Sunday, July 5, 2009


Dear Beautiful Blog Friends:

For the past two years I have been facilitating a monthly angelic message circle known as the IN THE LOOP group. We gather together the first Thursday night of each month via the telephone in a teleconference room. It has been a healing, blessing and enlightenment experience where earth angels and heavenly angels commune together. There are approximately 30 people from all across the USA who registered for this year's experience which will end next month. Each of the participants receives a personal message of upliftment and inspiration from the angels.

Prior to each teleclass gathering, I am inspired by the angels to sit at the computer and I become an scribe for the angels and bring a message to each person.

For the month of July it was getting pretty close to the time of the class on the first Thursday of the new month, and I had not been given the signal from the angels to sit down and take dictation. Needless to say, my spiritual self is trusting and obedient; however, my ego was starting to do a little dance called: The Freakout.

The morning of the actual teleclass, I was awoken by the angels and told to gather together all the decks of spiritual divination cards that I have purchased over the years. From the many decks that I brought together from the four corners of our home into my office, I was then inspired by the angels as to which spiritual deck was to be used for each of the IN THE LOOP members. A unique deck was chosen for each member of the sacred circle. Once the deck was chosen for each person, I was given a mini angel reading of 3 cards by the angels.

I am sharing this experience with you in my blog for a couple of reasons. The first is that I think that many of you reading this blog probably are like me and have a lot of decks or sets of spiritual divination cards. It was really wonderful revisiting them. In fact, it was downright joyful. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the artwork of the decks of cards; some of which I had totally forgotten about. It felt like a reunion experience with some dear friends from the past.

There are saints, crystal deva, mermaids, dolphins, Mayan, Toltec, fairy, tree, flowers, animal spirit,crystal skull, Runes,inner child, ally, dream, Celtic, sweet dreams/bedtime, tantric, goddess, crone, Avalon tarot, DaVinci tarot, alchemical tarot, templar tarot, kabbalah, I Ching card decks. There are Karma Angels, Angelic Messenger, Kabbalah Angels, Angel Blessings, Archangel Oracle, Angels, Gods and Goddesses, and my own SPIRITUALS deck - and this is just to name a few of the many, many decks and sets of spiritual divination cards on the planet.

Hallmark and the American Greeting companies have nothing on any one of us. We communicate with cards. I am honoring you as I write this blog to you for keeping the lines of communication with spirit open through the use of divination cards. There are times in all of our lives where we feel blocked and stagnate and we think we aren't hearing the divine. And even in those times of frustration, we have reached for a deck and drawn a card to inspire us on our path. We have invested in our spiritual growth through purchasing spiritual divination tools that envelop us in the beauty of the art and the inspiration of the messages.

We have listened with the ears of our heart to spirit through the inspirational cards that we keep near us on our nightstands. We have them in our cars. We keep them close to us on our desks, in our briefcases and pocketbooks. And some decks can be found on kitchen counters so we can take a card from a blessing bowl in the center of the kitchen table as we head out the door to work. We grab a piece of fruit for nourishing our body and a spiritual message card to nourish our soul.

We keep them in velvet or silk pouches or wooden boxes. I was as amazed as to the containers that I have chosen for the decks of cards as I was in remembering the decks. I delighted in being reminded that throughout the years I have been drawn to use items such as little girls' purses as sacred card containers.

Years ago during my angel lectures, I would take a deck of my SPIRITUALS and pass the deck around the audience at the beginning of my presentation. I asked everyone to draw one card and read the message and then put the card back into the deck as the angels might want someone else to read that same card as a message. I was speaking to a large audience and as the cards made their way to the back of the room, a gentleman spoke up and said, "Jayne, I don't think you have a full deck." That was one of the funniest moments ever. I responded by saying, "Sir, I hope that isn't a message you are channeling from spirit, but rather telling me about the status of the deck of SPIRITUALS.

I am sharing with you the 3 questions that I was asked by the angels to use in the
3-card reading so that if you are inspired to do so, you will get out a deck of cards you haven't used for awhile and have a reunion experience, too.

The questions are connected to Matthew 7:7 - Ask and ye shall receive; seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened.

1. Ask for a message from your I AM Presence with the first card drawn. The first card is a blessing to help you know yourself as your I AM Presence.

2. Seek to find your Divine Identity through the second card drawn. The second card will bring a blessing of an activity you can do to be closer to your divine identity.

3. Knock and the door of opportunity shall be opened to you. The third card drawn will reveal information about this door of opportunity that will be presenting itself to you shortly.

Here's wishing each and every one of you blessings of uplifting and inspired divine dialogue with your spiritual divination cards.

Love in abundance, Jayne

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  1. Aloha Jayne, and as always, thank you!

    What a great activity. I'm sure it will be especially illuminating with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday.