you want me to see?” He wanted my attention and I knew in that instant that I had to take him to another vet and get a second opinion. I had to find out what was the problem. I took him immediately to another vet.

In testing his blood it was discovered that he had cats’ Aids. They told me that there was nothing that could be done for him and that the merciful thing to do would be to have him put to sleep. I went home with Baron and through prayer and meditation, gained from God the strength to fulfill my role in helping Baron find peace.

Shortly after Baron’s transition I was holding workshops in my home as well as seeing private clients. Now the only part of Michael’s statue that was moveable was a sword, a very small wooden sword that you could move from his hand. One day I happened to walk past the statue of Archangel Michael and realized that he no longer had his sword. I couldn’t imagine how the sword had disappeared. As I looked at Archangel Michael, now with one broken arm and his sword missing, I expressed an inner hope that in no way this was a reflection upon what was going on in my life. I remarked to myself that Archangel Michael needed a healing. And a healing is exactly what he got, but it would not occur for almost two years.

At one of my in-home gatherings a man sat in the circle and during the class he was whittling a small animal figurine out of a block of wood. As I saw that he was beginning to learn this craft, I commented that I had just been to a country craft show and had purchased a small wooden angel. I told him that he might want to look at this wooden angel as it might be something that he could follow as a pattern in making Christmas gifts.

This wooden angel was no more than four inches in height and was patterned after a simple design. I forgot about the earlier conversation until after the workshop was over. The man came up to me and said, “May I see your wooden angel?”

Well, the angels of healing must have cast a veil over my thinking because with his words I thought of the wooden statue of Archangel Michael. I said to the man, “Follow me.” I took him up the steps to my office and there I showed him the quite large and impressive figurine of Archangel Michael with broken wing and missing sword.

Even with these imperfections, Michael stood strong, crushing the demonic force that was beneath his feet. The man looked at me in total disbelief and said, “You think that I can whittle that?”

When hearing his words I realized my mistake. I laughed, “Oh, when you said you wanted to see my wooden angel I don’t know why, I just immediately thought of this statue of Michael.” He looked closer at the wing and said that he knew a master craftsman, in fact, the man who was teaching him to whittle in wood. He asked if I would be willing for him to take Michael and his broken wing to this craftsman to see if he could repair it for me. With angelic blessings I sent Michael on his way to be healed.

Six months would pass by before Michael would return to Angel Heights. He returned the third week of September 1993. I clearly remember the events that surrounded Michael’s return. I was in the midst of transition. I had a sense that I was going through a major transformation in my life. It was as if I was walking through a tunnel and the woman that had walked in through one end would not be the same woman who came out the other end. There wasn’t anything in particular that I could identify that had changed, just a feeling in general that I knew I was changing and transforming my life. I didn’t have a clue who the new me was going to be.

To assist me through this dark night of the soul, the angels inspired me to take everything off my altar and just leave one object on the altar that reflected what I aspired to be when I came out of the tunnel. I had found a wonderful clear crystal. It was very small in size but it had a point. When I looked at it I saw several things. It was a flame. It was the point of a sword. I especially liked this crystal because when you looked closer there was a smaller crystal affixed to its side and it was in the same shape.

So I was seeing a larger sword with a smaller sword inside of it – or a larger flame with a smaller flame by its side. I liked the inspirational message the crystal gave me. It was saying to me, “God’s will be done. Not my will, God, but Thy will.”

The crystal sat on my altar for about three weeks. As I passed by the altar or did prayer service at the altar I would pause and wonder about the new me…the new me that God was molding and creating, a new person more aligned to God’s will. In fact, I was feeling quite peaceful about the entire transition as I knew God was in the driver’s seat. I was “little sword/little flame”, going along for the ride.

I encourage those of you who are going through a similar time of change and uncertainty as to where you will be lead and what your new experiences will be, to place one object on your altar which reflects, for you, a quality that you hope to express in this vision that is being held by the Master Potter – God.

