Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Healing Energies of Completion

Have you ever had so many irons in the fire, or juggling so many balls in the air at the same time, that you felt if you completed something - anything - it would be a major healing to your soul? Well, I've been feeling that way lately and decided to take a closer look at the healing energies of completion and accomplishing the experience of completion (even if on a small scale) in my life.

Completion originates with the Latin word: com (thoroughly) plere (to fill). When something is complete it is wholly finished. When we complete something, we accomplish the task. Jesus shared in his final statements made while on the cross the powerful words, "It is finished."

I encourage you to take a look at whatever needs to be completed in your life. I took a walk around our home with the Feng Shui Angels and took an inventory of what tasks were calling out and saying to me "finish me" or radiating an "incomplete" energy. I decided I would be totally honest with myself and get real on whether or not I even still wanted to complete some of the creative projects I had started.

Completion can occur by realizing you no longer want to finish the project and you liberate yourself from the weight of feeling incomplete about it. In short, you outgrew the idea. If you were a child, you wouldn't be trying to fit into a piece of clothing that you had outgrown. You would accept, "This doesn't fit me any longer" - and be done with it.

Some activities may speak to you that you still want to do them. I encourage you to make time to do the project or decide upon a time schedule for the project. Now, it may be a project that requires money to finish the task. If that is the case, then set up in your budget a column for putting a few dollars away, whenever possible, for the accomplishment of this project. A lot of times we put the pressure of waiting for a windfall to come our way in order to get tasks completed. Live life with ease and grace by setting aside a few dollars at a time and little by little the dollars will grow into the amount that is needed. In this way, you are moving towards completion by directing money (energy) to be saved towards the completion.

In Native American rituals the spiritual energies of the four directions (north, south, east and west) are honored and invoked in ceremonies. Infinite spirit/Great Spirit is honored as all energies originate from Creator, i.e. the mind of God.

When we find ourselves scattered in all directions, we can do a healing by bringing ourselves into one-mindedness. One-mindedness keeps us on our spiritual path. The one-mindedness thought I am suggesting is completion. A simple healing is to ask yourself: What task can I complete today?

The angels encourage us not to get caught in the "fret net". Fret comes from an Old English word (fretan) that means to devour. When we worry about things, we are literally allowing the worry to consume us or devour our energy. The healing is to refocus fretting energies to active completion energies. I encourage everyone to not only: Don't worry, be happy; but also - Don't worry, be busy completing what needs to get done or completed in your life. Nike has a slogan: Just do it.

We are being called to look at projects we can wrap up. Are there any cleaning projects in your home that you want to tackle and finish. Letting go of things that are no longer useful or purposeful or working is an act of completion. All of us know how great it feels when we can step back and say to ourselves, "I did it; it's finished; the job is completed." A powerful healing is experienced in completion.

This is a month of activity, i.e. the activity of completing. Complete:

Reading a book you started reading. Making phone calls you need to make. Writing letters you need to write. Cleaning out closets that need to be straightened up. Wrapping up loose ends in a nice bow and saying to yourself, "There, that's done. I completed that task."

All such projects require making time to complete the tasks. Pay attention to how you allow what was going to be a few minutes on the computer or watching TV to expand into lost time, i.e. where did the time go?

Be a time master this month. Sometimes, I look at the clock and make a note to myself of the time and then inspire myself to work for the next 15 minutes as focused as I can be on whatever project is at hand. Start the day spending a few moments thinking about what you plan to complete. Honor yourself at the end of the day by reflecting upon what was accomplished.

I recently read in the book Secrets of Simplicity by Mary Carlomagno that procrastination has a domino effect. It not only impacts what isn't being completed, but is taking energy away from something that is waiting to be started anew. The new cannot start because the unfinished it still taking up space. Completion is the act of closing old doors so that new doors can open.

In 1994, I remember when Archangel Michael inspired me to leave my job in order to work full time for the company of angels. I was hesitate because of fear of the unknown. What truly was the angelic motivation (or angelic kick in the butt) was when Michael said that there was someone who was waiting for me to get up out of the chair of the old job, so they could replace me. Michael said I would be quickly replaced and it would be a financial healing to the new employee. And he was right. I was replaced in less than a day and the woman even told me what a blessing the job was to her. I had to be the one who recognized I was complete in that job and needed to move forward. And when I resigned I said to my former employer, "I am leaving for no other reason than it is time to do so." It was time to close one chapter of my life and open the pages to a new chapter serving God in cooperation with the angels.

Another thought I loved in the book Secrets of Simplicity is the teaching that sacrifice comes from a place of powerful decision making. Deprivation comes from powerlessness. Embrace the power to choose what you are willing to sacrifice.
We may have to choose to make sacrifices in order to complete what needs to be finished but we are choosing to do what needs to be done. The fact that we are the ones making the decision empowers us.

Sometimes we feel that when we are completing chores, we are having to sacrifice fun time. I am sharing Mary's thought about sacrifice as it conveys that by choosing to sacrifice the time for play in order to complete chores, we are being powerful individuals and making positive decisions that support our spiritual growth.

The angels are emphasizing in a big way that completion is important as it brings healing to our lives. Before you leave any meetings, pause and ask yourself if you are complete in any assignments you were given as a result of the meeting, i.e. do you feel complete in knowing what is expected of you? I know we have all had experiences from attending meetings where we feel that we are more confused after the meeting than when we went into the meeting.

Another form of completion is being able to say no. When someone asks you something, and you definitely are not going to do it, say no. This completes the exchange and you have closed the door on you being the answer the person was seeking, and the person can go forward and find the answer another way.
When we are truthful with our no's, the space is created for the yes's that are attuned to the highest good for all involved.

Love in abundance, Jayne

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  1. Jayne, thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post about the healing power of completion! Happy Independence Day, Annie