Monday, August 10, 2009

Pinky, the Tarot Card Reading Jack Russell

Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

Last Thursday evening I was on the telephone teaching a tele-conference class for an hour. Pinky, my little Jack Russell Terrier, was in my office with me. Since I was not paying attention to her or playing with her, Pinky decided to create her own play and occupy herself by getting into some mischief. The mischief she chose was to reach up to a shelf where I keep my divination cards, and pull two cards out of the stack of Voyager Tarot Cards. She then proceeded to totally destroy the two cards.

When I finished the telephone class, I turned my chair around from my desk and saw Pinky sitting on my office sofa. She was so very proud of herself and her accomplishment of taking two whole cards and transforming them into a million little pieces. She flashed her big happy Pinky smile at me because I was now focused on her.

Some of you may remember one of my past blogs where I talked about divination tools such as spiritual card decks and how once at a conference where I had passed around a deck of my SPIRITUAL cards for people to use in drawing cards for messages, a man who was seated in the back of the room commented when he received the cards, that he didn't think I had a full deck. When I looked at what Pinky had done to the two Voyager cards, my first thought was that I truly didn't have a full deck.

And then I decided to see what two cards Pinky had removed from the deck. Once I did this, I was esctastic with my newly revised "minus two" deck of cards.
Thanks to Pinky there's NO MORE DULLNESS and CONFUSION.

Pinky, the Tarot Card Reading Dog, is inspiring all of us to live our lives with curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination and to release (or chew up) dullness. The word dull comes from an Old English word: dol which means foolish. Webster's describes being dull as being without spirit. So Pinky is motivating all of us to live our lives with spirit. Pinky wants us to know that quite frankly it is foolish not to live spiritual lives. Webster's describes dull as not bright. Pinky is reminding us that we are here to shine and shine brightly.

Confusion is the state of being confused. Confuse means to jumble up, mix up mentally, perturb or perplex oneself. The word confusion comes from the Latin confundere which derived from com (meaning together) and fundere (to pour). So in an essence, confusion is allowing mixed up messages to be poured into our minds and lives. Pinky wants us to live our lives without confusion. Pinky's affirmation is: I AM CHEWING UP CONFUSION. Pinky is inspiring us to remove confusion from our lives by focusing on what is important in our lives, i.e. what we truly value. For example, play is of the utmost importance to Pinky and so Pinky is very clear that every moment she isn't eating or sleeping is a moment to be spent playing.

Some years ago I did a week long class at a spiritual conference where I gave each participant a tee-shirt imprinted with the following message:


So let's embrace our divine identity, without dullness and confusion, and be the HAPPY CAMPERS we were created to be.

Love in Abundance, Jayne

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