Well, the third week of September came around and that particular weekend I was initiated into an order where I was given a sword as part of the initiation ceremony. It was quite a large sword, I might add. When I came home I placed the sword on my altar. There now residing on my altar was the symbolic crystal and now the sword of a holy order.

A few days later I hosted an angelic gathering and the man who was a novice whittler returned. When he came to my house, unknown to me, he was bringing Archangel Michael with him, and so presented to me a mended Michael. I was elated over the healing that Michael received and I placed Michael on the altar. A trinity blessing was created – the statue of Michael, the sword of the holy order, and the crystal sword.

I remember sitting by my altar, viewing the objects of inspiration. My heart immediately went to the statue of Michael. Even though the master craftsman had healed Michael’s broken wing, Michael was still missing a sword.

I thought to myself that maybe I should go to a local toy store and search out a sword that would make Michael complete. At the very moment, as I was holding that thought, a presence came into the room. I knew immediately it was Archangel Michael’s energy and radiance. Michael spoke to me and said that it was not necessary for him to have the sword. The sword was now made manifest through the heart’s conviction of all who served God on earth. All the wonderful people who were responding with their life and with love were now the swords of God.

He then went on to say that as the Swords of God we are being called to Speak our God truth; Write our God truth; Own our God truth; Radiate our God truth and Dedicate our lives to God’s truth – to wield our S-W-O-R-D.

In November of 1993 Michael came forth into my life again with a communication. I will never forget the moment for I heard his words so crystal clear. When the presence of Michael appears I can only equate it to the energy of rolling thunder. It always caused me to stand at attention. Michael’s words were as follows: “The anti-christ is upon the earth now.” I shuddered hearing his words. I can remember thinking to myself, “Oh no! Michael is saying the anti-christ is here now.” Michael spoke a second time, “The anti-christ is upon the earth now and its name is…” Michael stopped just short of telling me the name.

In that split second my heart stopped. Did I want to hear this? Did I want to know the name of the anti-christ? I filled up with total fear. If I knew the anti-christ’s name, would the anti-christ come after me? I was almost paralyzed with fear until I got a grip on myself and said, “Wait a minute, with God I have nothing to fear.”

I asked Michael to reveal the name. Michael spoke to me a third time, “The anti-christ is upon the earth and its name is HOPELESSNESS.”

When something is right, when something is true, your whole body chimes in the key of you! I was chiming with God’s truth. The truth of Michael’s words rang through me as I realized that no one man or no one woman would bring about the destruction of this earth. That no one individual could take our power into his or her control but rather it would be up to us whether or not we would hand it over freely to hopelessness. The message was given to me to share in my lectures and in my writing as we are God’s messengers of hope eternal. When we give up on God, we give up on hope. This is why the Bible inspires us to take refuge in God, because with God all things are possible.

As you are reading my words, think of yourself as an earth angel of hope. You may find yourself in what appears to be a hopeless situation. It is never hopeless if you let God inspire you as the messenger of hope you are in this situation. It may be that someone in your family is trying to find a job. This person may have sent out resume after resume with no response. They may be at the point of giving up hope. You are there to uplift them and encourage them that they only need one job to open up for them. The same is true when people feel hopeless in finding a love relationship in their life. We sometimes allow statistics to set us off on a path of hopelessness. If you are looking for that someone special, just remember that it is just “one” someone special that you need to find.

The summer of 1993 I spoke at Kutztown University as part of Life Spectrum’s week-long conference. I presented a five-day workshop about the angelic kingdom. I worked with a class of 30 people every morning for about two hours. On Friday when I concluded my class I went around the room and said to my students, “Don’t confuse the messenger with the message. What I am saying is not to be confused by what my service is.

Think about it right now. What is it that you want to do in your own life? How do you want to incorporate the message of the angels and service to God in your own personal life? How do you want to use everything that has been shared this week with you by the angelic kingdom to make your life better and the world a better place? What can you do in service with the angels?”

