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Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

In this blog I would like to share information about a divine energy blessing our consciousnesses are experiencing that the angels call PHOTOTALITY.

The word is a combination of PHOTO and TOTALITY. Photo originates from the Greek word photos meaning light; totality means wholeness. Phototality is a blessing of light wholeness; fullness of light; the whole picture of light. With our bodies we are capturing (just like a camera), the picture of the fullness of light that we are.
Before I go into a further explanation of phototality and its impact on our lives, I want to make mention of how our the cosmos is supporting this energy blessing.

The support is coming through the cosmic energies of the photon belt. The photon belt is a band of intense photon light. There is a consciousness that the photon belt originated around star systems, such as the Pleiades.
A photon is a quantum of light, or the smallest possible packet of light at a given wavelength. It is emitted by an atom during a transition from one energy state to another.

Photons are also called light quantum minute energy package of electromagnetic radiation. The concept originated in 1905 in Einstein’s explanation of the photoelectric effect. Earlier, in 1900, Max Planck. prepared the way for the concept by explaining heat radiation is emitted and absorbed in distinct units or quanta.

The Photon Belt is composed of 12 gigantic vortexes of intense bands of light. Each vortex possesses high and refined frequencies. The angels call them Blessing Bands. The Blessing Bands are supporting adjustments and expansion to our consciousnesses. The Blessing Bands are supporting our conscious choices of aligning ourselves with the divine’s picture of each of us.

As a result there are physical and emotional effects that are taking place at the cellular and genetic level. Many are uncomfortable changes: headaches, chronic fatigue, dizziness, changing of sleep patterns, sensitivity to foods, ringing in ears, blurring of vision. All out moded, worn out, negative emotions and ways of thinking and ways of seeing and perceiving things are coming to the surface to be examined, purified and transformed.

I know if I have shared it one time, I have shared it a zillion times the quote by Albert Einstein: “I want to know God’s thoughts…”

Well, I want to expand upon Albert’s quote by saying, I want to see what God was seeing when God was creating because we all know a picture is worth a thousand words.

Around the time it is believed we entered the Photon Belt in the mid 1990’s and started being enveloped vibrationally by Blessing Bands, orbs of light started appearing in our photography. Orbs are blessing vibrations, too. I just had an interesting experience where I revisited pictures I had taken in 1995 in Medjugorje , and I now see orbs in the photographs. I am certain they were there before; it was me who didn’t see them.

So there is a divine timing to our entering and being immersed in the Photon Belt ; a cosmic or outer blessing experience that supports an inner blessing going on within each of us. We will be fully immersed in the Photo Belt in 2012.
Now to lay the groundwork for understanding what is happening to us now with regard to phototality, I need to talk a little about photography.

Photography was first used by scientist Sir John F. W. Herschel in 1839. Photography means photos (light) and graphein (to draw). Photography is a method of recording images of light. Just as there are minerals that are crystal record keepers; the technology of photography is a method of recording images that has supported humans in being record keepers.

Many of you have attended expos where you have had your aura photograph taken.
The human aura is a developmental, life-sustaining energy force that characterizes every human being.

An aura camera photographs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the physical body.
The aura is sensitive to the totality of our inner and outer environment. Mental, physical and spiritual factors constantly interact to influence the aura.
In aura photography a biofeedback process is used to capture the human energy field in a photograph. The energy is channeled from your hands directly to the camera where the information is then rendered on a Polaroid picture.
This type of photography is based on the Kirlian Photography of the late 1960s and has been refined and perfected.

Kirlian photography refers to a form of contact print photography associated with high-voltage. It is named about Semyon Kirlian, who in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is subjected to a strong electric field, an image is created on the plate.

Kirlian proposed and promoted the idea that the resulting images of living objects were a physical proof of the life force or aura which allegedly surrounds all living beings.

Kirlian did experiments where he cut part of a leaf off. The Kirlian image of such leaves showed the leaves as whole as though the cutting had never occurred.
Spirit Photography refers to photographic technology to document and attempt to prove the existence of life beyond death. It is the recording of phenomena that may or may not be visible to the human eye – with or without the use of a camera.

The beginning of Spirit Photography occurred between 1860 and 1930 and was part of a spiritualist movement taking place in America and England. I personally feel because of the great loss of life during the Civil War and the tremendous grief felt from the loss of family members, there was a consciousness that awakened the desire to see and hear from those who had died.

The American Spiritualist Movement, known as spiritualism swept across America in the 1850’s. The Fox sisters in Hydesdale, NY claimed to be communicating with the dead. Spirit circles were held as were séances. People wanted to hear from loved ones in spirit.

There were pioneers in spiritual photography who found that communication with those who had died through photographs was possible.

One of those pioneers was William H. Mumler worked in America in the 1860’s. One of his most famous photographs is that of the spirit of Abraham Lincoln lovingly leaning over this wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, while she was being photographed. His photography was met with great skepticism.

