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The word “sigil” is derived from the Latin, signum, a sign, and is also the root of sigilum, a seal. It is part of our common English words signature, sign and signal. It’s meaning can be seen in three ways:

*A thing by which something is made known or represented

*Anything visible that indicates the existence or approach of something else

*Evidence of confirming, authorizing, securing something

Sigils are commonplace. In mundane terms, we use our name as a representation of ourselves. We use a signature as an authorization. In esoteric terms, we have the signs of the Zodiac as representing abstract qualities given to each sign. For example, the sign or glyph of Libra represents qualities of balance, harmony, justice.

Claddagh, the Irish symbol of love, originated from Claddagh, a tiny village of fishermen near Galway city. The Claddagh is a heart being held by a pair of hands with a crown above it. It is a symbol of love and friendship. The hands are friendship, the crown is loyalty, the heart is love.

As per the legend, the town designed a sigil to place on the sails of ships and worn by the sailors of Claggagh. When these sailors ran into fishermen on their waters, they would look for a Claddagh sigil and if they did not find it, they would kill them.

The Knights of the Round Table had sigils on their shields as symbols of protection. The Star of David is a sigil.

Magical literature is filled with seals, symbols, and sigils. The word magic originates from the Greek word: magikos. The art of an order of priests known as Magi. The three “wise men from the east”who came to Bethlehem to pay homage to the infant Jesus were Magi or members of Magikos.

Divine magic is the ability to shift to higher states of consciousness at will. It is a recognition that an essence of the creative power of God is within all of us. When God breathes life into our being through the holy breath, we become living souls in the image and likeness of God. Esoterically, Adam is given the divine power to name creatures in creation. We have within us the blessing energize to conceive a blessing and bring it into being. This is the basis of the power of prayer in the mystical, magical Kabbalah – the secret mystery behind all the miracles performed in Holy Scripture. Divine magic is part of the Gnostic Christian tradition.

Kavvanah – is the key of divine magic; the concentration of the heart, mind, and spirit .Kavvanah is your intention for creation of sigils and sacred ceremony in support of aligning yourself to your highest good.

In the Sacred Magic of Abramelin, a famous book on the art of magic, it is advocated that one perform an act of charity for someone else before engaging in the art of magic.

In the magical tradition of the Kabbalah, mystical attainment is intimately connected with prayer, meditation, service. Divine magic is attained through spirit connectedness.

To be a Master Magician of divine magic, one must have a continuum of Practicus – a term which mirrors to us the importance of consistent effort at seeking a refinement and perfection of one’s humanity, and the realization of divinity within.

Sigils have been created through the use of The Hebrew Rose. According to the Sepher Yetzirah, the foundation of all things is comprises of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Of these 22 characters there are considered to be the three “mothers”, seven are “doubles” and twelve are “simples.”

The three mothers comprise the letters Aleph (A), Mem (M) and Shin (Sh). These represent the three elements of air, water and fire. All creation was believed to emerge from these three elements. The earth is composed of water and the heavens of fire.

A microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm is found in our human body: Aleph rules the chest or breath; Mem the stomach, and the Shin, the head– fire/intellect.

The three primal element letters are connected with time: Aleph represents spring and autumn; the time of the equinoxes; Shin represents the summer; Mem is winter.

The seven doubles are

Beth (B) – life/death

Gimel (G) –harmony/conflict

Daleth (D) –knowledge/ignorance

Kaph (K) –abundance/scarcity

Pe (P) – grace/sin

Resh (R) –fertility/barrenness

Tau (T) –power/powerlessness

The seven planes and seven days of the week came from letters. The seven gates of the body – which correspond with planets – were derived from these letters. The gates are the mouth; two ears; two eyes and nostrils.

The remaining 12 Hebrew characters are simple letters and correspondence to the signs of the zodiac and certain faculties inherent in the human body.

HE (H) – Aries – Sight

Vau (U and V) – Taurus –Hearing

Zain (Z) Gemini- Smell

Cheth (CH) – Cancer –Speech

Teth (TH) – Leo – Taste

Yod (Y) – Virgo –Sexuality/Creativity

Lamed (L) – Libra –Ability to work/serve

Nun (N) – Scorpio –Power of Movement

Samekh (S) – Sagittarius– Power Inspiration

Ain (O) – Capricorn –Power of Humor

Tzaddi (TZ) - Aquarius –Power of Imagination

Qoph (Q) – Pisces –Power of Rest

Symbols and sigils connect us with higher energies – worlds within the world we are conscious of on a daily basis. Symbols transcend spoken languages and create an interaction with invisible energies.

