Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Think spiral. Think spirals. Think spirals.

You've heard about things that go viral on the internet. Someone records something in their home. They post the recording on You Tube and it goes viral. It goes around the world. The person becomes an instant star.

I am here to give you the angelic inspiration: We are going spiral.

We are becoming instant stars radiating starlight. This isn't reality tv. This is divine reality consciousness. In a holy instant you are beaming with your inner star consciousness, vibration, energy and light.

I also encourage you to simply Google:

spirals of nature -

and click and see full pages of images of spirals in nature. Think of spirals. Look at spirals. Become conscious of spirals. Spirals serve as activation energies of divine blessings of evolution. Upward, upward, upward.

If you are at your computer and can take a short break and click on images of spirals. Allow yourself to have the images mirror back to you the energy you are embodying. Look for spirals in your life.

Be open to the spiraling energies in your own life. Just think about the shape of the new "going green" lightbulbs. Seashells, galaxies. Spirals in nature. The spiraling pattern of sunflowers.The spiral is the most dominant shape found in nature. It can be seen in everything from the tiny form of DNA molecules and path of subatomic particles to the cosmic form of galaxies and the paths of planets around the stars.


In your meditation, visualize a golden spiral beneath your feet moving up your entire body and out your crown chakra. Spiraling energies of light.

We are all experiencing the witnessing of hundreds of spiraling tornadoes. Spiraling vibrations moving across the earth. Storm chasers are capturing video footage of the huge spirals created by Mother Nature. We are seeing spiraling tornadoes on a daily - even hourly basis.

Spiral: Geom. Any plane curve formed by a pointed that moves around a fixed center and continually increases or decreases its distance from it. From the Latin: spira - spire - to coil.

Spirituality is spira-uality. The sacred path is the spiral path.

We are experiencing a spiraling upward energy surge within ourselves. We are lifting ourselves up and through blockages, illusions, old patterns to embrace our spiral essence and energy.

We are walking, talking, breathing energy spirals.

We are also experiencing the spiral energy in the news reporting of raising costs, i.e. spiraling gas prices.

Spirals, spirals and more spirals.

We are increasing our consciousness of our infinite identity; divine qualities; enlightenment.

"The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress in spirals." - Madame de Stael

"The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, spirals." - John Hartford

"Progress has not followed a straight line, but a spiral with rhythms of progress and retrogression of evolution and dissolution." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"For humanity we walk ever in spirals." - R. Scott Bakker

A spiral is a symbol of growth, devlopment and evolution.

We are all experiencing new energy within ourselves. Does it make you restless, nervous, anxious, unsettled - a little nutso? Yes. It's a new energy and we are getting acquainted to its vibration.

The comments I hear most often from people are: I feel overwhelmed. I feel exhausted.

If we can look to our past for a similar experience of new energy, it would be to look to December 2, 1942 when we created the first self-sustaining nuclear fission reaction. The splitting of the atom had occurred prior to this. One of the key terms the divine is emphasizing is "self-sustaining".

Recently I read an article by a scientist who made the comment on how things would have been different following the nuclear fission reaction breakthrough if at the exact same time there wasn't the pure evil of Hitler on the planet. The scientist raised the question, How different would things have been if the global science community had been able to unite and focus on utilizing the atomic discoveries for the advancement of humanity rather than for fighting evil?

Just as the nuclear fission breakthrough triggered an awareness of consciousness of the responsibility to new energies and the potentialities of the new energy, we are guardians to the new energies awakening within each of us. We are becoming conscious of the infinite potential of the new energies.

Embrace with love the consciousness of your inner starlight.

Angelic Blessings of Spiral Consciousness,
Love, Jayne

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  1. Wonderful post, Jayne!

    It led me to reach for one of my favorite books, Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them, by Angeles Arrien and read the chapter on Spirals.

    Thank you.