A prominent Boston photographer, James Wallace Black, conducted a thorough investigation of Mumler by watching Mumler’s work, cleaning the wet plate himself, and never taking his eyes off Mumler or the plate. Mumler somehow produced a spirit image in Black’s photography.

There would be additional charges made against Mumler that he might be falsely producing spirit images. There was a full-scale trial and it raised the issues of examining the Bible and the roots of spiritualism. In the end Mumler was acquitted. The goodness of the trial was that it got people discussing what they believed and didn’t believe about spirit communication.

During the last decades of the 19th century, photographs of vital forces became widely popular. Ectoplasm or fluids from mediums were photographed.
While we were expanding our interest in photography as a way to contact the unseen worlds of spirit, we were simultaneously expanding our consciousness of ourselves as cameras.

In physical structure and action, the eye is similar to a camera.
The cornea is transparent and normally has a plus spherical curvature. It is the rigid lens of the eye which bends rays of light entering the eye. Like the camera, the eye has a shutter to control the light. It is called the iris. It works automatically, like the camera, it has a film for forming images, which covers the retina.

Our reality is mainly experienced through what is seen by the human eye. The eye is called a window of the soul.

Interesting enough, a friend shared an article with me about how scientists are studying how our brains make sense of sight, i.e. how our eyes pick up resolutions. Our eyes are able to pick up resolutions with high spatial frequencies (sharp lines) and low ones (blurred shapes). We perceive coarse features quickly, within the first 30 milliseconds and then hone in on details at around 100 milliseconds.

We also focus on higher frequencies close up and register softer shapes from afar.
Additionally, we have a spiritual eye known as the third eye. It is located at the 6th chakra or pineal gland. As your frequency raises, it activates and opens and brings messages beyond physical vision.

In moving into a higher frequency, you experience expanded consciousness and see reality on many levels and dimensions. I am certain you have had experiences where you inner light sight has expanded and you are seeing more with your inner eyes that you had seen before. Could it be that divine lenses within you are expanding?

There is much symbology linked with the image of the eye. The Hubble Space telescope has given us the Eye of God image; ancient Egyptians honored the Eye of Horus; the multitude of eyes of the peacock is a symbol for seeing multi-dimensional experiences; an eye shape is created by an eclipse; there is the eye of the Golden Ratio; the symbol for Jesus – the simple fish shape looks like an eye. The vesica pisces creates an eye image. There is an eye in a triangle above the pyramid of the Great Seal on the dollar bill.

The eye is like a lens for the soul.

When you are taking a picture or in an essence “getting the picture,” the camera is an extension of your eye. Our eyes, both inner and outer serve our divine identity/our soul identity in capturing images that help us get the picture of who we truly are.

Photography is a spiritual practice and when each of each were first introduced to photography in our own lives, we experienced a spiritual awakening. My father had a great passion for photography and would constantly be upgrading his camera to the next model offered on the market.

I, too, have a great love of photography and a great admiration for artists who express themselves through their photographs.

I once had the opportunity to meet the artisan whose photograph is known as Descending Angel. When I first saw the photograph, I felt as if an angel had actually posed for the photographer. It is one of my all-time favorite photographs. When I met John Wimberley, I said to John, “So you took the photograph Descending Angel? John humbly replied, “No, I just held the camera.”

I came to realize from the attention the angels have given me with researching Phototality that my life has been filled with amazing photographic experiences. And I am certain some of you remember the Kodak commercials with songs in the background such as “These Are the Times of Our Lives”. Now tell me honestly, didn’t you go out and buy more film after seeing those commercials? And haven’t there been times that you’ve said, “Oh, I wish I had my camera.” The reality is that you always captured what you were seeing with your divine lens.

I have loved hearing everyone’s stories of their own personal connection with photography. People have shared when they got their first Brownie camera. Some people had their first camera given to them by their children. Think back in your own life to the role that cameras and photographs have played. Perhaps you have special photographs of loved ones on your refrigerator.

There’s a quote I absolutely love: If there is a refrigerator in heaven, God has your picture on it.

In lecturing about Photototality, I share how people who have lost their homes through a hurricane or fire will often remark that they are grateful to be alive, and that the greatest material loss was the loss of family pictures.

Additionally as an interfaith minister I have officiated a number of funerals and memorials over the past 20 years and I have seen the evolution of families having photographs of the deceased mounted on cardboard on display at the funeral home being now complimented with the addition of video movies being shown and picture frames with digital cards that create a continuously picture show of the life of the individual whose life is being celebrated.

As part of one of my summer retreats, I asked each person to bring one picture that meant something special to them. And I feel so blessed to have had a summer filled with seeing people’s personal photographs. The purpose of this angelicly inspired activity, was not only to share precious photographs but to mirror to the individual the role the picture played in allowing them to experience themselves through the divine lens of the infinite.

