Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

This is my SPRING 2010 NEWSLETTER.

Hello to everyone. I actually began this newsletter in March and here’s what I wrote at that time:

I am writing this newsletter to you as a healing for myself and for all who share with me the longing for spring to arrive, flowers to bloom, butterflies to be flitting, and to be able to be outside with the nature devas.

I am so ready for the vibrant colors and energies of spring. This afternoon as I began working on this newsletter, a little bird came to the window sill by my computer and was chirping happily. I stopped what I was doing and allowed myself to receive the sound healing this little fella was giving to my soul.

As Chuck and I pulled out of our driveway, we noticed a flock of geese that were sitting on the banks of a farmer’s pond. The pond is still frozen over. We had 60 degree weather today and even after a number of days of high 50’s and 60 degree weather, there are still snow banks and pond ice that seems to be refusing to melt. I could feel the geese longing to be able to be in the water again.

Because of the intense weather that we have experienced this winter, I am encouraging everyone to do an energy clearing visualization for your property. This Energy Clearing Visualization is from Cindy McGonagle’s book GARDEN NOTES. Cindy has given me permission to include it in my newsletter and she also was kind enough to share the recipe for Focus Tea.

Her website is: www.cindymcgonagle.com – where her books are available for purchase.

“This is an exercise to send love and light to our planet Earth.

Walk around your property visualizing a white light connecting each of the four corners that make up your perimeter. If you can't physically walk around then at least walk around your home or apartment building in a clockwise manner.

Next visualize a central point of your property with a beam of golden energy extending from the heavens down to center of the Earth. Call in Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel to assist you in sending the white light from each of the corners of your property to create two pyramids one pointing up the other pointing down.

Call in the nature devas of your property to help you send love and light into the pyramids of light by doing this the anchored energy becomes a field of love and will radiate out from its central core in all directions and the Earth is a little lighter and less dense and your home is balanced.

This is especially good to do when first moving into your property.

A tea Fairy Queen D wishes to share with your readers is called;
Focus Tea, (from Queen D's Fairy Recipe Book) made with equal parts, basil, lemon thyme and lemon balm. Hopefully you can grow the herbs in your container or herb garden.

This tea is great for helping you stay on task until you complete your task and then helps you move forward to complete your next task.

It helps you stay focused!!” – a big thank you to Cindy

It’s almost the end of the April when I am back to writing my Spring 2010 Newsletter. The inspiration I would like to share in this newsletter is simply to catch a glimpse of the fairies.

I often have people tell me they want to see the fairies. My reply is to encourage the individual to first catch a glimpse of a fairy. First catch a glimpse of the face of nature.

Take time to look for the face of nature in your flowers in your garden, in trees that surround your h ome. Numerous artists use the technique of creating works of art where if you look from a different angle you see something new revealed, i.e. you think you are looking at a winter scene of woods and then you realize there are powerful beings standing with the trees.

Allow yourself to be the sensitive being you are. Be sensitive to your environment. To the sounds. The energies. The colors. The subtle movement and vibration.

Frederick Langbridge wrote in A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts : “Two men look out through the same bars. One sees the mud, and one the stars.”

It’s all about reflection. One of my favorite definitions of the word reflection is “to shine back”. What are we reflecting to nature? Are we shining back? Are we reflecting back sacredness and respect?

Here’s a blessing to say as your walk through your home and your surrounding property; in fact, you can say this blessing in any environment:

Oh Spirit of Place
Help me to make this space (home) a
Pleasant and positive place to love
Where Nature is at home
Where Love is at home
Where Compassion is at home

If you have a garden or acreage, always leave a small wild area that is not cultivated or disturbed for the fairies. You can build a little altar out of leaves and twigs. You can use this space as a place for quiet communion with the fairies. Stand in this space and express your sincere desire to love and support the nature kingdom.

Plan and design gardens with plants that attract wildlife

Build a small fairy house of materials of nature. Many traditions build spirit houses as an invitation to share space with spirit. A fairy house is a sign to the fairies that you wish to live in harmony and balance with nature.