We can construct sigils from a number of symbolic systems. In rune-lore, this is known as “loading”. You can use components from:




Zodiac Glyphs


You can create a symbol, a seal, signet, sigil that is unique and recognized only by your subconscious mind. It is in the realm of the subconscious realm when divine creation takes place (positive changes). Some have labeled this positive change: magic.

We can use sigils as blessings in our lives.

Sigils are pictographs. You are drawing a picture that includes the letters from your own personal statement of intent. You are making it abstract enough that the concept will not arise in the conscious mind while looking at the symbol. However, the power or energy or magic of the uniqueness of you is "unspoken" but ever present through the shapes used in creating the sigil.

One of the sigil creation techniques – for positive change – is to write out your intention. Make it a positive intention. Do not use any negative words.

The subconscious mind will only understand positive intentions.

Do not use words like“want” or “desire.” These are “wishing” words. You want your subconscious to WILL something into being. “I WILL OBTAIN EXTRA MONEY”. The sentence must be written down in capital letters.

Cross out every repeating letter. Note: “P” can be found in “R” – so you can cross out P if there is an R. “N” can be found in “W”, so if you have a W, you can cross out the N’s.

N, M, W have a“repeating” energy so you can cross out one of them. You can end up with the letters; WOBTAEXRY”. You can also delete Y because it is found in X. Rather than letters, you are looking for the shape that comprises the letter.

Once you have your core of letters, get creative. Draw a symbol or picture using every single letter and hide the letters within the picture. Make a picture using the letters. You can turn them any which way you want. You can color or paint them. You are creating your own personal image of empowering the core letters that came from the statement you want to have manifest in your life.

Rearrange the letters. Rotate, reflect – play with the letterforms until you get something you like.

Take existing symbols and combine them, tweak them to make something unique and special – just like you.

You can create a sigil from your name, and combing the symbol for the Sun – the circle with dot in circle – with the glyph for your birth Sun sign. Or you can create a sigil for yourself with an Archangel symbol included as part of the creation. In creating a sigil with shapes in your name, first eliminate repeating letters. Then looking at the letters that remain determine the shapes that appear in the name and do an accounting of the number of times they appear.

For example, if the block letters of your name have the shape of: -

which you would see in the letter A - as the middle cross bar; or in the letter E - 3 times; - you total up the number of times "-" appears. If this shapes is the most predominant of all the shapes it is consider a base power shape and when you begin creating your power symbol you want to first put this shape on the piece of paper and then add the other remaining shapes to create what unique piece of art or symbolism you are inspired to create.

You can curve the lines to get a more fluid symbol. You can flip shapes. you can turn shapes upside down. You can add flourishes and your own individual artistic flair. Consider colors, borders, and backgrounds.

Once you have created your own power symbol, either from an intention or your name, you want to energize it or charge it with your inner light. Think of something that you are grateful for, appreciative of in your life. Raise your vibration with joy, gratitude and love. Focus on your symbol and radiate a heart connection with the symbol. You are already so thankful for the manifestation of this in your life and the gift of your life.

Imagine through breath and energy everything that the symbol represents and you are blessing it, charging it with your essence and power and sending it off into the Universe to do what you need it to do, i.e. fulfillment.

For the power symbols that you create for a desire, I WILL OBTAIN EXTRA MONEY, you do not want to hold on to this symbol. In short, it's not for you to keep. You want to release the power symbol by fire; burning the piece of paper - as an offering to Source. By doing this, you release the desire symbol so that it can be fufilled. You are sending it on its way to FULFILLMENT.

You do not release sigils you create for your name. These sigils energize you and you do keep these. So if you doodle the symbol, you are aligning yourself with your own inner power. You can meditate upon the symbol. It is a symbol that aligns you to your center of power.

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  1. Well done. Thank you for sharing. How has it helped you in your life, If I may be so rude? do you believe your victimization through the bombardment of advertising logos symbols and sigils outweighs the benefits you receive with your personal undertakings and attempts.
    I am no skeptic my friend. This kind of magic is the reason books and people were burnt during the crusades and also how Hitler rose so quickly. If you knew That the Hebrew alphabet( which by the way is a representation of twenty two aspects of a photon ((looks doughnut shape)) the formation of matter through cymatic resonance and dense vibration of light sound energy. information is the basis of reality manifest. If you create destroy or change the information symbols sigils logos languages. you change the reality.(Like the tower of Babel!) Now with the IT age we are on the brink of extinction. CHAOS will prevail till the cleansing.