Photography is a spiritual practice and a healing practice. Jan Phillips is the author of a great book about photography as a spiritual practice: God at Eye Level.

There is a healing technique known as phototherapy.

In researching the photography as a form of healing and therapy, I came across book titles such as:

PhotoTherapy: Reflecting on the Bigger Picture
PhotoTherapy: There’s more to photos than meets the eye
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Becoming Visually Literate About Oneself
Photography as A Verb

A photo therapist will work with the client and with photos which have been taken or created by the client; photos which have been taken of the client by other people; self-portraits which means any kind of photos that clients have made of themselves; family albums and other photo-biographical collections.

In phototherapy there is a term called Photo Projectives. A photo projective is a viewer’s perception and reaction in response to looking at any kind of photographic image. A viewer’s perceptions and reactions in response to looking at any kind of photographic image are actually projected by that viewer from inside their own unconscious inner map of reality, which determines how they made sense of what they see.

There’s one more technique I want to toss into this newsletter about phototality and that is Scrying.

Scrying comes from Old English word descry which means to make out dimly …or to reveal. The modern day word described evolved from descry.

The technique of scrying has been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians used scrying in their initiations. The angels taught me focus and concentration techniques through a scrying mirror and crystal balls.

There is water scrying; dream scrying; mirror scrying, crystal ball scrying.
Scrying is the method of having reflected back to you all things in their true light. Before we were having images reflected back to us from the camera, we were seeing the images in mirrors and crystal balls.

If we think of scrying with a crystal ball as a form of divination, could it be that photography is a form of divination, too? Could it be that all the time we have been all over the planet capturing pictures to email back to family and friends at home, that our soul has been inspiring as to which pictures to take to enable us to get a sense of a bigger picture of ourselves.

And now our pictures are being expanded with the presence of orbs. I love C. Norman Shealy’s quote: “Orbs may be to the atmosphere what crop circles are to the earth. It is great to know that we are receiving cosmic energetic communication.”
Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann are two leading experts in the field of the orb phenomenon. They created the Orb Project. They’ve written a book together and produced dvds.

The Orb Project demonstrates that our conventional physical reality is merely an extension of the limitless spiritual dimension. Orbs are connected with realities outside of our normal human perception.

After literally stumbling into orbs appearing as bright as light bulbs in photographs he was taking at a spiritual retreat, Dr. Klaus Heinemann immediately sensed that he was onto something profound. There was no choice but to convince himself that his notion was on solid grounds. Heinemann looked at thousands of pictures he had taken earlier, and thousands more would be taken to test the hypothesis that these light circles are nothing less than emanations from Spirit beings.

Dr. Míceál Ledwith had a similar experience after the orb phenomenon was first made known to him through the teachings of Ramtha. He began an intense and systematic study of orbs in all sort of situations, day and night, and in all sorts of atmospheric conditions, in order to discover all he could about their nature, the situations in which their presence could be most easily detected, and what implications they might have for our understanding of our own place in the cosmos. To date, he has amassed a collection of well over 100,000 images.

In their book: The Orb Project, Ledwith and Heinemann present their fascinating discoveries, along with practical tips that amateur digital photographers can use to photograph orbs and properly distinguish them from "false" orbs that are really dust or water particles. They offer guidelines on deciphering the orbs' various patterns, features, and characteristics, based on their extensive research.

As Dr. Ledwith points out, once you develop a keen and sustained interest in photographing spirit entities, some quite interesting things begin to happen: the brain stops censoring these images, and you can begin to see with orbs with the naked eye, in more color and detail than is visible to even a digital camera.
Ledwith and Heinemann also explore communication with orbs and what their existence means to our lives. The implications of a realization that we are "surrounded by a cloud of witnesses" are enormous and incredibly hopeful for the world at large.
Diana Cooper, who is England’s Doreen Virtue, has also delved into researching more about orbs.

“The Orbs are part of a massive movement in the spiritual hierarchy to help the ascension of our planet and everyone on her,’ explains Diana. Bringing in a wealth of new material on spirit guides, the angelic hierarchy, the powers and the Lords of Karma, the chakras and the archangels as well as the Ascended Masters, Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell’s book, Ascension through Orbs, explains the meaning and importance of the Orbs.

As for my own personal experiences, I have seen orbs with faces; orbs that have animal images inside of them, doorways inside of them, matrixes, dna – you name it, I’ve seen it in an orb.

It’s abundant, orbs are around us and they make me so happy. Some people even see them now without the use of their camera.

I encourage everyone to get out their cameras and the orbs are happy to oblige by appearing in abundance. It is as if the orbs have faces or individual characteristics. They have their own light personality.