I went around the room and one after another, each student indicated how he or she was going to work with the angelic kingdom. One woman in particular had a whole new outlook on her job. She works for a blood laboratory and has the role of seeing thousands of samples of blood pass before her every day as she processes them. She indicated that she was going to work with the angels in blessing each one of these samples. She was going to pray that the information that came from the blood work would assist them for their highest good and would provide a healing in their life. She had never seen her role through the eyes of empowerment, but the angels have given her that opportunity to see herself as a servant to God. She went away from the workshop realizing she was going to touch the lives of thousands and thousands of people and would be fulfilling a service to God in doing so. She was quite excited about going back to work on Monday morning.

Again, I continued around the room asking how the angels had inspired the class members to serve God in their lives. It was apparent that the angels had blessed each life and each person in turn was going to be a blessing to their family and their community.

One woman named Irina, who was visiting the United States from Moscow, stood up before the class and announced with conviction, “I’m going to take the hope of the angels to my people in Russia too. I am going to inspire them with hope in these challenging times of transition and I am planning to take Jayne to Russia, too, to bring her message to my people.” Needless to say I was as amazed as the rest of the class to hear these words. I was honored by her invitation. Irina was the editor of Urania Magazine, a beautiful spiritual publication that had been in existence for approximately three years and was published in both English and Russian.

Irina came up to me after the class and shared her enthusiasm over her service with the angels as an editor and in her life in Russia. She then invited me to participate as a workshop presenter at a conference to be held in November of 1993 in Moscow. Hearing her words brought back into my awareness an incident that had foretold this happening. It had been a few years prior and it occurred on Sunday, December 31st.

Every December 31st I participate in promoting and being a part of the World Healing Meditation. I wrote about this event and included the actual meditation in Commune With the Angels. On this particular December 31st, which fell on a Sunday, I came home from a group meditation and turned on one of my favorite television programs, Dr. Schuller’s Hour of Power. That particular Sunday was an extraordinary Sunday because Dr. Schuller had just returned from Russia. He was the first western hemisphere minister to be allowed by the Russian government to give a series of sermons over the Russian television network.

He had been instructed that he could not have a sermon that promoted Christianity, but rather, it had to be a general inspirational sermon to uplift the people and give them hope.

I remember that Armand Hammer had arranged for the Russian telecast to be broadcast to the people who were tuned into the Hour of Power in America. I was one of the people who witnessed this history-making sermon being given by Dr. Schuller. I stood in front of my television almost frozen, knowing that walls were being brought down by every word Dr. Schuller spoke.

We were transcending time zones. We were transcending past fears. We were transcending cold wars. The message of hope was being delivered to all of God’s people on the earth. He shared the words from Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

As I stood riveted to the television set, I heard the angels say, “And you, too, will be a messenger of hope to the Russian people.” That was the first time I had ever thought about the possibility of my going to Russia. I knew in that moment that sometime in my life I would be visiting Russia as a courier of hope carrying with me God’s message.

That became a reality on Monday, November 1st, 1993 when I flew from Dulles International Airport to Heathrow in London, England and then flew onto Moscow. As part of a week-long conference I gave my workshop with the assistance of a translator and, of course, the assistance of the angels. The theme of the conference was ‘Sophia Returns’. Sophia is a term for the Wisdom of God.

While I was in Moscow the organizers of the conference took a group of us to a local flea market. At the flea market I came across a painting of Archangel Michael holding a sword that was not a sword of steel but rather of fire. I loved the symbolism of the fire because so often God is depicted in the Bible as fire. One such example is Moses’ experience with the burning bush.

The painting was of Michael cutting through all darkness with the power of God’s energy. The painting was on a piece of wood. I purchased the painting and after I bought it one of my hosts commented that I might have a problem getting the painting through customs, as Russia’s customs agency was funny about artwork leaving the country.

When it came time for me to leave Russia and I went through customs, I kept the painting of Michael out in full view. When the customs officer asked what I had to declare, I showed him Archangel Michael. He asked if it was old. I told him I didn’t know. I had bought it at a flea market in Moscow and had paid $50 for it. I was totally stunned by what he did next. He took out a pocketknife and cut the edge of the painting to see what was underneath.

