Monday, November 2, 2009

Trusting in Divine Timing

Dear Angelic Blog Buddies:

Many of you know from reading my first book, Commune With the Angels, and from my sharing information about myself at lectures,I grew up on a dairy farm in Maryland. My folks owned the second oldest farm of continuous family ownership in the state of Maryland up until my Dad sold the farm just before his death. Dad sold the farm to a large farming corporation owned by the Lippy Brothers. The Lippy Brothers have farmland here in the USA and also in South America.

I live directly across from my childhood homestead. Every day as we drove down our home's driveway, I would come face to face with radical changes being made to the farm by the new owners. I realize that a new broom sweeps clean; however, I found myself having to process on a daily basis emotional feelings about the farm as I knew it growing up, and the farm as it was today with changes being made.

One day I came face to face with huge equipment and trucks taking down the barns on the homestead property. I watched as the hay barn was taken down; the silo; the milking barn. I cannot even begin to tell you all the memories that flooded my mind and feeling a sickness in my stomach to what I was witnessing.

To add to the emotions, it seemed like it took forever for them to remove the huge pile of lumber and tin that had accumulated from the destruction of the buildings. It was as if one day I came down from our house and saw the barns and silo intact, and the next day there was sheer destruction going on before my eyes. I was witnessing big piles of tin roofing and lumber. To me it looked like a big chaotic mess. I commented to my husband, Chuck, that I wish they would just take everything away as I felt my heart was being pulled out from inside of me. I am someone who does not advocate drama; however, I was a real drama queen about this.

They finally did remove everything and about a few weeks later I asked Chuck to drive us onto the property. As I got out of the car, I stood where the barns had once been and where I spent many happy hours as a little girl. As I looked at the radical changes, I truly felt I had landed on the moon. It was barren and unfamiliar. I had no emotion to the landscape. I don't know what I thought I would feel. The reality was that I felt nothing.

I remember getting back into the car and I was puzzled by the feeling of no emotion. And I remember wondering and asking myself if this non-emotion feeling would be what I was left with because of the radical changes that had been made to the property that held such a powerful heart connection for me for so many years of my life.

Now, those of you who have read my emails and heard me speak have heard me talk alot about detaching and the power that comes from letting go of things we are holding on to; also things we are allowing to have a hold onto us. A large part of my Angelic Feng Shui booklet is about releasing, letting go, clearing out to make room for the new.

I knew I was very attached to the homestead property and childhood memories connected to the property. I had felt that the changes made to the land and the buildings were a way in which the universe was helping me to embrace detachment and grow. However, there was something that was missing.

Yesterday I received an incredible phone call from my sister, Ginny. Ginny and her husband are moving from a horse farm they owned for 41 years into a home in an adult community. They are doing remodeling in the new home and are working with a fantastic builder who knew my parents and the farm they owned.

My sister requested wood known as barn siding to be used for the walls of her new home. The builder went to see a man in Pennsylvania who he does business with who carries barn siding. While visiting this man about a number of building projects, the builder mentioned Ginny's desire for barn siding for the walls in her new home. The man replied that the Lippy Brothers had just brought him a barn they had taken down that was part of a farm in Fowblesburg. The builder knew immediately it was my folks' farm; also Ginny's childhood homestead.

Ginny called to tell me that because of this amazing synchronicity of events, the walls of her home were going to be built with the hay barn's chestnut wood. The barn was taken down from its old form and will be transformed into a new life of being in my sister's new home and being part of the beautiful space of her home.

When I heard Ginny tell this story, I felt complete. The barn was transformed from the beauty of the past into beauty in the now. And just as occurs with the birthing of new beautiful stars, there is a time of chaos.

I think it's a wonderful story of trusting in divine timing. My first response to Ginny after she told me the fantastic news was, "That's God being God."

Angelic Blessings of Trusting in Divine Timing,
Love, Jayne


  1. Jane, what a lovely reminder lovely reminder to all of us that change can appear as chaos and yet be the birth of something beautiful.

  2. Jayne, This made me so happy. As you know, I am releasing a home, my cats, and my community of 28 years. Thank you for this blog today. I have happy tears right now. This was a God blessing reminder.

    In gratitude, Andrea