It’s important that we recognize that our own physical bodies need to live in harmony and balance, too, with our own elemental energies.
Last week during my weekly spiritual development class at Angel Heights, I gave the class members a breakdown of the elements in their natal birth chart. It is important that we recognize that we are the energies of the four elements: air, fire, earth and water and all derive from the fifth element either. By being conscious of the elements in your natal birth chart, you can recognize elements that you might need to supplement in your life experience.

For a moment, imagine that your natal chart is mirroring to you the conditions of the planet of you. What if you realized that your planet had no fire? It would make you conscious and aware of the importance of doing things in your life that produced light experience, warmth/healing experiences; transformative experiences. The lack of the fire element is not a negative. It simply means that you have come into this physical body experience to more strongly embrace your fire identity. Your natal chart is saying: Hey, fire is invisible. Do something to make it visible.”

As we support our own elemental energies in becoming visible, this supports our efforts in having a visible experience with the devas, elementals, nature spirits.

Invisibility changing to visibility may be a slow, subtle experience. Remember, the first fairy contact may be one that is indirect. Do you remember when you were first touched by spirit during a meditation? Didn’t you feel like a fly had landed on your face? I know I did. This is also true with experiences with the fairies in nature. It can be the brush of the wind on your face that feels like a gentle touch. As the fairy beings come near to you, you may feel yourself wanting to cry for no reason.

You may pick up the fragrance of a flower that is not around you, yet you smell the flower. You may hear music, singing, chimes ringing and there appears to be nothing around you.

You may notice the movement of trees and bushes without the wind blowing. You may catch a glimpse of something moving out the corner of your eye. You may notice that the dew in the morning has a special hue or color to it, i.e. golden dew.

I recently “rediscovered” a quotation I had saved by Terri Windling. I absolutely love it.

We must remember that the hero’s journey is one that is never really done. For all of us who emerged from that dark forest, there are times we must head back into the trees – only now we’ve a different role to play. This time we must be the good witch, the fairy godmother or the animal guide: the one who waits by the side of the road, ready to light the way for those young heroes who struggle on behind us.”

Springtime is finally here and I am doing my happy dance with my fairy friends. I am celebrating that life is a hero’s journey and we are truly good witches, earth angels, fairy godmothers, and spirit guides sharing sacred space with all the members and kingdoms of the family of God.

It is my joy to share with you 101 ways to be a friend to the Fairy Folk and experience Fairy Fellowship in your life.

1. Believe in fairies.

2. Read fairy tales from around the world.

3. Use the word “flow” in your daily dialogue. Fairies feel comfortable with people who flow with life; people who let their life force flow.

4. Be open to seeing fairies with peripheral vision (from corner of your eyes). This is fairy focus. If you notice circles of light, you are observing fairies dancing. Fairies love to swirl, whirl and twirl.

5. Keep your mind and imagination open. You develop fairy vision with your imagination.

6. Recognize many invisible worlds envelope your visible world. When you’ve lost “track of time,” and find your mind blank as to where you’ve been or what you’ve been doing, you may have been wisped away to a pixie playground. Without wisping in life, you can wither in life.

7. Celebrate flowers! Love flowers; in fact, a love for all living things is a bridge between humans and fairies. Fairies love bluebells, pansies and daisies to name a few fairy favorites.

8. Honor the importance of childhood. Children are closer to fairy folk than adults. Fairies nurture childhood spirit.

9. Look for magic in everyone and everything. Buy a magic wand. Even better, make your own magic wand. Fairies are
magic masters.

10. Attune to subtle energies. Allow yourself to sense energy changes especially changes in the environment around you.
Notice the obscure.

11. Slow down your life pace. Going too fast is a sure way to miss the fairies around you. A fairy pace is “flow and easy”.

12. Pay attention to sound and consider turning down the volume around you so you can hear fairy talk. Let your mind flow with dreams about fairies.

13. Make time to “get quiet”…really quiet especially in nature. If you can hear insects humming, you can hear fairies giggling.

14. Affirm! Proclaim in your environment: “Yes! I know fairies are here with me!”

15. Make time to have a picnic in a park. Frolic with the fairies.

16. Make contact with nature with loving energy and thoughts, i.e. touching leaves with love, hugging trees. When you notice flowers are bobbing up and down, there’s a fairy that’s playing.

