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While attending the Michael Conclave in Calgary, Canada in March, 1994, I was inspired by Spirit that I needed to attend a conference that was being held in Egypt in December, 1994.

The purpose of the trip was to gather people together on the 12th day of December – the 12th month- for a ceremony of rededicating ourselves and the earth to God’s Will.

Spirit was calling us to be messengers from God to choose love instead of hatred, understanding instead of judgment and peace instead of war. The place the ceremony was to be held was the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Even though I clearly heard the message, the part of me that likes to mimic Bill Cosby’s Noah, “You want me to build what?” asked for confirmation through what I call the Trinity blessing.

Give me a message three times and I know it has God’s stamp on it. I considered the inspiration at Calgary as sign number one.

Following my trip to Canada, I went to have a private session with an incredible medium that lived in Arlington, Virginia. The medium is Rev. Reed Brown.

I expected to receive messages from loved ones in spirit. God had other plans for my session. As Rev. Brown opened to God’s inspiration, he indicated that there was a large animal being shown to him. He described its big nose and humps on its back. He proclaimed that there was a camel being shown to him.

Rev. Brown explained that the camel wanted to give me a big friendly lick and that the camel was a messenger from God that I was to go to Egypt and that while I was there I would receive a message in a sacred place similar to a “holy of holies.” Now understand Rev. Brown knew nothing of my plans to go to Egypt. I knew that Rev. Brown had delivered sign number two.

About a week later my cousin Marty called me from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Marty was so excited she could hardly get the words out. Marty had just begun to learn to meditate. During one of her meditation sessions, she clearly heard God’s voice say to her, “Go visit Mrs. Brown, she has something to share with you.”

This was all new to Marty and so there was a part of her rational self that was questioning an inspiration that wanted her to go next door to Mrs. Brown’s house and inquire what Mrs. Brown had for her.

Marty decided “nothing ventured; nothing gained” so she went next door and knocked on the front door of her 85-year-old neighbor. Marty explained to Mrs. Brown that what she was going to ask might sound crazy; however she was meditating and felt she had clearly heard God’s voice tell her to visit Mrs. Brown because Mrs. Brown had something to share with her. Mrs. Brown smiled at my cousin and replied, “Come inside, dear, I’ve been expecting you.”

As it turns out, Mrs. Brown was a long-time student of spiritual development and religions. Mrs. Brown and Marty chatted the evening away. As Marty rose to go home Mrs. Brown remarked, “And by the way, please tell your cousin that God is calling her to go to Egypt.”

Marty dashed home and called me and shared the message. Just like Rev. Brown, Marty did not know I was considering going to Egypt. After she shared Mrs. Brown’s message, Marty asked, “What does it mean?” I replied, “It means tomorrow I am sending in my deposit for the trip to Egypt.”

There would be several more messengers who would come forward prior to my trip to Egypt. One was Michelle Anderson. God has blessed Michelle as the guardian of an incredible healing technique known as the Master Alignment. Prior to my going to Egypt, Michelle gave me a message that while in Egypt I would change my name. I have to admit that when she told me that my first thought was, “Oh great, I am going to come back thinking I’m the Queen of Sheba.” My thoughts were very flippant when she shared her message.

During my trip to Egypt both Rev. Brown and Michelle’s messages would come true. While I was visiting an ancient Egyptian temple, I toured a part of the temple known as the Holy of Holies.

While standing in the energy of this sacred space, I felt the presence of God come over me and give to me the following message: Change the spelling of your name from Jane to JAYNE. When people ask you, “Why did you change your name, tell them the ‘Y’ stands for YAHWEH and you are serving as a messenger to inspire people to put God in the center of their lives.” From that moment forward my name has been Jayne. I love the letter “Y in the center of my name. “Y” inspires me with the image of myself with my arms held up to God.

During my trip to Egypt I had the opportunity to be in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. While in the Queen’s Chamber I had a vision of Mary and the Christ Child in her arms. I knew I was to share this vision with others and was guided to Marty Betz, a truly gifted artist, whom I commissioned on behalf of the angels to create in physical form what I saw on 12-12-94. Interestingly enough, I picked up the completed artwork from Marty on September 29, 1995 – Michaelmas Day.