I heard the angels inspire me with the words, “Detach! Detach! Detach!” I knew what I had to do. I said to the officer, “Look, I am really homesick and want to go home. If you need to keep the picture, keep it.” The officer ‘s attention was drawn to the eyes of Archangel Michael. He never looked at me again. With his eyes affixed upon Michael he handed back the painting and said, “You take it with you.” It was as if he couldn’t give it back to me fast enough. I have been so blessed in my worldwide travels, to be guided by the angels to awesome works of art depicting Archangel Michael: the wooden Michael I found in Mexico; the painting of Michael with a sword of fire in Russia.

At the beginning of blog, I shared with you the opportunity I had to speak at the Conclave of Michael. Many of us serve alongside Archangel Michael. Michael’s name in Hebrew means “He who is like God”. So if you have made changes in your life recently that are inspiring you to commit yourself to live your life in fulfillment of God’s vision of you, chances are you are hearing Michael’s calling.

Calgary, Canada has been written about as an established location of Michael’s energy on earth and when I saw the magnificent Canadian Rockies for the first time I commented, “Michael, this is so you.”

The week before I left for Calgary I felt Michael’s promptings to release my job of 20 plus years with an advertising agency. I heard Michael’s calling: “Come to me free of spirit. Come to me without your job.” I was panicked by the very thought of leaving my job. How would I survive? I was scared. I was a woman alone and paying the bills was totally up to me. I could feel the vibration of truth in Michael’s words but my fears were too great. I just couldn’t do it. Michael did not judge me. The angels never judge us. They merely stand back and let us “chew” on their wisdom. They are in our lives to inspire us, not to live our lives for us. The decision would be up to me.

While in Calgary on one particular morning during a lecture, the presence of Michael came to me again. I heard him speak as clearly as the speaker on the podium. Again he said to me, “It is time to be free in spirit. It is time to leave your work and take your place serving God with the company of angels.” My dear friend, Paula Kyle, who was seated next to me, felt something going on. She looked at me and said, “You just got a message, didn’t you?” I shared with her what Michael had said and she asked, “Did he give you a date to leave?” I replied, “We’re negotiating on that.”

There was really no negotiating except in my mind. I knew Michael was right. It was time and it was to be accomplished on May 5, 1994. On this date there would be a trinity or three-times blessing of the vibration of the five, which is the energy of change, expansion, growth, moving forward. I was inspired by the angels to look up the message for two times five, or the master number 55 because the energy of 55 was also included in May 5, 1994. Master numbers are numbers that emphasize the quality of the single number and raise its vibration to a higher level of intensity or consciousness because of its being doubled; therefore 55 is a higher consciousness of the number 5 and 555 is a higher consciousness of 55.

I used Numerology and Your Future for my research. It is written by Dusty Bunker, whom I consider to be a master numerologist. Dusty shares the possibilities that there are Masters who physically walk the earth or hover above it and each of these Masters guides watches over a different department of life. Under “55” Dusty wrote: “Master Agents 55 are assigned to the department of communications and investigation. They must separate the true from the false…The Ace of Swords in the Tarot would be a good card to reflect upon.”

Could Dusty be describing Archangel Michael as the Master Agent of 55 who is inspiring us to the Swordbearers of the Truth for God? Since that time I have come to know without a shadow of a doubt that Archangel Michael reveals himself thorough the numerical vibration of 555. Interestingly enough, years later I would catch a public radio broadcast with a scientist who spoke of the geometric symmetry in a flower known as the Michaelmas that has some sort of 555 configuration. His words were over my head but not over my heart.

When I came home and went back to work I was rationalizing as I sat at my desk at the advertising agency that what had happened maybe didn’t happen, but in my heart I knew it had. It was all so scary and rationalizing was an easier path than taking the plunge. As I played mind games with myself I questioned, “Was it really Michael?” Almost like a Memorex commercial. Was it real or was it Memorex? I didn’t have to play the game for long. A beautiful necklace of Austrian crystal beads that I was wearing around my neck just exploded and the beads flew in every direction of the office. I heard the angels lovingly whisper, “Jayne, you know it is time. You are out of here.”