17. Talk to everything, i.e. your houseplants, with a voice of love.

18. Use your inner ears and inner eyes to hear and see the invisible world around you.

19. Breathe in all the amazing scents of life.

20. Listen for the sounds that come out of flowers. They truly do inhale and exhale. Listen to the music that’s in the air and for the sound of little chimes, bells and fairy harps.

21. Celebrate life! Have parties and invite the fairies to attend!

22. Applaud God for all the glorious creations. Be thankful.

23. Dance a life dance. At sunset, join with the fairies in honoring God by dancing a happy dance. Fairies love dancing in sunlight and moonlight. Fairies love light especially the light in your heart.

24. Believe in happily ever afters. Believe in miracles.

25. Go to flower shows. Visit gardens and parks.

26. Fairies can be found in meadows filled with wild flowers and pixies in pastures.

27. Be kind to all creatures and all living things. Create wildlife habitats as well as fairy habitats.

28. Be a connoisseur of life. Savor your life. Life is delicious! Let the laughter, playfulness and happiness begin and you’ll be attracting fairy energy into your life.

29. Pay attention when you’re living life in overdrive and feel you always have to ‘get to” some place. Be the fullness of the now wherever you are.

30. Be in awe of the earth’s beauty. Make time to behold the beauty around and inside of you.

31. Praise all the cycles of nature: spring, summer, fall, winter.
Celebrate the seasons.

32. Look for ways to include thoughts of the fairies in your daily life. Think about what the fairies might be doing.

33. Invite the fairies into your life and your home. Verbally welcome them. Have lots of mirrors in your home. Mirrors are spirit and fairy doorways. Have fresh flowers because flowers petals are where they nap.

34. Build a fairy house for your home so the fairies come for sleepovers.

35. Create fairy furniture.

36. Learn your own personal rhythm, i.e. biorhythm chart. Your biorhythm is your natural life flow.

37. Be on the lookout for fairies where there are mounds, caves, forest clearings, creeks. Fairy mounds, hills, forts, gardens, lands do exist.

38. If you own property, let a part of your property or yard grow wild.

39. Discover your own inner sound and keynote. Opening to your inner sound is a portal to “other worlds”. The key of you is a key to opening to worlds within worlds that you are already attuned to. Put your ear to the ground, and listen for fairy sounds.

40. Discover your own inner fairy colors.

41. Surround yourself with fairy beauty, i.e. works of art depicting fairies.

42. Be genuine in your life. Be passionate about your life. Be a lover of your life.

43. Sing a fairy song outdoors to the fairies. If you don’t know a fairy song, write a fairy song as a gift to the fairies. The fairies love to hear singing.

44. Get to know your spiritual “JOY GUIDE”. This is the fairy who is part of your spiritual support team.

45. Commune with “merfolk” when at the ocean.

46. Get to know the fairies as “Wee/We” people. Community is important to the fairies. Fairies feel a connectedness with all kingdoms and realms. Getting close to the fairies strengthens your own connectedness.

47. Put flower essences such as The Fairy Rose in your drinking water. Available from Green Hope Farm LLC/POB125, Meriden,New Hampshire (NH) 03770. Telephone 603-469-3662. www.greenhopeessences.com

48. Attend fairy festivals. Dress up like a fairy.

49. Subscribe to fairy magazines.

50. When shopping, pay attention to when you see fairy figurines and know that you are starting to make the connection of “seeing fairies everywhere”.

51. Have a fountain in your home inviting fairy energy to flow.

52. Visit places where there are waterfalls and look for fairies. Fairies love to play in waterfalls.

53. Attune to crystals that resonate with the fairies such as amethyst.

54. Practice tolerance and respect for everyone and everything. Do not curse. Cursing causes fairy energy to shutter; in fact, everyone’s energy shutters at the sound of cursing.

55. Hold the intention that you are going to see fairies and you will!

56. Commune with dolphins.

57. Take walks in parks and woods and hold your love for the fairies in your heart. Look for places that fill you with enchantment. You’ll find fairies there.

