Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

I am certain many of you have lived your lives focused on experiencing yourself as God's light and living your life with a consciousness of being a blessing of light. You may have been inspired by beautiful gospel songs' lyrics such as "This little light of mine; I'm gonna let it shine." You have dedicated yourself and devoted time, energy and money to learning more about how to be attuned to God's light.

Perhaps on your spiritual path you learned healing techniques where you experience yourself being a conduit of God's healing light, radiant energies, such as Reiki or Munay-Ki. Just as Archangel Raphael, God's archangel of healing, you are a messenger of God's healing light energies.

You may incorporate light decrees and light calls into your prayers and meditations; and may be familiar with beautiful light invocations such as The Great Invocation of Light.

Recently I read a transcription of a lecture given by Dr. Pillai of Mindset University. Dr. Pillai is inspiring us to identity with being God particles. He even does a beautiful chant of the words: Higgs Boson, a name given to the God particle.

Years ago I studied with Consuela Newton, guardian of Integrated Awareness. Connie Newton taught her students a beautiful affirmation: I am the light; the light of the divine is within me; the light of the divine supports me and protects me; I am one with the light of the divine.

I have always loved her affirmation because it reminds me of God's support and protection and my desire to stay aligned with God's light; to be in oneness with God.

In my service with the angels, the angels have inspired me to recognize the formula for identity transformation.

They gave to me this message: You are first the doer. You then become the doing. Finally,you are transformed into the deed. You are the doer; you are the doing; you are the deed.

So let's use the example light with the formula for identity transformation. We first aspire to be someone who is attuned to God's light. We make a decision that we are going to be individuals that are all about light in our lives. Light is what we do. We are doers of light.

Secondly, we make choices to attend classes; read books; watch dvds,make changes in our lives that enhance the light; that enlighten us, etc. All of these are all ways that we practice or experience the "doing" of light.

And then something occurs by the grace of God. We become that which we first decided to aspire to; that which we devoted ourselves to actively pursuing; we become the deed. We become light. We are ourselves the identity of living light.

The "becoming light" occurs as a gradation experience. And often times we aren't aware of the level of light that we are.

I would like to share some things that might be occurring in your life that are reflections that you are walking, talking, breathing, living light.

Have you ever parked on a remote part of a shopping center parking lot and when you park your car there is no one around you, but when you come back to your car there are cars that are on every side of your car? These cars had to go out of their way to park near you. It makes me think of the Carpenters' song lyrics: they want to be close to you.

Chuck and I were on Assateague Beach all by ourselves. There's 14 miles of wide open beach. No one was there but the two of us until a car pulls up and parks right next to us. What a hoot.

We attended a firemen's carnival one evening just a little before the 11 PM closing time. There's hardly anyone at the carnival. We decided to sit down and play a game where you have a water gun and aim at a target. There was no one around but the two of us and the person running the game. Just before the game starts, people come from everywhere to fill up every single seat of the game. We still are laughing about that incident.

Have you ever been shopping and you look at something that interests you, and then all of a sudden a person comes out of nowhere and wants to look at it, too? If they could get inside your skin, they would. They are that close to you.

Don't be sad if you decide to wait on buying something, and when you come back, it is gone. Your touching it makes it attractive to others. It doesn't mean you have to buy things in fear they won't be there when you return. Just know there is more than supply and demand going on when you are shopping.

Have you been driving your car, going your normal route, only to realize that you missed a turnoff and you are driving a totally unique route. Don't think it's mental fog setting in. You just did a light run. Your car is a light mobile and often times we are prompted on an inner level to make route changes in order to help the angels.

You can be in a movie theater that has an abundance of seats to choose from, and people will sit near you. If only they would share their popcorn.

When you go to your car, do you sometimes find that the person and passengers in the car next to you arrive at the exact time you do and you have to wait for their passengers to get inside the car before you can open your driver side door? On some level, there is a light blessing exchange taking place.

When you are pushing a grocery cart down an aisle in a supermarket, do you sometimes find that the aisle you are in becomes the most popular aisle in the store? Attention Shoppers: Living Light in Aisle 3.

It's not about us and our human persona or being an individual; it's all about embodying the divine identity of living life as a walking, talking, breathing blessing of God's light.

Just as Domino's, and Papa John's and others deliver pizza, we deliver light. It shows up when we do.

And because of this, it is important that we take good care of ourselves. We are living our lives as lighthouses on the move. So it's important to keep our light shining bright because it's guiding others even when we not conscious of the service of our own light.

Angelic Blessings of Light,


  1. Thanks for the beautiful posting. Being the light and appreciating the journey.

    Love and light, Andrea

  2. Jayne, thank you. I so enjoyed reading this and the other wonderful articles on your blog. Hi to Chuck! Abundant blessings, Annie A