In reading Cythnia Bourgeault’s The Wisdom Way of Knowing, I learned a true wisdom of the meaning of the word “person” found in the word personality. Cythnia shares a quotation from a spiritual classic by Karlfried Graf Durckheim called The Way of Transformation in which Durckheim explains that the word person in the ultimate sense means one “through whose life Greater Life resounds” as the Latin word personare means “to sound through”.

The personality of the orbs is a resounding of the Greater Life to each of us. Our own personality experiences are experiences of living our lives with the Greater Life resounding through us. Orbs are in oneness with the music of the spheres. We are in oneness with the music of the spheres.

Some require digital enhancement for you to see what it inside. Some of them appear to be traveling at an accelerated speed. Sometimes the light path they create looks like a stairway from heaven. Some have a greater thickness or intensity to them. Some are very transparent.

They love to appear in a variety of colors. Blue seems to be a very popular color in the orb reality and I always sense St. Michael’s presence when the blue orbs are near.

Sometimes it appears they are listening to our requests and appearing where we ask so we can photograph them. I have seen videos of orbs dancing happily with children.

There is a quote that states: If you believe in angels, no explanation is necessary. If you don’t believe in angels, no explanation is possible.
I feel this is true for orbs, too. They are an expression of the divine that is beyond the conventional physical realm.

I also want to mention the book: Beyond Photography. As they photographed the grounds of their new house, Katie Hall and John Pickering found unusual images on their prints: images of orbs, angels and mysterious light-forms. They soon realized that their experience was not unique and they became aware that orbs have been appearing all over the world in recent years.

Beyond Photography is the unique tale of their personal encounter with the paranormal. Documented with their amazing pictures of these strange light phenomena, their journey leads to some extraordinary conclusions.

There are realities running parallel to ours and we are not the dominant life form on this planet.

Additionally, I mentioned that through photography we are experiencing ourselves as a lens or camera for the soul. In reading Robert Temple’s The Crystal Sun, I learned that there are more than 450 ancient lenses in museums all around the world. The earliest actual lenses are crystal ones dating from the 4th Dynasty of Old Kingdom Egypt, circa 2500 BC. Magnification technology was in use in Egypt in 3300 BC. Heinrich Schliemann, the 19th century discoverer of Troy, excavated 48 rock crystal lenses at Troy.

I’ve spoken and written about my visit to the Franklin Institute and seeing Galileo’s telescope. He didn’t invent the telescope but rather increased the magnification by 20 times. I think it is interesting that the recent repairs to Hubble telescope resulted in a 20x magnification increase.

Robert Temple is an investigator in archaeo-optics and his research is truly inspiring in that it shows a profound fascination with lenses and magnification techniques existed in antiquity. The ancient Greek Pythagoreans of the 5th century BC believed that the sun was a gigantic crystal ball larger than the earth which gathered the ambient light of the surrounding cosmos and refracted it to earth. The sun acted as a giant lens. Could it be that within all of us is a longing to know ourselves as an outpicturing of the divine’s infinite sight of us?

I would like to share a quote by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. from his article about Transcendental Art as a Spiritual Practice because it conveys my feeling about photography as an expression of transcendental art:

“The ability to see not only with what metaphysicians have called the “material eye,” or with the “conceptual eye” of abstract ideas, but also with the “eye of spirit,” is not entirely a matter of spontaneous grace. Just as microscopes and telescopes can be used to extend the range of perception, transcendental art opens our extra-sensory awareness to the infinite.”

Photototality is an intimate experience with the divine. It is an experience of light wholeness that helps us transcend limiting pictures of ourselves. We are experiencing ourselves as transcendent artists when we hold cameras in our hands . We experience ourselves as divine masterpieces when we realize we are the lenses capturing divine images of ourselves with eyes of our heart and soul.
Phototality is an energy blessing of oneness. It is a self-realization of the wholeness of light that we are. It is enlightenment.

Just as John Wimberley shared, he was simply holding the camera and the picture was taken. We are holding the sacred space of being divine lenses and we are being expanded in seeing the fullness of our divine identities. The angels have shown me that the bigger picture of who we are and the abilities that we have is now coming into focus. They showed little pictures of our divine gifts covering our entire bodies and we were able to touch the picture that was on our body and draw out from the picture the gift or ability and use it in our lives. Photography means to draw out light.

The angels have shared that orbs are messengers of the divine and that they bring blessings that are ONENESS RADIATING BEAUTY.

The blessing of phototality is that the energies envelope us in a comforting oneness with source. We are experiencing a oneness in seeing ourselves as God saw us. We are all original creations of God. Original means a recognization of our true origin.

We are experiencing our energy as a radiating energy that is pure infinite love.
We are expanding our consciousness to embrace an awakening and awareness of beauty that transcends any consciousness we have had up to this point about beauty as seen through the eyes of God.
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Love in abundance,
Jayne Howard Feldman

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