Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Dear Angelic Blog Readers:

Angelic Blessings of Abundance to you. May 2012 be a wonderfully abundant year for you.

To support the energy of angelic blessings of abundance, I am devoting this blog to ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Because of my service with the angels in encouraging people to inspire their hearts with art, I would like to suggest that you be on the lookout for an art image similar to the EMPRESS in the Tarot deck that radiates a consciousness of bountifulness;an art image messenger that radiates to you the spiritual essence of prosperity, beauty, goodness and well-being.

By doing this you are focusing on the reality of a divine vortex through which the creative energy of ALL prosperity (including material) passes CONTINUOUSLY.

Nothing but ego projections can block prosperity energies. Nothing but our ego can block abundance.

The angels are messengers of God's Infinite Abundance. They radiate to us the energies of the God's Universal Law or Divine Law of Abundance.

God is bountiful. God is abundant.

There is an unlimited supply of good for ALL.

Prosperity, health, abundance, love are ours to enjoy.

Suffering is our choice. Lack is our choice.

The key is to be as close to God as possible. If we move, align, attune our own energies as close as possible to God, we are invoking, aligning, and attuning ourselves with infinite, divine energies of abundance. God IS infinite abundance.

First, let's understand the word: Prosper

Prosper comes from Latin “prosperare” – to cause to succeed

You are the cause of success, i.e. you create success or prosperity in your life when you live in attunement with divine love.

If you are abundant – your thoughts/actions/life energies caused it; if you are not – the same is true – your thoughts/actions/life energies caused it.

God’s true nature is ABUNDANCE – the angels are messengers to us of God’s nature. We were created from the true nature of God. At the core of our being is the consciousness that we are abundance children of God.

In my readings, I tell people to listen to the reading more than once because the angels are messengers of the infinite and it is the nature of the infinite to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE and GIVE SOME MORE.

Abundance is creative energy; Abundance is divine love. Love is what matters. Love is our purpose.

When we are consciously aware of the presence of God in our lives, then the presence becomes part of our consciousness and a spiritual infusion occurs; i.e. a merging with the infinite consciousness.

When we affirm, decree, proclaim that we are one with the abundance of God, the energy flows into manifestation to us and through us.

If we do not see abundance in our life in this moment, we are giving sacred space to an illusion. We are making illusion our reality. We strengthen it with our thoughts.

In short, we are looking through our own ego's lenses, not God’s eyes.

Abundance is a natural order of things and abundance is energy and light.

When the Divine proclaimed “let there be light,” the divine set into motion creation and so we see that light is a key to making things happen.

Light and energy are creative powers. We have to “turn ourselves on” with our enthusiasm and eagerness to live our life fully and abundantly and expressing our love for the gift of our life. We have to cheer ourselves on; root for our success. Believe in ourselves.

If we see our life as one of darkness, insufficiency, shortage, lack and limitation, we need to flip the switch and affirm that we have been given the power and authority of heaven to be an extension of the Light of Heaven. Through our words, actions, etc. we reclaim our identity – the Original Vision of us and reclaim that we are here to be an Earth Angel of Abundant Thinking and Living. We are walking, talking, breathing messengers that God is abundant.

Again, let me emphasize that it is all about love. God is pure love and money is simply one expression (of an infinite number of expressions) of the energy of love expressing in our lives. You have probably heard the statement: Do what you love, and the money will follow.

Now if our consciousness is not in harmony with love and the love vibration, it becomes an “impure” or “misqualified” energy or vibration and it blocks us feeling a closeness to God.

Love is an absolute requirement in building our prosperity consciousness.

It's important to be loving, lovable, love in expression. Love yourself. Loving our divine selves with every ounce of feeling and then loving others as the Holy ONE or ONENESS of God.

Love has a magnetic, attraction energy. The more we love in our life, the more we draw nearer to our consciousness to love.

I encourage you to consider replacing the word tithing with sharing. I have found that the word tithing has gotten too many people wrapped around their own axles.

Share with joy. Give with JOY.

Give people more than they expect. Be gracious. Be divine grace in action.

If we give with the intention of getting as a result of our actions, we have a consciousness of lack and that, too, creates a blockage. Give love unconditionally.

Share your heart energies. Share your love. Be loving, be lovable, be love in action and expression.

To those who give, more shall be given, so that they can give again.

Sharing is GRACE. Gratitude and grace are the most magnetic energies in the entire universe.

Appreciate what you have. Be thankful and grateful.

It raises your vibration even higher.

Be aware that we are the Light. God created us and we were created by the force of infinite and that energy/force is everlasting/eternal abundance.

Here's an affirmation I would like to share with you:

Angel of Blessings of Abundance, Angelic Energies of Divine Abundance I AM, I invoke God's Power and Force to clear my consciousness of all false beliefs regarding money, and to open wide the divine ABUNDANCE gate and flood my world with the infinite abundance I AM and I HAVE.

I ask this in love and for the good of all. Let my financial all-sufficiency come forth now for my right use – quickly, easily and peacefully.

(Bring to mind the divine pattern of ABUNDANCE and feel it securely in place in your heart center. Now look deep within and with the inner eye see the divine flow coming forth. See the Light emanating from the Holy Self, shining through the Gates of ABUNDANCE, extending to you and through you and pouring out to illumine your world with omnipresent prosperity. Work with the flow by radiating love through your thoughts and actions.)

