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In 1995, through divine angelics inspirations from Archangel Raphael, I was asked to participate in the creation of an energy grid in the shape of a six-pointed star, known as the Creator’s Star and Star of David by weaving energy at six points chosen by God.

I was inspired by the angels to share with you the messages that I received while weaving the six-pointed star grid as these messages are especially relevant for us in 2011 and 2012. The angelic grid is a grid that supports the birthing of consciousness of being blessings of God. In 1995, the grid supported the arrival of "angel babies".

The grid's energy supports each and every one of us in awakening to our divine identity as earth angels of hope, encouragement, support and love. We are in an essence experiencing a new awareness of ourselves. We are having an infusion experience with the Star of David. Heaven and earth comes together inside of each of us and stirs within us an awakening consciousness that we are blessed to be blessings.

The six-pointed star has many symbolic meanings. The upward pointing triangle of fire and masculine energy meets the downward pointing triangle of water and feminine energy, the two merging in perfect harmony. Because the blending of the two triangles creates divine emergent energy, six is known as the perfect number.
The base of each triangle bisects the other under the apex, forming the symbols for air and earth. The star portrays the four elements, which are combined with the vibration of the number three (the triangle) to produce the sacred number seven. The star itself has only six points, the seventh point is said to be invisible and represents the spiritual element of divine transformation.

In Freemasonry the six-pointed star represents totality. The Star of David was worn on the Shield of King David. It is also been called Solomon’s Seal because Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba, summoned angels with it until his death in 903 b.c. The Seal of Solomon appears in holy writings and has strong associations with Hebrew mysticism.

This symbol has also been called The Creator’s Star and the six points of the star have been representations of God’s power, wisdom, love, majesty, justice, and mercy. It is believed that the concept of the six-pointed star representing the Star of Creation originated from the last verse in the first chapter of Genesis: “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.” At the completion of the sixth day God had completed both heaven and earth. In my research of the Creator’s Star I was intrigued when guided to the Biblical reference because the verse is Genesis 1:31January 31st – or 1:31 is my birth date.

The star has also come to represent the temple of Jerusalem, an elaborate sacred space where heaven and earth; spirit and soul conjoin. In alchemical teachings “conjunction” or sacred marriage took place in the Holy of Holies – the heart of the temple.

The function of my weaving a Creator’s Star/ Star of David energy grid was to serve in providing sacred space, conjoining angels of heaven with people of earth in service to God.

When Raphael first inspired me with God’s assignment, I was simply asked if I would be willing to serve with the angels in the creation of a six-pointed star grid that would be a blessing to children coming to earth.

I was not initially told where the points would be. Each location would be revealed just prior to the time when God wanted me to go to that location. To Raphael’s question as to whether or not I was willing to answer this call of service, I simply replied, “When do we start? I’m ready.”

The first point of the star was Portland, Oregon. I was asked to spend 21 days in Portland in November 1995. This is where the weaving began.

The angels shared with me that the Creator’s Star would serve as a guiding light for children coming to earth. I met in my travels incredible men and women who in their marriages were experiencing difficulties in pregnancies. The angels sent special blessings to these people.

To some souls on earth life has no value or meaning. We have witnessed the tragedy of a man blowing up a building in Oklahoma City with many lives lost, including the lives of innocent children in a daycare center. There are, however, precious people on the planet who are dedicating time, energy, and resources to welcoming a baby into their lives. The angels referred to the next generation of children as “Angel babies”.

In addition to my Creator’s Star weaving experience, in several of the locations I was asked by the angels to give a workshop as a fundraiser and all monies from the workshop went directly to the families of a baby who was experiencing major health afflictions.

For example, the weaving tour energy began in Baltimore, Maryland with a “kickoff” fund-raiser at Heavens to Betsy Angel Store in Ellicott City, Maryland. Betsy McMahan, the storeowner, hosted my workshop and the monies raised benefited a Maryland child who was in need of surgery for a collapsed lung. Not only had I been made aware of this child by the angels, but the angels inspired many others as over $50,000 was raised by people responding to a photograph and article about this child, which appeared on the front page of The Baltimore Sun on September 29, 1995 – Michaelmas Day. This was just one example of the angels revealing to us that we are making a difference in each other’s lives. We do not have to feel that we have to do it all. We just have to do our part.

At the end of October 1995, I was asked by the angels to prepare to go to Portland, Oregon. As I truly do operate on a wing and a prayer, I asked for inspiration of where I could stay for the 21 days in Portland. I heard the name, “Hilda Kemp.”