As I experienced the vision in Egypt, I saw Archangel Michael standing in front of Mary and the Christ Child. I felt he was a protector of her energy and that was why he was in front of her. It would later be revealed to me that Michael was standing in front of Mary as a veil to an energy that I was not yet ready to experience or witness.

On Mother’s Day weekend of 1995 while co-leading a women’s spiritual retreat with Lucky Sweeny, the veil was lifted and I encountered Archangel Raphael and began learning of my co-service with Raphael in creating a Star of David grid energy pattern as an angelic assignment. When Michael stepped away from the front of the vision, which first began in the Great Pyramid on 12-12-94 and was completed on Mother’s Day 1995, I saw Raphael holding a Grail Cup with the world on the front of the cup.

The Holy Grail has fascinated the minds and captivated the hearts of many of us. I can remember as a young child being enchanted with the legend of the heroic King Arthur, his glorious knights and his inspirational Round Table. That enchantment grew into my quest to learn more.

I became a Grail Seeker; one who began her journey in pursuit of information about the Holy Grail, and in time realized that I was on a journey of self-discovery. That which I sought outside of myself was leading to that which was within me waiting to be found.

The Grail shows up in many cultures and traditions. What is it about the Grail that intrigues us on such an intimate level? What symbolic message can be interpreted from these tales of old that would hold relevance for us today?

The Grail reportedly came to the earth during the mighty battle for good and evil waged in heaven. While some angels sided with Satan and some with God, a third group of neutral angels brought down a “loving cup” and placed it on earth. This act was to be a reminder to humanity that through communion with the Christ energy, those lost in hell could find their way back to heaven.

A similar interpretation describes the sacred chalice as originating as a stone, an emerald from the crown of Lucifer. Michael, with his flaming sword, struck the jewel from Lucifer’s crown. The stone fell to earth and out of this gem the Holy Grail was created. A symbol of good being victorious over evil.

According to Christian legend, the Grail Cup was the same cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It was believed that Joseph of Arimathaea, a disciple of Jesus, brought the Grail to the place of Jesus’ crucifixion. The cup is said to have caught the blood pouring from the body of Jesus.

Years later, Joseph captained a ship and crew and took the sacred relics in his possession, the bloody spear used by the Roman soldiers to pierce the side of Jesus and the Holy Grail cup, to England to a place now known as Glastonbury. It has been inferred that the oarsmen on that ship were later incarnated as the Knights of the Round Table. This same group would gather again as the founders of the United States of America.

At the Round Table, symbolic of unity with God, was a mysterious empty seat, called the Siege Perilous, where none might sit except he who was successful in questing after the Holy Grail. It represented the perfect individual, or the “Christed One”. Sir Galahad, son of Sir Lancelot, attained this high honor because of his spiritual purity.

In lore, the Grail has been described as a greatly sought-after object. While the search for the Grail is depicted as long, hard and demanding, it is deemed as an exceedingly worthy pursuit. This is because the search is symbolic of seeking balance in one’s own life. In all the stories, the knights went out beyond themselves, sacrificing much along the way. Vigilantly walking the path between the opposites of good and evil, between fear and courage, they were inspired with the realization of their highest spiritual potential.

In James Russell Lowell’s “Vision of Sir Launfal” the arrogant knight rode forth in search of the Holy Grail and threw a gold piece to a leper who rejected it. After years of unsuccessfully searching for the Holy Grail, the knight returned home and encountered the same leper. This time St. Launfal shared with the leper his last piece of bread and offered him a drink from his cup. The leper revealed himself to be Christ and the cup transformed into the long sought-after Holy Grail cup. This is a lesson that Christ taught: What you do for others you do for Christ.

What significance does the Holy Grail hold for us now and why did I see it as part of my vision in Egypt?

The cup itself is symbolic of the heart. Christ’s command “Drink from it, all of you” is an offering of the Christ energy to all who commune and drink of the cup of the love of Jesus for humanity.

The Holy Grail is the embodiment of love from God’s heart to ours. It is the outpouring of God’s love, which fills each of our lives as we search for truth. Gaining God’s truth will unlock the mysteries of life and death, by revealing to us our own eternal being through Christ consciousness.