Later that day when I got ready to leave the office and reached inside my purse for my keys, which were attached to a key chain with my name spelled out in big letters, I realized that my name had separated from the key chain. I knew I was being given signs and signals that it was time to separate myself from my old identity.

There was no doubt I had to resign. I knew it. The angels knew it. And my boss was going to know soon, too. I was certain about my leaving but was still dragging my feet on the date. Was 5-5-5 the date for sure? That evening the confirmation came through loud and clear. As I finished a telephone reading, I turned on television and saw the final scene of a program. A woman falsely accused of being a witch in Salem was sentenced by the judge. His words to her were, “You have been sentenced to die on May 5th.” I knew May 5, 1994 was the death of my old identity at the advertising agency.

The very next day I gave notice. My boss, though somewhat surprised stated, “I knew it was coming. I just didn’t know it would be this soon.” I shared with him that it was now because now was the time.

My boss asked me whom I was going to work for. I stated, “God and the company of angels.” After I had this conversation I went to the post office as I did each work morning to pick up the office mail and at the same time picked up my own personal mail. There in my mailbox was a large package. When I looked inside I saw copies of a newspaper article. I had forgotten that three weeks earlier a reporter had visited my home and had written an article about my service with the angels. I opened the article and saw the headline the reporter had chosen for her article: THE COMPANY OF ANGELS IS HER EMPLOYER. So it was official – in black and white print – I was working for God and the Company of Angels.

I share with you the following personal ceremony to rededicate your life to serving God and fulfilling your role as an earthly member of the legion of Archangel Michael.

Light a blue candle upon your altar. It is symbolic of the Blue Ray of Michael and represents the Will of God – the Power of God – the Protection of God.

Say these words or put the thought into your own personal expression:
Michael, I kneel before you in humility and dedicate my life to the fulfillment of God’s plan for earth. I have answered your call to serve alongside you glorifying and exalting God in all my choices, my actions, words and deeds. I AM THAT I AM

Mastering my life and its experiences.

Intuitively responding to life with my inner God-inspired wisdom.

Caring for all that I am given stewardship and guardianship over.

Healing and helping others to heal.

Abundantly embracing with joy my identity as a beloved child of God.

Energizing my life with love.

Living in the eternal NOW.

Stretch out your arm and visualize your arm as a Sword. It is not a sword that serves as a weapon. It is a sword that cuts you free from all that is less than God’s will in your life. Your whole body is activated with the Blue Ray vibration.

Hear Michael inspire you with the message: You are God’s swordbearers on earth. Speak your God truth. Write your God truth. Own your God truth as your identity. Radiate your God truth. Dedicate your life to your God truth. Remember, you can use the sword to cut yourself free from all the illusions in your life. Cut yourself free from any bonds to the past that prevents you from fully embracing your highest good. Cut yourself free from anything that is no longer useful or purposeful in your life. You are the Sword of God’s Truth – and the truth will set you free

Accept this dedication as fulfilled. May God be glorified and exalted by this ceremony and may you be blessed for you are truly a blessing on the earth.

I wish to share the following prayer sent to me by Shelley MacDonald of South Attleboro, Massachusetts. She shared with me that by saying this prayer she is given strength and courage, especially during the times when she feels anxious or discouraged. Shelley is the host of an inspirational radio program and truly is a member of the legion of Michael. She is a blessing of God’s light upon all those who meet her.
“Come, come, O Michael, dear.
By thy faith my way is clear.
Sword of blue
Flashing through
Give me faith and protection too!
Shine within me, all about me.
With Michael’s faith will none doubt me.
Guard my way, right now, today
Casting all my fears away.
Within, without I see your flame.
Go forth in God’s own name.

Love in abundance,