Hilda Kemp was a woman who had contacted me for a one-hour spiritual consultation over the phone. She and I had never met in person. She knew of me through my book. I knew it was quite possible that when I called Hilda and asked if I could stay at her home for 21 days she would quickly say goodbye to me. Yet I knew this was who God wanted me to call. When I called Hilda, I outlined why I was being called to Oregon. Hilda paused for a moment and then shared that she was a widow and had a spare bedroom and for me to proceed with my plans to come to Portland.

Hilda was 80 years of age and because of a diet of natural supplements, looked liked she was in her 60’s. I am quite certain I was placed in Hilda’s home as an attempt by Spirit to clean up my unhealthy eating habits.

Hilda was like the grandmother I never had. We watched Anne of Green Gables together. We talked spirituality into the wee hours of the morning. Hilda was called home to God a few years ago. I know there was a joyous reunion between her and her husband. I truly miss her.

I was placed in Hilda’s home not only because of the blessing Hilda was to be, but additionally because I was one block away from The Grotto in Portland. The Grotto, as it is commonly called, is The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, a beautiful 62-acre Catholic Shrine and botanical garden located in Portland, Oregon. The Friars of the Order of Servants of Mary administer it. Each morning for 21 days I would go to The Grotto for prayer and meditation time.

While in Portland I was asked by the angels to meet them at Mt. St. Helens. I remembered as I dashed out the door of my home in Upperco, Maryland, on my way to the airport to fly to Portland, Oregon, I reached into a heart-shaped basket in which I keep holy cards honoring saints. I believe the saints are truly universal messengers of God just as the angels are. I asked for a blessing from the saint that would be traveling with me and the card I drew was St. Helen. St. Helen had a church built over the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and over the cave where Jesus was born in Bethlehem. She retrieved the cross on which Jesus died and is known as the Discover of the True Cross.

There are things we do in our lives and at the time of doing them we do not understand why. I remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980; I contacted the U.S. Geological Survey people and obtained photographs of the eruption. The photographs held me spellbound; in many of the photographs you can see spirit faces.

When the angels called me to experience Mt. St. Helens with them I was emotionally moved by the energy of the mountain and the greatness of God. It was a humbling experience. Let us never forget who really has the power. God is in control.

While at Mt. St. Helens I was guided to spend time in meditation weaving together with the energy of prayers, Biblical verses, songs and harp blessings the light of Archangel Michael; the light of God’s fire that burns within each of us – a sacred/cosmic fire; the light of St. Helen; the light of the “Fire Sisters” and volcanoes on earth; the light of God’s Will, God’s Power and God’s Protection; the light of Divine Order.

Additionally each grid point was connected with an ethereal body chakra. Mt. St. Helens was the foundation chakra. It contains the energy of building one’s life upon faith in God.

In traditional chakra teachings, the base or foundation chakra contains energies that support us in having our needs for food/shelter and clothing met. The grid weaving included the message of John 6:48: “I am the bread of life.” Each of the grid points established the energy of our relationship with God. God is the food that sustains us. Feed your faith in God and all your needs will be met. God will not fail you.

At Mt. St. Helens, the angels reminded me of how inspired I was by the book Angels of Pompeii, Photographs by Stephen Brigidi and Poetry by Robert Bly. When I first learned of this project in the works, I called Stephen Brigidi and gave him a blessing from the angels. He expressed that the project was behind schedule and he seemed a little frustrated. I told him not to give up on this project; it was very important and as a sign from the angels of the importance of this work of art, I was to purchase the first issue of his Special Edition. I have in my home Special Edition No. 1 of 200 of this incredible book.

On the front leaf of this book are the words, “When photographer and teacher Stephen Brigidi traveled to Pompeii for the first time, he was captivated by the luminous frescoes of angels on the decayed walls of the ancient city. Here, long after the destruction by Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the angels remain, timeless and transcendent.”

Vesuvius is a volcanic mountain in Naples, Italy. No matter what is erupting in our lives, God sends the angels to remain around us – “timeless and transcendent.”

The “Fire Sisters” that were part of the weaving energy are Mt. Shasta, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker. The voice of God spoke to me through the volcanoes. The voice assured me that even when our whole world is erupting and our old ways are being destroyed; know that at the same time space is being made for new things. New life to take shape. New experiences. New creations. A whole new world being birthed from the ash.

Following the sacred weaving ceremony, I was inspired to purchase books, videos, and posters of Mt. St. Helens. One of the films showed the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, the fires that followed and gave a Biblical quote that spoke to my soul:

“And behold, the Lord passed by and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rock in pieces…and after the wind an earthquake…and after the earthquake a five…and after the fire a still small voice.” 1 Kings 19:11.