We are all knights. We are all seekers of that which is our own internal truth. However, like Sir Launfal, we discover the Grail only when we come back home or to the center point of our life.

Sometimes it is when there is a loss of something, or it feels as if we’ve hit rock bottom, that we discover that which has always been within us waiting to be uncovered.

Every One of us has within us the potential for this spiritual awakening. The moment that occurs in our life when we realize that instead of seeking a cup outside ourselves we proclaim, “Aha! I am the cup I seek.”

Each one of us is a sacred vessel of God’s life and light. We are a vessel of God’s love, one breath, one heartbeat, one body, one energy, one consciousness through which pours God’s illumination.

In the vision Raphael inspires us to discover the cup within us and lift our cup, our life, upward in glorification of God through service.

Spirit inspired me with the message that through service to God – drinking of the cup of service – God’s will for earth will be achieved. Raphael represents God’s healing hands lifting us up in consciousness, frequency, vibration, awareness and understanding. God lifts us up from the ashes of our lives.

At the same time I was communing with Raphael on Mother’s Day weekend, a woman named Allison Carter who lives in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia was in meditation. During that meditation she looked out of her home, which overlooks Cacapon Mountain. She saw a huge angel appear and the angel said to her, “Please invite Jayne Howard to your home and ask her to come spend time with me here.” Allison later shared with me that she felt she was “angel ignorant” at that time in her life and so she asked the angel, “Who do I tell Jayne invites her?” The angel replied, “Archangel Raphael.”

Allison thought I would think she was crazy, as she didn’t know who Raphael was but did what was requested of her. When she told me the name Raphael, I immediately asked, “When can I come?”

As we looked at our schedules I realized the importance of the meeting and chose the 4th of July as the date to make the trip. As our country celebrated the energy of freedom, I was enveloped with the energy of God’s desire for us to freely embrace the “God-thoughts” that we are.

While in meditation with Raphael at Allison’s home I received further instruction with regard to my angelic assignment to create an energy Star of David. At the conclusion of my meditation, Allison asked me if I had ever visited Cacapon Mountain. It was one of those moments when a cosmic connection is made. One of those times that you sense the bigger light bulb going on inside of your head. I replied that I had in fact been there 24 years prior…on the honeymoon of my first marriage.

I had returned to participate in a mystical marriage to God’s Will for my life. Allison was also blessed by the angelic energies sent by God that weekend. Her own life became a life of service to God in cooperation with the angels.

The painting of Mary holding the Christ Child and Raphael holding the cup of service started on its own traveling tour. I was guided by the angels to take the painting into homes where people were establishing healing practices, and to leave the painting there as a blessing upon their service. For many years, the painting moved from home to home. Finally it came to a permanent place of service here at Angel Heights Healing Arts Center.

So many people have shared that as they gaze upon the painting the true painter’s voice – the voice of God – speaks to them personally. I was asked to commission this painting not as validation of my vision but rather validation of God’s eternal love for us and desire for us to experience divine healing. God blesses us to be a blessing to others.

The art that I have been led to purchase or the visions I have been given and have commissioned others to create in tangible form are blessings I am to share with others. I always laughed that I get to do the art shopping for the angels. I buy the art they want people to see - people who will cross my path.

Letting our hearts be inspired by art is one of the many ways that God delivers divine healing to us. There’s something that goes on between those who stand witness to the art and the work of art itself.

I have been inspired by the angels to team up with amazingly talented artists to bring to you artistic offerings. On these projects, I create a meditation cd to accompany the beautiful work of art.

For those of you who are on my mailing list, you have seen my flyers promoting the work of Melody Loving (Angelic Art Odyssey); Joan Short (Angel Portraits); Cheryl Kirsch (; and Paula Matthew, csj. (A Rune Art Offering/Story Picture Experience and I-Ching Art Experience). I feel so blessed to be serving God in the company of these earthly angels whose creations are divine blessings in artistic form.

As many of you know, I was also inspired by the angels to create INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH THE ARTS DAY, celebrated annually on January 31st. Every day is an opportunity to inspire your heart with the arts.

Last evening I watched a wonderful program about It shared the message of each year making 9/11 a day of positive actions.

Isn't that a wonderful inspiration?!

Angelic Blessings of Inspiration to each and every one of you,
Love, Jayne

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