58. Notice when the weather creates “whirlwinds”.

59. Send daily blessings to your fairy friends. Wrap your fairy friends in prayer.

60. Fill your home with fairy fragrances such as honeysuckle. Use fairy sprays throughout your house.

61. Wear fairy jewelry. Sparkle and shine with fairy light.

62. Contemplate your fellowship with fairies during the twixt times of the day, just before dawn; just before sunset

63. Notice when you see animals appear, i.e. a possum attempting to cross a road. All the kingdoms share sacred space here on earth. Be conscious of all family members.

64. Purchase a fossil sea urchin, echinite and meditate holding it to commune with fairies of the waters of the earth.

65. Read poems about fairies. Yeats called the land of the fairies the heart of our world. Connecting with the fairies opens your heart to joy.

66. Pay attention to when you spot golden ragwort growing. Fairies love it! Walk gently around toadstools.

67. Leave open space in your home for the invisible to become visible. Don’t clutter or crowd your home with useless stuff.

68. Fire fairies love candles, lamps, lights, sun images, triangles and red colors. Archangel Michael is the angelic guardian of fire fairies.

69. Earth or gnome fairies love clay pots, bricks, stones, square shapes, yellows, browns and orange colors. Archangel Uriel is the angelic guardian of earth fairies.

70. Etheric or air fairies love domes, round shapes, coins, kitchenware, clocks and colors that are silver. Archangel Raphael is the angelic guardian of air fairies.

71. Water fairies love fountains, ponds, fish tanks, mirrors, glass and blue colors. Archangel Gabriel is the angelic guardian of the water fairies.

72. Look for fairies when you see rainbows.

73. Talk to children about fairies. Let them tell you of their beliefs. Let a child draw a fairy picture for you.

74. Go barefoot on the grass. You’ll be giving Mother Nature a foot massage and the fairies will tickle your toes.

75. Feel the wind blowing through your hair. Experience the wind knowing that the wind is experiencing you, too.

76. Rest upon the earth and watch the white fluffy clouds float by. Imagine the fairies resting right beside you.

77. Imagine the fairies giving you a special secret name. What would the name be?

78. Be a fairy godmother to someone and fulfill a wish for them.

79. Recognize that the fairies are an Ancient Race. Honor their wisdom.

80. Buy a jar of bubbles and set the bubbles free from the jar.
Fairies love bubbles.

81. Pickup a seashell and know that the fairies of the ocean are calling to you.

82. Just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It means your eyes aren’t fully open yet.

83. Rent the movie Fairy Tale: A True Story. Invite the fairies to watch the movie with you.

84. Purchase a deck of Inner Child Cards. These wonderful cards draw on fairy tales to assist us on our spiritual path.

85. Support the fairies in their effort to bring relief to waters of the earth. Consider adding a bird bath, waterfall or fishpond to your backyard to attract fairies, birds and wildlife.

86. Observe people and think about people who look like fairies disguised as humans.

87. Read Ted Andrews’ Enchantment of the Fairy Kingdom.

88. Study botany. Learn about plants, flowers and trees.

89. Create a natural altar in a space of your property that you keep as wild space and commune with the fairies. Meditate with Mother Nature. It is very calming and comforting.

90. Use the Fairy Ring or Faeries’ Oracle as a communication
tool with the fairies.

91. When orbs and spheres appear in your photographs, you have just taken a fairy’s picture.

92. When you sense fairies are near, know that they are.

93. Fairies love fruit trees. They use blossoms for clothing.

94. Read Dorothy Maclean's To Hear the Angels Sing and learn all about magical Findhorn Scotland. .

95. Assist the fairies in lightweaving assignments to heal the Mother Earth.

96. Buy little doors and place them inside and outside your
home to remind you of the reality of doors to other worlds.Look for doorways in nature. They are symbolic that nature’s door is open; waiting for you to enter.

97. Read Shakespeare.

98. Place circles of stones in your garden as a fairy ring.

99. Shiny wind chimes, bright gazing globes delight fairies.

100. Have a fairy reading with Jayne.

101. Make a pledge to be a friend to the fairy. Celebrate the joy
Fairy Fellowship.

If you want to get to know the fairies, dedicate a meditation experience to exploring the word FAIRY followed by one of the words listed below, i.e. I am opening to FAIRY ZIP.

Angelic Blessings of love to everyone.
Love, Jayne
Jayne Howard Feldman
www.earthangel4peace.com * earthangel4peace@aol.com *