Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Prosperity and abundance is more than having money.

Prosperity is a way of thinking.

Understand that many of our money beliefs are deeply entrenched.

Abundance is an experience; not a pursuit.

Expanding your consciousness through expansive life experiences enhances your feeling of richness.

Do what you love and the money will follow is more than just being happy. When you are loving life, you raise your vibration and move yourself into divine flow of eternal abundance.

Support yourself by being certain on what you desire.

Do not confuse loving money with greed. Money is one of many things that makes life worth living. Have a healthy love of money.

Be thankful.

Be responsible for your obligations.

Don’t fill your life up with things you don’t want.

Don’t have an abundance of junk.

Freely give money away

Be grateful for what you have.

Focus on the good that is in your life.

Start each day thinking of 5 things you are grateful for and express your gratefulness out loud.

Jealousy and envy block abundance.

Holding onto anger blocks abundance.

Forgive all who have wronged you.

Be able to receive.

Allow the Universe to be generous to you.

Believe there is enough of everything to meet everyone’s needs to live life abundantly.

What you are thinking now creates your future. Be thinking abundantly.

Stop worrying.

Be happy and abundant in the now.

Take action to get what you want.

We must BE before we can DO, and DO before we can HAVE.

Your life experience is an outer reflection of your inner reality.

Choose to BE happy, healthy, wealthy, abundant – whatever you desire.

If you find that you feel broke, the awareness gives you the choice to change your feeling.

The Universe always gives you that which you believe you deserve not that which you desire.

Look for abundance and money opportunities all around you.

You are visualizing all the time.

Be careful what you wish for.

Immerse yourself with full emotions when you are creating the things you want.

Count your blessings.

Use positive affirmations.
Train yourself to think abundantly.

Encourage yourself with the belief that you can achieve great things.

Allow yourself to believe all things are possible.

Believe you are already wealthy.

Start a savings account.

You get what you focus on

Most people are unconscious creators

Stay focused on one thing.

Change your thoughts and you change the perception of your world.

Have faith.

Being in resistance creates resistance. Steeping into ease creates ease.

Trust in divine timing. Trust in divine order.

Affirm all is well; things come to me easily; I trust everything will happen in perfect order.

Practice holding with love rather than holding tight in fear.

Practice feeling good about your life.

Focus on what is incomplete in your life or unresolved.

Words alone do not manifest.

Reality is a reflection of your inner world.

The more you focus on lack, the more you experience lack in your life.

When you feel happier, you emit more positive vibrations and attract the things you want more quickly.

Don’t sit around waiting for your circumstances to change. Get out there and change them.

Take one small step towards your desire.

Have an appreciative mind-set.

Practice flowing feelings of deep love for everyone and everything in your life.

Accept gifts, compliments with gratitude.

If you don’t believe you deserve abundance, you will push it away.

Start improving your self worth.

Clear out clutter and make room for abundance.

Take a look at your own limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing prosperity.

Seek examples of abundance every day of your life.

Abraham Lincoln said: Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Make up your mind to be abundant and prosperous.

Be a conscious creator.

Develop passions.

Don’t live your life on autopilot.

It takes time to fully transform your circumstances.

Move into feeling you have as opposed to feeling you want.

Create a dream board; dream journal

When we want something desperately we are at a place of lack, emptiness and without.

Before you can be abundant, you have to be able to see abundance all around you.

Use the present tense when you visualize the things you want and think of them as already yours.

Most people expect the worst and hope for the best. What you expect with certainty is what you will get in your life.

Start a new positive thinking habit and watch how it transforms you into a magnet for everything good.

Angelic Blessings of ABUNDANCE,
Love, Jayne

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