I felt God touch my soul with His words. In my own life I have experienced winds of change that tore my life apart; my life being broken into pieces; the ground beneath me quaking and shaking; emotional fires burning with me. After all of this, it happened I found myself at a place where I heard the still small voice of God whispering to me, “It’s a whole new world being created inside of you.” Have you experienced this in your life?

In the Bible in Exodus 13:21-22 the appearance of Yahweh was recorded as “A pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.” This pretty well describes the volcanic spirit energy.

To help align yourself with the spirit of God during the winds, earthquakes and fires of your life, I suggest that you align yourself through sound with the sound of YAHWEH. You can do this by chanting praise to God through the “AH” vibration such as AL-leuia. The vowel sound of “AH” opens the heart to love. You can also chant AUM emphasizing the AH such as AHHMMMMMM.

The message of the first grid point was that true power belongs to God, and that we are to express our faith by expressing our trust that our lives are in divine order even in the midst of upheaval. You can utilize the affirmation, “My life is in divine order” to support your standing steadfast with your faith when the ground beneath you is quaking and shaking. Even if it appears your life is on shaky ground, affirm with conviction that your life is in divine order.

The experience at Mt. St. Helens mirrored to me that there are times in our lives when we are each a phoenix resurrected from the ashes. We arise as newborns from the ashes of our own personal eruptions. When I returned home from Oregon, I found my furnace had been stopped up by a chimney sweeps’ cleaning service and as a result ashes were strewn throughout my home. I knew that I was witnessing a physical manifestation of what was happening spiritually inside of me.

In February 1996 I was called to rendezvous with the angels in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A friend who knew that a special assignment with the angels was bringing me to Florida, arranged for me to stay at the private home of someone she knew. So I was to stay at the home of a friend of a friend. What occurred is one of the most bizarre incidents in my travels.

The first evening of my stay the angels told me not to unpack anything because I wasn’t staying beyond this first night. They indicated I needed to unpack the angel art that I travel with and place one painting facing out to the west; one to the east; one to the north and one to the south. I was setting up a protective wall of energy. I had no idea what I was being protected from.

The next day I left my hostess’s home and drove to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida. This would be the site of the weaving energy. While in the sacred energy of the conservatory I asked for divine inspiration of what to do regarding my living arrangements. I was inspired to go back to the home and wait for the hostess and tell her I needed to leave.

I definitely did not handle this situation abundantly. I was certain that something was not abundant in the neighborhood or the angels wouldn’t be moving me out so fast. I didn’t want to alarm the hostess but at the same time I was concerned for her safety and my own as well. When the sun began to set, I wanted to get out of “Dodge” and so I decided to leave her a note. That choice was purely my own. It was not divinely inspired. And it is a decision that I look back on with disappointment in myself. I called her later that evening and with good reason she was very angry with me.

I tried to express to her that I had been inspired to move on, and I attempted to smooth things over, I explained that it could be an underground energy source that was not abundant for my own energy. In the conversation she blurted out that she had already decided to put the house on the market because of drug transactions taking place next door. When she said that, I felt myself rejoice inside for her decision and for the protection of the angels around my service. However, I still felt disappointed in my handling of the situation.

Whenever you are called to serve God’s Light, there is always an energy that wants to see you fail and wants to stop you. I experienced this energy in some form throughout the entire grid-weaving project.

Once I had left this home, I quickly realized I had no place to stay. I could not reach the person who had made arrangements for me to stay at the home I had just left. Quite frankly, I knew that this individual wasn’t going to be too happy with me either.

The angels came to my rescue by whispering Rachel Salley’s name into my ear. Rachel Salley is a British medium who now lives in Florida with her husband, Robert. I called Rachel in Port St. Lucie. When she heard my voice she said, “Jayne, I knew something was going on with you. I have been thinking about you all day long. How can I help you?” I asked if she knew anyone living near Ft. Lauderdale who would allow me to stay in his or her home. Rachel had very good friends – John and Sandy Martinez – in a community near Ft. Lauderdale. Rachel gave me their address and told me to go to their home and ask for their help.

Through the grace of God I easily found their home, and parked outside of their house. Sandy and John came home from work and there was this strange lady parked in a car by their home. I approached Sandy and explained I, too, was a friend of Rachel Salley’s and I explained my problem in having no place to stay. Sandy replied, “Sure you can stay with us. Come on in.” As I unloaded my belongings, I heard her husband following Sandy into the house asking, “Who is that woman?” “An Angel Lady? What’s an Angel Lady? She’s staying with us!”