I now radiate with deep feelings of love the light of the world I AM, and I see the golden rays of substance covering and penetrating my world. The divine reality is replacing the human effects, and I see everything in my world as whole and perfect. My life is good, so very, very good.

(With your mind’s eye see yourself living in joyous ABUNDANCE. See everything complete and in divine order, with absolutely no sense of need registering in consciousness.)

Divine love banishes fear. When you are the fullness of love, there is no room for fear.

Fear creates a “debt mentality”.

We cause or create sacred space withinour ourselves to prosper when we eliminate negative thoughts.

If we keep our eyes on God, we are focused on infinite abundance at work in our lives.

If we align ourselves with God, we are aligned and attuned with abundance.

It's important to affirm abundance.

No matter what is going on in our life we can affirm that our LIFE IS IN DIVINE ORDER.

Poverty thoughts and words block the flow of divine abundance coming to us.

Meditate with the Angel of Blessings of Abundance.

God is bountiful. The laws of the infinite are designed to give us unlimited riches.

Thoughts of hate, spite and vengeance will block our prosperity consciousness and will cause wealth to flow from us instead of to us.

Desire that which is for the highest good for everyone; especially yourself.

Give increase to others in your thoughts and realize that you are an instrument through which’s God’s love, truth, beauty and riches flow.

Proclaim that these qualities are constantly flowing through you and you will attract riches, friends, customers, clients and abundance and be able to be a blessing to others with abundance. We are blessed to be blessings - to ourselves and to others.

Your mental attitude will make or break you.

The riches of God are yours because God or Infinite Intelligence is responsive to you and will answer your call.

Be nice to yourself, because the real Self of you is God.

How are you treating God today?

Rejoice and give thanks for everything.

Sit down 10 minutes every day, quiet your mind and affirm, “Thank you, God, for Thy riches now.”

Gratitude keeps you in tune with the Infinite and connected with the creative forces of the universe.

With gratitude you become a mental and spiritual magnet attracting countless blessings.

Show appreciation for everyone and everything. Shower the world with appreciation energy.

If in this moment you have one dollar, bless it by saying, “God multiplies this money exceedingly in my experience and I am grateful for the constantly increasing, tireless flow of God’s riches in life.”

Remember Job 22:28 – Man shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.

You were born to be rich in spirit. You are here to live a full, happy life. God wants you to be abundant.

All riches are in the mind. It is your mental attitude that determines wealth or poverty.

Affirm: God supplies all my needs NOW. I am God’s abundance in human form.

Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking. Your thoughts rule your world.

A blessing formula for paying bills and banishing all debts is to give thanks that you have received that amount of money when you receive any kind of a bill, and the idea will gradually impregnate your subconscious mind.

Do not condemn the wealth or prosperity of another. Do to so hurts only you because you are "holding court" with the thought that there is not enough for everyone.

Your mind is a creative medium. What you wish for the other you are wishing for yourself. Pray that everyone receives all that is for their highest good.

Believe in the ABUNDANCE of God as your personal birthright.

Make your relationship with God the most important relationship in your life.

When you are in oneness with God, you are in oneness with ABUNDANCE.

Love life. Love God. LOVE with the fullness of YOU.

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful.

Stop and thank God hourly for all you have in your life. God loves “knee-mail”.

Be kind to strangers. Hold doors, put money in meters, etc.

Use the word “ABUNDANCE” in your conversations.

Share your gifts with others. Give freely and abundantly.

Use flower essences that enhance prosperity.

Wrap the word ABUNDANCE around your water bottle. Drink ABUNDANCE.

Light ABUNDANCE candles.

Have a voicemail message that wishes everyone who calls you A DAY OF ABUNDANCE.

Have an ABUNDANCE bowl that continues objects that remind you how truly abundant you are.

Surprise people with goodie packages. Be generous, giving, ABUNDANT.

Be on the look out for feathers and pennies. These are sweet signs of abundant blessings from the angels.

Keep the corners of the rooms in your house open for divine energies to flow.

Keep ABUNDANCE flowing. The "PAY IT FORWARD" approach is very ABUNDANT.

Count your blessings.

Read books about ABUNDANCE – Catherine Ponder, etc.

See yourself as a Wizard; get a magic wand. Create divine magic in your life.

Meditate with ruby or garnet stones;red stones such as ruby attracts abundance.

Have prosperity plants in your home, ie. Jade plant, bamboo.

Keep an ABUNDANCE journal.

Work with spiritual rituals.

Work with symbols of ABUNDANCE, i.e. doodle the infinity symbol.

Ask the angels for your own personal symbols of ABUNDANCE.

"Guardian Angel of God’s Light
Bring my personal symbol of
ABUNDANCE into sight."

Recognize the infinite opportunities that each day brings to you.

Acknowledge the riches you already have in the here and now.

Stand with your arms outstretched to heaven and visualize yourself as a loving cup and that you are being filled to overflowing with what you truly desire.

Remember that our attitude, feelings and imagination/visualization support the manifestation of an abundance consciousness in our life.

Angelic Blessings of INFINITE ABUNDANCE to you,
Love, Jayne

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