I give thanks to Rachel Salley’s help and to Sandy and John Martinez’ kindness to me. Their home became my home base for the weaving of the energy in Florida.

As I shared, Butterfly World was selected as the site for the sacred weaving. When Butterfly World opened for business in the spring of 1988, it became the first and largest butterfly house in the United States. It is truly a paradise to behold. At Butterfly World you will find gardens, waterfalls, tropical plants, flowers and butterflies. Butterfly World promotes itself as the largest single butterfly habitat in the world with over 5,000 butterflies enjoying a natural rain forest environment.

A few years prior to my grid weaving experience, I had been gifted an angel painting that I treasure. It depicts an angel seated by a stream. There’s a small waterfall across from the angel. A tree is nearby with a white dove perched in the tree. The angel stretches her arm out and a butterfly touches her fingertip.

During one of my visits to Butterfly World, I was seated inside the conservatory. There was a small stream in front of me with a waterfall. A tree was near me and I looked up to see a single white dove in the tree, cooing to its heart’s content. Just then I heard the angels whisper, “Art imitates life.” A beautiful butterfly fluttered by. I stretched out my arm and it gave me a flutter-bye blessing as it touched my fingertips.

The second point of the Creator’s Star was woven with the light of Archangel Jophiel; the light of the element of air; the light of St. Benedict; the light of butterflies; and God’s light of illumination; wisdom and understanding. The second grid point contains the energy of the second chakra; the chakra of identity as well as the verse from John 8:12 – I am the light of the world. The essence of this grid conveys to us our identity with the Christ Consciousness and relationship with the light Christ brought to the world.

The message of the second point on the grid is God’s teaching that comes through butterflies. Butterflies are symbols of freedom and light. In many countries people consider butterflies as messengers from loved ones in heaven. There’s a legend that butterflies developed from the tears of the Virgin Mary. In China butterflies symbolize the soul, transformation and rebirth.

Butterflies inspire us to remember we are evolving from our life as caterpillars and in the process there is a time in which we are in transition. We each are no longer the caterpillars and we’re not quite at the point of becoming the butterfly. This time period requires trust and faith in the process of pushing through old barriers into becoming our true butterfly self complete with glorious wings.

Additionally, the blessing of understanding was taught to me. In a dream, God appeared to King Solomon and asked him, “What shall I give you?’ Solomon could have asked for anything. His response is found in 1 King 3:9:

“…give to your servant an understanding heart to judge your people, that I may discern between good and evil…”

This answer was very pleasing to God in Solomon’s time and is very pleasing to God today when we choose to ask for an understanding heart for our own lives. In our prayers we can ask for the ability to understand with God’s illumination, that which is good and evil for us.

When you find yourself confused by events going on in your life, still yourself and ask for God’s understanding. “God, what would you have my heart understand about this problem?”

St. Benedict’s blessing was woven into the star grid because of his life being an example of a messenger of God’s wisdom, discretion and loving kindness. St. Benedict built twelve monasteries. His monasteries were sanctuaries of light and learning. Without the monasteries which kept focused on transcribing manuscripts of the Bible, and teachings of God’s wisdom and illumination, the Dark Ages would have been even darker.

When St. Benedict was dying, he asked his fellow monks to assist him in standing in the chapel of one of his monasteries. He raised his hands in praise to God as he died. I was inspired when I read this, because he was creating a “Y” with his body. Arms raised to heaven to honor the glory of Yahweh.

Benedict established an order or rule for monastic life which many orders still function under to this day. Interesting enough, the second chakra energizes our duality energies. All of us have masculine and feminine energies within us. St. Benedict was a twin. His sister Scholastica founded the Benedictine order of nuns.

The element of air, woven into the second grid point, is representative of our mental faculties; our using the gift of our minds to become great-thinkers.

Identify yourself as someone whom God has blessed with the gift of free will. With that freedom of choice, choose to think of yourself as a God-thought. Exercise your mind muscles daily.

Think about the thoughts you are thinking. Ask yourself if the thoughts are worth thinking.

In the song from The Wizard of Oz: "If I Only Had A Brain," the Scarecrow sings: With the thoughts I'd be thinking, I would be another Lincoln. If I only had a brain."

We have brains. We can stop and analyze our thoughts and ask ourselves honestly: "With the thoughts that I'm thinking, I could be another _______________." And we can fill in the blank.

In the weeks to come, I will continue to share with you through my blog, the weaving of the four remaining blessings points of the Angelic Grid.

Angelic Blessings,

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